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The roster of those medically unable to perform their duties.

From: Libby O'Brien
Subject: Dick Tokryman
Date: 23 June 2018 

AGCM Richard (Dick) Tokryman, USN RET is in ICU at West Florida Hospital in Pensacola.

From: Fay Crossley, HRC Pres.
Subject: News on HRC Folks
Date: 19 June 2018...Updated 24 June

24 June Update...

Talked with Doris…..((757-424-6080))…..she isn’t doing too well, and is starting to think it is time to perhaps stop the kemo and all.  She does have another scheduled for this week, but might stop after that.  It is very difficult for her to eat and she has to be very careful as to what she eats.  She sounded very weak, but we did have a nice long talk. 


((Howard Lee….is doing a lot for Doris….he is going to be 85 in August.  Doris doesn’t know what she would do without him)) 


Doris Stepaniak

6117 Saunders Dr

Virginia Beach, VA. 23464-2111


Checked on Steve Shafer, unlike him to miss a meeting.  ((919-734-8600)).  Steve has had something of a relapse with his problems with the heart and has to deal with Angina now.  ((That is where the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen and the fix is Nitroglycerin….and they haven’t gotten the proper amount down yet.  Steve was not feeling very well when I called so we didn’t talk long.  Sylvia is doing well and helping him out as much as she can. 


Steve Shafer

8013 Summit Drive

Goldsboro, NY. 27530


Checked on Mel Harder, do not have his phone number as I don’t think he gives it to anyone.  But, he and wife Marty are doing well other than usual “old age things”.  Mel says he is getting more and more forgetful and eye sight is still a problem he simple can not drive at night at all.  Not sure if it is cataracts or something else. 


Mel Harder

143 Broad River Dr.

Hertford, NC. 27944-8936


I am doing okay….Back in March had a cough that was very violent and I think it messed up my heart some………on the 11th of June had the AFIB thing done, was rather scary to see what they were going to put down my throat to take pictures of heart, but I was out cold anyway….no clots so they stopped heart twice and restarted it…and AFIB gone….and I do feel better….then on 22nd had all kinds of tests was at hospital from about 7 to 12, EKG, nuclear waste in my veins….to take better pictures…..stress test…..they pumped more junk into me….but it is over and am glad of that….now have to get with doctor for the verdict. Think will be okay, don’t feel all that bad. 


Kathy Clark....((757-237-8216)) she sounded fantastic, she is still in Elizabeth City with Daughter and family.  She said she was fine but later told me she had fallen while bowling with a broken foot....(can you imagine)….and broke her arm.  Real mess which happened in May and she will have to have some movement restrictions until last summer.  Amber and family are doing fine.  She did say that she rarely looks at email anymore so am not sure how am going to keep her up-to-date snail mail I guess.  She said she would call if she was going to be in Norfolk and could get to the 7/11 meeting with sister Pat.  She said that sister Pat was doing well and busy with work and doing family things with nieces and nephews.  
Kathi Clark
303 Princess Ann Cr. 
Elizabeth City, NC.  27907
Called Joan Akers ((757-420-5901)) she was being JOAN, upbeat and full of fun.  She has had some cancer cells removed from her face and getting one Squamish cell off her hand soon.  She figures her and "snowman" the dog are about the same age...she is going to be 87 and the dog is 12.5.  She did say that she was very lonely, granddaughter comes on WED and they go out to eat, someone else takes her to apts and all.  Son Fred gave her a car and she loves it but everyone thinks she shouldn't drive.  
Joan Akers
984 Sunnyside Dr
Virginia Beach, VA. 23464-2142
Jack Salvato is doing okay....going to therapy for depression I guess.  He is okay physically except he fell in April took him 45 minutes to crawl to a phone....he is doing better now.  Jack sounded okay, he turns 81 in early July...I think it is 5th.  He said he was thinking about coming to the meeting but wouldn't know for sure until near the date.  He did sound a bit forlorn.  
Jack Salvato
2765 Einstein Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA. 23456-8169
Some cards or calls to these folks and other HRC members would be great.....helps keep the family going. 

From: Jim Romano
Subject: Mac Mcleod in Hospital
Date: 15 June 2018

Hi Shipmates,

Our Elroy (Mac) Mcleod is in Washington Adventist Hospital after suffering a serious heart attack this past Monday. His wife Shellie said he will be moved out of ICU in a day or two. He's in very serious condition but is improving.

If you wish to send notes of incouragement, prayers and good wishes to Mac, here is the home address ..

AGC Elroy (Mac) Mcleod USN (Ret)
4800 Paul Hance Rd
Huntington, MD

Shellie will see that he gets them while in hospital.

Hopefully he continues to improve. I'll keep you posted..

Many thanks,

Jim Romano

From: Fay Crossley, HRC Pres.
Subject: Tammy Steiner
Date: 19 Mar 2018

Tammie is home and doing well. No positive diagnosis at this time. Appointment for early April in VaBch. The flu hit the rest of us last week. All doing better today. Tammie thanks you for the lovely card.


Bob & Tammie Steiner
19127 BUDD ST

From: Jim Romano
Subject: Norm Canfield
Date: 16 Mar. 2018

Just want to pass on that Norm Canfield is in hospital undergoing two operations for Colon cancer.  One has been completed. He is recuping in hospital awaiting the second. Norm is in good spirits.  Not bad for a 96 YEAR OLD..

For those of you who don't know Norm, he was a WWII Navy Weather Observer on B-24s & B-17s.  He's a great guy and one of my Heroes.  If you'd like, please send him a card at:

Norm Canfield
12316 Coppola Dr.
Potomac, MD 20854-3030