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John Rodriguez

Vice President David Rue
Secretary/Treasurer Morry Summey

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph August 2017

Although this is already August, let me wish everyone a belated HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!



Once again, a Chapter meeting was scheduled and exactly the same results as the April one. The only attendees were S/T Morry Summey, with Bernie and Dolores Cohenour. We seem to be rapidly moving toward that point where we must give thought to folding up this Chapter.


With so few attendees, I have no reports.  

   Submitted by Morry Summey SOCAL Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph May 2017


I would like to give a BRAVO ZULU to Joe McKinzie, Jim Maxwell, and everyone who handled the San Antonio Reunion. A good relaxing reunion.



Our Valentine’s Day Champagne Brunch was held on Sunday, 12 February 2017 at the Admiral Baker Golf Course Restaurant. The following attended the event: Morry Summey came with his daughter Martie; John and Fujii Rodriguez were there; as well as Dolores Cohenour. Don, a neighbor of Bill Bridge, also came. It was an extremely small turnout due to the number of last minute cancellations.

The Chapter’s April scheduled business luncheon has to be scheduled on Thursday, 13 April 2017 due to the timing of the San Antonio Reunion. That meeting had to be cancelled due to the fact only Bernie and Dolores Cohenour and Morry showed up for the meeting.

   Submitted by Morry Summey SOCAL Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph February 2017

The SOCAL Chapter hopes that everyone enjoyed a terrific holiday season, and is now looking forward to a joyous New Year.


The January chapter business/luncheon meeting was held on Thursday, 5 January 2017. In attendance were S/T Summey, VP Rue & Lois, as well as Bernie & Dolores Cohenour. This was a most unusual meeting in that outside the building we were experiencing a light rain. In drought stricken Southern California, that is most unusual.

We have our only social event coming up in February. The Valentine’s Day Champagne Brunch is planned for Sunday, 12 February 2017 at the Admiral Baker Navy Golf Course Restaurant. We welcome visitors, so if anyone is planning to be in San Diego then, just let me know. My phone number is 619-276-6692.


Seems like it gets harder and harder to pry lose any items for the Aerograph.

I have an item, but unfortunately, it is not good news. My daughter, Marilyn, her husband, and youngest daughter were supposed to come to San Diego for Christmas this year. She lives in Herndon, VA. The weekend prior to the Christmas weekend, they had an ice storm. She went to work for a short while and when she came out she slipped and fell, landing on her right knee and fracturing it into several pieces. They did some reconstructive work on the kneecap, which was considered successful, but undoubtedly recovery may take a lengthy amount of time.

       Submitted by Morry Summey SOCAL Sec/Treas

Source: Aerograph November 2016

The SOCAL Chapter continues to struggle with meeting participation issues.



The October chapter meeting was held on Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Following the near washout we had in July, this meeting was somewhat better. Here are the attendees: S/T Morry Summey, VP David Rue & Lois, Carl Drake & Phyllis, and Bernie Cohenour & Doloris. After some discussion of the problem, no easy solution was evident. However, it was decided to establish a policy of notification of planned attendance, prior to the meeting date. 



JOHN RODRIGUEZ: Correction to last report on Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF)  June Yacht Club visit and luncheon. It was supposed to be a two hour function (1200-1400). It wound up being a four (1200-1630) hour function. They were having too good a time, I guess. The ships are nearly home. They are currently in Sri Lanka. Their next port of call is Manilla (24-27 Oct.) and arriving back to Yokosuka Nov. 4th.

MORRY SUMMEY: In early November, Morry’s two daughters will visit San Diego to help him celebrate his 88th birthday on November 3rd.

       Submitted by Morry Summey SOCAL Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph August 2016

Here we are, more than halfway through another year, and the SOCAL Chapter continues to struggle to keep the Chapter going. One positive note for the Chapter, we just welcomed Mike Gilroy to our membership rolls. He has now relocated to Chula Vista, and indicates he is eager to help in any way he can to get our Chapter going again. Welcome aboard, Mike.


Our July business/luncheon meeting was scheduled for Thursday, the 7th, at 11:30 AM at our usual location of the Admiral Baker Navy Golf Course restaurant. S/T Summey and President John Rodriguez got there about the same time. As the meeting time came and went, we decided that we were to have a two person meeting. Then Mike Gilroy came in. The rest of the time was spent in an informal discussion about the Chapter.


JOHN RODRIGUEZ – Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) Training Squadron visited San Diego for eight days in June. This year, it’s around the world for them. From here, they went to Panama, then it’s Jacksonville and Baltimore. They then proceed to Germany, and London and another Atlantic side European port. After that it’s thru the straits into the Med where they have several port visits scheduled, through the Suez. They departed Japan early May and will return mid November. During their visit here our Yacht Club hosted a two hour luncheon for them which would up lasting two and a half hours.

Submitted by Morris Summey, Sec/Treas