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Source: Aerograph November 2014


Late summer and fall continues warm and dry on the Central Coast of CA. The Mid Pacific long wave trough seems stuck and until it moves east a few hundred miles it appears CA will continue to suffer lack of rain and snow.


Two of our retired community have joined the pibal in the sky the past few weeks. Julius F.Steukert b. 10 Aug. 1916 d. 15 Sep. 2014. I never met Stu on active duty but he worked a few weeks for Litton Corporation in 1970 shortly after he retired with 34 years ACDU. Being on one project with Stu was interesting. After he left Litton he opened a studio in Seaside and I saw him a few times the next few years  while walking. Stu was quite an artist and showed me his studio.

Richard Carl Corkrum b. 30 Dec. 1930 d. 3 Oct. 2014. Worked for NWSA after retiring from ACDU. Attended some of the local chapter events over the years.

That is about the extent of events known about by me at this time.

                   Submitted by Zane E. Jacobs AGC USN RET

Source: Aerograph August 2014

The weather for the last 3 months of the 2014 rain year was boosted in April when we got 90% of Normal. However the rain year ending 30 June 2014 was only 54% of normal, so the rain year verifies we are definitely a desert climate.

Liz Erdei called me 4 May that her father, Elmer Erdei died Friday 2 May 2014. As Liz also notified Mike Gilroy of her father’s death and it is my understanding Mike is submitting an article about Elmer I will just say I have known Elmer since the late summer/fall of 1949 and we were stationed briefly together in Sangley Point, Philippines and each brought back wives from duty in that group of WestPac Islands. Elmer was born 17 July 1930 Buffalo NY. He was a gentleman and scholar of the highest order.

The 15 June 2014 Monterey County Herald carried an obituary for Dorothea Sallee who was born 16 Feb. 1922 as Dorothea Evelyn Roselle and died 11 June 2014. Dorothea married Ralph Sallee in the fall of 1949 when Ralph was an A School Instructor in Lakehurst, NJ when Ralph was AG1.

The local Chapter of NWSA did not have its annual picnic this year in June and Harry Nicholson sponsored a 20 July luncheon at the Laguna Seca Golf Course. Those attending were Tom & Mary Calaham, Don & Margie Edgren, Earl Gustafson, Herb & Barb Hansen, Jack & Valerie Jensen, Harry & Pat Nicholson, “Skinny” Otis & guest, Margie Petit. Bill & Mimi Schramm and Ralph Wren and guest.  I sent harry a check for 3 lunches as I had son John come down to stay with his mother then I goofed and wound up at Rancho Canada after reading Harry’s flyer 3 or 4 times and failed to make the luncheon which was being held at the Laguna Seca Golf course. Not the first goof I have made but one of the most embarrassing. Having never played a round of golf in my life these local golf courses confuse me.

   Summer is heating up even on the nice cool area we live in but so far the fires have been far and away from our local area.

             Submitted by Zane E. Jacobs AGC USN RET

Source: Aerograph May 2014


 The New Year came in with another very dry month. Jan. normal precipitation is 3.52 Inches and this year we got 3% of that with 0.12 inches. The category of drought was the highest label of  Exceptional .

    Up to the last 3 days of Feb. the drought did not change, then we started getting some rain which brought us up to 47% of normal for The month of Feb.

    March continued with light intermittent periods of rain the first and last week of the month which placed March at 77% of Normal. The season total is up to 52 % of normal. This has not changed the drought criteria from Exceptional in Central CA except in the Santa Lucia Mountains which are downgraded to Extreme.

    Despite the late light rains which have helped raise the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada CA and much of the west is still hurting for water.

    There have been a lack of information channeled to me this quarter and no information of anyone on the binnacle list or any of us old timers checking out of our life here to the next category so will submit this short report for the Central Coast Chapter.

                                                                                                                             Zane E. Jacobs AGC USN RET

Source: Aerograph February 2014


    We are in a very severe drought on the central CA coast. The prediction I made about a year ago we would probably be on water rationing by late summer did not take place.
   Carl Thormeyer’s station in Marina through Oct. 2013 recorded only 25% of normal the first 10 months of the calendar year. By the end of Nov. 2013 it was up to 26% of normal. Oct. and Nov were both below normal in temperatures while Dec. has been  above normal but very dry. Dec. seen only .42 In. of rain which is 14 % of normal and all of CA is classified as severe to extreme Drought.
   A Christmas greeting from Elmer Erdei informed me he had joined Mary Jane in her room at a skilled nursing home. Mary Jane has had strokes this year and has been in the nursing home several weeks or months. Elmer’s heart acted up so the docs put him in with MJ so they are at least together.
   Elmer writes that Hazel Chesmore, widow of Ken Chesmore who some have known in previous times, passed on 8 Nov. 2013 to join Ken who has been with the great balloon launcher for a few years. Hazel was born 4 Oct. 1917 and she and Ken left no children.
   The Well Weathered wives club annual luncheon at the Rancho Canada was well attended. This all Navy wives club was hosted again this year by Bill Schramm. Some of the many who attended are not weather types but most are. They are listed below. I don’t personally know many of the folks so any errors or mistakes in spelling can be blamed on me.
   Tom Ballard, Sam and Helen Sue Brand, Tom & Mary Callahan, Bud and Elizabeth Carlson, Don and Dori Chin, Mike and Ann Cuming (RN Retired), Don and Margie Edgren, Ron & Peggy Englebretson, Andy & Antoinette Goroch, Bil Groscup, Herb & Barb Hansen, Zane Jacobs (Gloria was indisposed so I took a brown bag lunch home for her), Mary Kalinayk, Barbara Lewitt & while chatting with Barb, Skinny Otis hove on the scene. It appears Barbara and Skinny are longtime friends. His Mrs. was also present but I did not meet  her. Then Don and Carolyn Mautner. Don has cut his teaching down to one class a week. Harry & Pat Nicholson. Harry’s cancer treatments have been successful and it is in remission so he appears to be off the binnacle list. Capt. and Mrs. John Okum the current Commanding Officer of FNMOC. Marjorie Petit, Jim Poland (Retired CDR and guest of the Englebretson’s), Charlie Roberts and companion Mary Challis, Bill & Mimi Schramm (Bill has done another outstanding job of host this year, though he may be ready for someone to take over the hosts job any time), Bob and Frieda Sparks, Ace Trask with Companion Beverly Morford, Dick and Mary Lou Ward made an appearance and Dick seems to have recovered and is off the  binnacle list, Doug Wenger, Forrest and Madge William. If I missed anyone I apologize.
   An E-gram from Frenchy Corbeille who lives in Brillion Wisconsin Mon. 13 Jan. 2014 was asking about Mike Gilroy. Frenchy heard from a friend in Pensacola, FL Mike had suffered a heart attack and was in hospital. I thought Mike attended the WWW luncheon before Christmas and that I had seen him there.  The list of those who attended the WWW luncheon does not list Mike so I must have been imagining things. The last time I talked to Mike when meeting him at the Ft. Ord Commissary he told me he still lived in Salinas, CA. Tue. 14 Jan. 2014 while shopping at the Commissary I ran into Bill Schramm. We chatted and Bill had no news about Mike Gilroy so it is not verified Mike is on the binnacle list.
          Zane E. Jacobs AGC USN RET