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Aerograph Articles 2018

Source: Aerograph May 2018

Wall Street Journal Article, April 2, 2018
Submitted by LCDR Bruce DeWald, USN RET

Submited by AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET

Submitted by CWO4 William Highlands, USN RET

Submitted by CAPT Ace Trask, USN RET

Wreckage of U.S. Aircraft Carrier Lexington Sunk in WWII Found


Navy’s Newest Supercarrier is Still Unreliable

Both submitted by AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET

Submitted by Marty Diller via Mike Gilroy

Veteran Next Door - Ed Frandle Is on the Air


I am Ed Frandle AG1 served 8 years 1958 – 1966 and am a member of the NWSA having served on the Scholarship Comm. Our local TV station has a program the Veteran Next Door. I was interviewed a couple of months ago and the station just released it for broadcast Don’t know is this is something that would be of interest to the membership. It is also available on the internet at VeteranNextDoor – Ed Frandle. It is about 35 minutes in length.

Source: Aerograph February 2018

Submitted by xAG2 Edward Carlin, USN REL

Application Process for Veterans ID Card

To request a VIC, click here or, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "Apply for Printed Veteran ID Card" and sign in or create an account. Veterans can check the status of their cards on the vet’s website as well, and should receive their card within 60 days.

Submitted by AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET

In the coldest village on Earth:

How Cold Is It?

By Eli Rosenberg, Washington Post, Jan. 18 2018

Submitted by LCDR Bruce DeWald, USN RET   


Trick Question: If it is -40 degrees Celsius, how cold is it in Fahrenheit? Editor.



The Navy’s Indoor Ocean

Submitted by LCDR Bruce DeWald, USN RET


Website for Obtaining Cruise Books

Submitted by Bob Johnson, SE FL Chapt. 2nd V.P.

Why Sleep Matters to your Health

How to get a good night’s sleep

By Christine Lehmann, M.A., N.T.P.

FRA Today magazine, December 2017

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CDR Don Cruse, USN RET
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Source: Aerograph May 2012

How to Simulate Being in the Navy


Submitted by AGCM Fred Baillie USN RET