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Elizabeth O'Brien

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Source: Aerograph November 2017

Please take note:  My new email address is!

I can’t believe its October already and time for another input to the Aerograph, but it is!  We are finally getting some autumn weather down here in the Pensacola area after a hot summer.  Not much to report this time.

We haven’t had any new members or new life memberships this quarter.  Our membership is 448 with 368 of those life members.

I’m hoping everyone who is able to attend will be joining us in New Orleans for #44 NWSA Reunion the 16th -20th of April 2018.  Pat and I are working closely with Gary in order to provide you with a fantastic reunion.  The registration form is in this issue of the Aerograph and on the website. I’m hoping we’ll see a lot of registration’s coming in soon after the first of the year.  Remember, if you register early, your name will be put in a pot to draw for a free room. 

I know this is early but Pat and I want to wish each and every one of you a “Happy Thanksgiving”, a “Merry Christmas” and “A Happy and Healthy 2018 New Year”.

Take Care and God Bless! See you in New Orleans! “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler”.

Finance Statement

30 September 2017


Checkbook Balance                             $13,893.16

     Operating Funds                                 $8,736.32

     Scholarship Funds                                $570.00

     Life Membership Funds                      $4,586.84


USAA CD’s                                                   

      Life Membership                              $32,747.85

Source: Aerograph August 2017

Please take note:  My new email address is

Well, here it is time again for another write up for the Aerograph!  The saying goes, “Time flies when you’re getting old”!  Well that certainly applies to me.  It seems like I just did a write up for the May Aerograph!  I’m certainly not complaining, I feel very blessed and am very thankful for the life I’m living. 

We made an awesome trip to Germany in June to visit my grandson and his family in Grafenwoehr.  That was my first trip to Germany and what a beautiful country!  Two weeks were definitely not enough time to see everything.  Patrick speaks more about our trip in the Pensacola Chapter Article.  

I’m happy to report we have three new members, Captain Greg Ireton, USN, AG1 Ian Jackson, USN Ret who was given a gift membership by AGC Bobby Johnson, USN Ret from the Jacksonville Southeast Chapter and a former member AGC James Nelson, USN Ret.  Welcome Aboard gentlemen!!    Captain Ireton has volunteered to assist in the New Orleans reunion since he lives in Slidell.  Many Thanks Captain!

Our membership to date is 433 of which 224 receive the Aerograph via USPS and 207 who receive it via the email.  Yes, you’re saying that doesn’t add up, but we have two members who receive the Aerograph with their husbands, i.e. myself and Carol Bowers. 

Things are beginning to shape up for the New Orleans reunion.  Patrick and I made another trip over a couple of weeks ago to firm up the hotel accommodations and the WWII museum visit.  Mark your calendars for 16-20 April 2018!  Hope to see you there!!  Take care and God Bless.

Finance Statement

30 June 2017


Checkbook Balance                             $15,416.93

     Operating Funds                               $10,360.09

     Scholarship Funds                                $470.00

     Life Membership Funds                      $4,586.84


USAA CD’s                                                   

      Life Membership                              $32,609.00

(Was unable to update the CD report as the website is down)

Source: Aerograph May 2017

Well if you missed the San Antonio Reunion, you missed a good one!! Thanks to Joe McKinzie and his committee Jim & Suzanne Maxwell, Curtis Arnold, James & Lolis Steinbeck and of course all those who volunteered to keep the Hospitality Room open with lots to eat and drink. I’ve always said that the Hospitality Room is what makes for a great reunion.  I do have a bit of GOOD NEWS!!  Tom Miovas has agreed to take the position of Secretary/Treasurer when my term is up next year.  WhooHoo!!  I think Tom felt sorry for me and stepped up to the plate!  I think he had to check with the “Boss” Mary Ann before he could give us a definite yes!  Tom has done this before and I’m sure he’s do a great job again!! God Bless You Tom Miovas!

I’m pleased to say we have two new Life Members, MSGT Lonnie McDougal, USMC RET and AGCS(SW/AC) Richard McKay, USN RET and two new members LCDR Adria McClain, USNR and xAG3 Hank Treger, USN REL.  Welcome Aboard!!

We’re looking forward to next year’s reunion in New Orleans, LA.  It will be held 16-20 April 2018 so you have a year to plan!  Put it on your calendar now so you won’t forget!  Have a wonderful and safe summer!! 




