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President           Curtis Arnond

Sec/Treasurer    Jim Maxwell



Chapter News

Source: Aerograph February 2018

As per the last Aerograph...not much going on around our “neck of the woods” so to speak.  Just trying to stay healthy and warm.

Just found out that Mike Fastow's wife Jeannine passed away in Wimberley, Texas on October 22, 2017 due to complications from Cancer. Jeannine was 75 years old, and had been married to Mike for 58 years.

Curtis Arnold has just completed his IRS Tax Prep course for this year and will begin his 6th year as a volunteer tax preparer in Arlington helping low income and senior folks with their taxes and electronic filing. It's nice to know that there are people out there that care!  Thank You. Curtis.

Jim and Lolis Steinbeck continue to host their grandson and granddaughter as they continue to do all the physical tests and exams to qualify for Seal training (grandson) and Navy Aviation Search and Rescue training (gran-daughter).  Should know soon.

That's about all I have. Hope all of you had a joyful Christmas and Happy New Year celebration.

   Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas

Source: Aerograph November 2017

Not much has been going on in the Lonestar Chapter since the San Antonio Reunion. It’s been a relatively quiet summer and early fall.

Harry and Jeanie Hale are on their way to Seattle, Washington to visit the kids and grandkids, returning home by November 1st. The doctor finally cleared him to travel. Harry was diagnosed last March with a low grade Cancerous tumor on the tail of his Pancreas. Surgery was required and ¾ inch of the Pancreas was removed along with his Spleen. So far, no new cancer has returned.  That is good news.

From Jim and Lolis Steinbeck down Houston way.  Their Master Chief son Edgar Delacerda and wife, and 4 grandchildren completed a 3 year tour of duty on Guam. Edgar now has 24 years in the Navy. They are now enroute to their new 3 year assignment in San Diego. Edgar’s new assignment will entail command of an inspection team that will oversee all Navy Helicopter Squadron’s including deployed units. He’s in for a ton of travel.  The two oldest grandkids graduated with honors from the DOD HS on Guam. Grandson Jose is completing his process for Seal Training, and Granddaughter Andrea is finishing her process for the Navy Aviation Search and Rescue.  “Go Navy, all the way”

The Chapter will be having a Barbeque cookout at my home (Jim Maxwell’s) on November 3rd. We haven’t had a very good turnout at our monthly lunch get-together in San Antonio, so we are hoping for a few additional people showing up.

It’s closing in on the Holiday season quickly…too quickly! All of us in the Lone Star Chapter hope all of you and your families in the membership have a safe and memory making holidays.

Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph May 2017

The 43rd annual Naval Weather Service reunion concluded on April 7th and attendees scattered to the four winds.  By all accounts, it was a successful and enjoyable event.


The following were in attendance:

Roper, Roberta & Kerekes, JoAnn; McKinzie, Joe; Corbeille, Frenchy & Barbara; Warrenfeltz, Larry & Nancy; Ledbetter, Wayne & Betty; Berkeridge, Thomas; Peterson, Pete & Diane; Raley, John & Carol; Cox, Gary, Mary & Jonathan; Corbett, Lloyd & Daisy; Welch, Paul & Mary Jo; Price, Dewey & Ann; Burk, Gerald & Sandra; Cruse, Marge; Overholt, Ken & Barbara; O’Brien, Pat & Libby; Arnold, Curtis; Maxwell, Jim & Suzanne; Steinbeck, James & Lolis; Bourn, Mel and Partesius, Pat; Duncan, Phil & Vinnie; Summey, Morry, Locke, Martha, Roberts, Marilyn, Bowers, Bill & Carol; Casperson, Charles & Lori; Hyytinen, Michael & Shirley; Graham, Howard & Shirley; McMullin, George & Ellyn; Kerr, Earl & Lynn; Jordan, Charlie & Ann; Miovas, Tom & Mary Ann; Straten, Ed & Patti; Nicolson, Harry & Pat; Mullin, Moon & Nadine; Meyer, Paul (AKA Berl) & Patricia; Hicks, Stephen & Shirley; Canfield, Roy & Cathy.

Unfortunately, Tom Berkeridge and Stephen Hicks, both fell ill at the reunion and were unable to attend the banquet but were feeling well enough to travel by Friday.  Charlie Jordan had planned to attend but was not feeling well enough to travel and Harry Hale is recovering from surgery and unable to travel as yet. We hope you all are feeling better now.

As an afterthought, I hope sincerely that our Chapter lived up to your expectations. Hopefully those members and their spouses who could not attend this reunion will be able to make the New Orleans trip next year. I'd like to thank everyone who had a part in this reunion and special kudo's go out to Joe McKinzie, Lolis and Jim Steinbeck, Curtis Arnold, Mel Bourn and Pat Partesius, my spouse Suzanne Maxwell, and all who had a part in the planning of this the 43rd.  Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention those of you who manned the hospitality desk. Lastly, but certainly not least, a big

Thank You to the Holiday Inn Hotel Management and all the employees who made this a great time and assisted Joe and I in our numerous trips to San Antonio and with our daily necessities.


Thank You for coming to San Antonio ya'll the Lone Star Chapter enjoyed having you!     

Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph February 2017

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 the Lone Star Chapter met for lunch and a planning meeting for the upcoming NWSA Reunion in San Antonio on April 3-7th. We met at Pappadeaux’s Seafood Restaurant, a very good place to enjoy Cajun seafood. We had 10 members show up for the meeting, which is just about a normal turnout. The following members and spouses were in attendance: Joe McKinzie, Curtis Arnold, Mel Bourn, Charlie Jordan came into town from Abilene, Jim and Lois Steinbeck from Houston, and Jim and Suzanne Maxwell. I invited a new prospective member, Sam and Ceil Flores, whom joined us. It was very nice to see someone new in our midst.

Sam and I ran across each other by accident at a Veteran’s Day celebration at our grandkids high school. We sat down across from each other in a crowded auditorium and struck up a conversation. Turns out Sam was in the Aero Office aboard USS John F. Kennedy in the early 70s. Hopefully, we can get him to join and come on down to the reunion. He has his paperwork and necessary information.  

We missed Anne Jordan, and Pat Partesius, who wasn’t feeling well! Jeanie and Harry Hale were visiting their children and grand kids in Seattle, Washington. As usual, there was a lot of good conversation, and a “Sea” story or two. Our conversations always gravitate toward health issues, of which we all have some!

With the 43rd Reunion in San Antonio now a little over 2 months away, this get together finalized what we have accomplished, and what is left to do. Joe McKinzie has done a terrific job planning and setting up the agendas. Enough cannot be said about his effort and work in getting this Reunion ready to go! Suzanne and Jim Maxwell will be traveling to San Antonio and Fredericksburg in early February to finalize a few last minute items.

Not much else going on down here. Hope all of you out there had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in San Antonio!  

Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas.