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NWSA Northwest Chapter


(Formerly Puget Sound Chapter)



President     J. Earl Kerr

Secretary       Mark Baillie

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph November 2013

   The Northwest Chapter held it annual fall meeting on 22 September which coincided with the arrival of fall.    The Chapter can normally have a picnic for this event.  However, the first real storm arrived here at the same time the Sun was moving to the Southern Hemisphere so the meeting was moved (in advance) to a great Mexican Restaurant.    The number of attendees was small due to quite a number of folks being on one sort of medical alert or another.


   The attendees were Bob Coppo and Dorothy Hutt, Dan and Marilyn Collins, Ken Boden, Earl and Lynne Kerr.    Dee Berrian just had a gravity event off some furniture, Frank Baillie has early cold issues, Sharon Southworth just went in to surgery and Dick Gilmore is under doctors orders, all of which reduced the attendance.


   There were lots of remembrances of the great summer we experienced this year in the Pacific Northwest and how the storms have arrived early this year.   Still there was time for the usual discussions about where we have been, both while in the Navy and for travels since retirement.   Dorothy related how she and a friend took passage on a freighter in the Far East which of course was quite a different from the ship travels that most of us had.  Ken Boden and Dan Collins had quite similar Navy educations but at different times.   With due consideration for the weather, the age of the participants and the problems, which prevented others from coming to the event, the meeting was a real success and we look forward to a winter gathering.
Earl Kerr, President of the Northwest Chapter

Source: Aerograph May 2013


Hello All!

     I know it's been awhile since you have heard from us here in the great Northwest Chapter.. I am here to say we are still here, many of us have had some injuries and haven't been able to make all the meetings and for those in our Chapter, and all the others in the other chapters, we hope you all get better, and return to the meeting soon.

     We had our last meeting up in Arlington, Washington on March 16 and those in attendance were Earl Kerr and his wife,  Dan Collins and his wife Marilyn, Dick and Barbra Gilmore, and Mark  Baillie and my father Frank Baillie. Although we arrived a little late due to the Washington State Ferries OPTIONAL  FERRY SCHEDULE?  (They leave when they want to. That may be ten to twenty minutes after the posted times.)

     When we arrived, the group was talking about  a recent airplane crash of an Intruder that was based out of Whidbey Island N.A.S. and soon the conversation was of previous duty assignments with storm chasers. Dick Gilmore talked of Tropical Storm JUDY while flying a constellation aircraft and the storm damage to the aircraft's wing tips. day's when aircraft flown were battered and beaten ,... but still brought everyone home safe and sound, and who knows those grey hairs may be a little like combat ribbons and they were earned from those storm chasing flights.

     Many In our group were not able to attend due to vacations and recent health Issues,  Bob  Coppo just had a knee replacement ,.. or was it a knee operation and wasn't able to get around too well he was attached to a cart, to keep his knee immobilized and just transportation to the meeting would have been a  nightmare. Bob we are all wishing you get well soon. Our member who travels the farthest was traveling away from Washington state and enjoying the good life and WARM weather of HAWIAI.  Ken Boden traveled there for a week before our meeting, and was in route to get home as we were having our meeting. We will find out how much fun he had at our next meeting. Dan Collin’s wife Marilyn had a hip break since our picnic at Dee Berrians home last August. She was getting around rather well It appeared to me, but  I am sure it WASN'T an injury ANY of us would want to have to deal with. Our treasurer, Jim Black, couldn't attend due to some health concerns and was missed. We all wish him to get well soon; we miss seeing him too! I tried talking with our ELDEST member Fred Olsen to see if we could get him up to Arlington, but wasn't able to get a hold of him. Although we have many others who make our meeting, there are many who attending weddings and missing our meeting because of other commitments and already scheduled appointments. We wish you are ALL in good health and hope to see you again in our meetings

Submitted by Mark Baillie, NW Chapter Secretary


Source: Aerograph February 2013

Not much to say here. We had our last meeting on 22 Sept. at Dee Baron's home in Elma. Hope to get a late winter event when it warms up.

Submitted by LCDR Earl Kerr, USN RET