Checkbook Balance                             $13,336.98

     General Fund                                      $8,300.14

     Scholarship Funds                                $450.00

     Life Membership Funds                      $4,586.84


USAA CD’s                                                   

      Life Membership                              $32,609.00


NWSA Membership                                          436

NWSA Life Membership                                   370



Dec-11                                                   $38,427.00

Oct-12                                                   $39,820.00

Oct-13                                                   $41,774.07

Sep-14                                                   $40,010.30

Feb-16                                                     $1,070.00                                                            



The following Life Member Addresses Unknown:

Mrs. Mary Migaleddi

AGC Dan Hewins,USN RET

Mrs. Catherine Snell

xAG1 Larry Bolman, USN REL

Please let the Secretary know if you have any information on these members!


San Antonio Reunion General Meeting Highlights

Tom Miovas will relieve Libby O’Brien of her Secretary/Treasurer’s position next year after the New Orleans Reunion.

New Orleans Reunion will be held the 16-20 April 2018 at the Holiday Inn Superdome.  Additional information will be available in the August Aerograph and on the NWSA website.

Editor of the Aerograph will now be reimbursed for the cost of his travels to the reunions.

The 2019 will be held in either San Diego or a cruise out of Galveston, TX.  The reunion attendees voted to go on a cruise if the San Diego effort to sponsor a reunion doesn’t come through.  Lori Casperson has agreed to host the cruise reunion and will bring several options to next year’s reunion in New Orleans.

The Finance Report submitted at the reunion is posted separately.

Source: Aerograph February 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a Healthy and Happy New Year! 

We’re rapidly approaching the dates for our 43rd reunion in San Antonio.  Here’s hoping that if at all possible you’ll try to make the reunion.  Joe McKinzie and his committee are planning another fantastic reunion.  As I’ve stated earlier, everything is bigger in Texas so you know it will be awesome.

Our membership count is 445 of which 336 are life members. I hope we’ll see some of you in San Antonio in April!  God Bless America!!

I hope everyone had a nice summer and looking forward to a nice fall and a warmer winter!! I don’t know if any of our members were affected by the flooding caused by Mathew but our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those families affected.

Pat and I are looking forward to San Antonio in April.  We hope you’re planning to attend as Joe McKinzie and his committee is working very hard to give us another outstanding reunion.  You know the saying “Everything is bigger and better in Texas”! Well I’m sure Joe will make that happen!  Very often we hear the saying, “I don’t go to the reunions because I won’t know anyone”!  Well let me tell you, you’ll meet someone either you know or they were stationed with someone you know and it goes on and on from there.  There is more sea stories told at these reunions than you can ever imagine.  Some of them may have been told before but at our age, it’s like hearing it again for the first time.  Come to the reunion, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy that you attended. 

I hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful holiday season this year.  Hope to see you in San Antonio!  Be safe in your travels this holiday season. God Bless!


Finance Statement 31 December 2016


Checkbook Balance                             $13,224.95

     Operating Funds                                  8,598.59

     Scholarship Funds                                 310.00

     Life Membership Funds                       4,316.36


USAA CD’s                                                   

      Life Membership                              $32,569.08


Proposed Change to the NWSA Constitution and Bylaws


Proposed Change to the NWSA Constitution and Bylaws that was approved at the Annual Meeting – Reunion #42. The change is the addition of the last two sentences beginning with –  The Editor shall submit………………..    The complete Article VIII, Section 5 is printed for the convenience of members who may not have an updated copy of the NWSA C&BL.




Section 5.  Editor, “THE AEROGRAPH”.

                 The Editor of The AEROGRAPH shall

                 publish the quarterly newsletter and make

                 distribution to NWSA members in good

                 standing, using current membership

                 information obtained through the close

                 cooperation with the Secretary-Treasurer.

                 Prior to each Annual Meeting a broader

                 distribution to include non-members in

                 appropriate geographical areas may be made

                 to encourage their participation in the

                 reunion/convention. The Editor shall submit to

                 the Executive Board at the Annual

                 Meeting his/her cost of round trip

                 transportation to the Annual Meeting. This

                  cost, and any others that the Executive Board

                 deems appropriate, shall be considered for

                 reimbursement from the General Funds of

                 the NWSA.     

   Submitted by Bill Bowers, NWSA President