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The roster of those medically unable to perform their duties.

From: Steve Shafer via Fay Crossley
Subject: Upcoming Heart Surgery
Date: 9 July 2017

This time in two weeks i will have one of my heart valves fixed.  The Dr said no traveling until it is fixed.  I'll let you know when the job will be done.
World Famous Steve Shafer


From What Steve said would sound like the operation would be around the 21 of July, but if I hear more will get that to you.  Thoughts and prayers are needed  Keep those good vibes working.  

Steve Shafer
8013 Summit DR.
Goldsboro, NC 27530-7053 

From: Carmen Lee via Fay Crossley, HRC Pres.
Subject: Dan Lee
Date: 9 June 2017

June 20th Update...He would love phone calls cell is 757-773-3243

June 14th Update...Dan got moved last night to Atlantic shores, seaside, room 114.  He's trying to adjust with this big change so some extra prayers are welcome  thank you

Dan is in Hospital at Princess Ann for now as he fell down the garage stairs and landed on his right arm, shoulder, and broke the humus bone and 3 ribs, so lots of pain and of course pain medication messed up his system so watching his kidneys and watching for pneumonia.  He will be moved to re hab as soon as hospital clears him, don't know which one yet.   Kids have been a big support but we do need some prayers as this is

very challenging.



Dan Lee

1132 Cordova Ct. 

Virginia Beach, VA. 23456


From:    Eve and Frank via Fay Crossley, HRC Sec. 
Subject: Ann Salvato and Doris Stepaniak
Date:     7 March 2017

Just a note, if any one goes to see Ann Salvato, the address on this e-mail should read 3100 Shore Drive, Hoy Center at Westminster Canterbury, room 272 (second floor).  Eve and I visited her this afternoon, she was happy to see us, but she is very tired and so is Jack.  Their spirits are okay, but you can see the strain on the both of them.  You know Jack, he is so devoted to Ann, what a Lady..   


Eve talked to Doris this evening and from what I understood, she only has 2 (two) months to a year, to be with us.  The tumor is growing, probably stage 4 (four) This information just breaks our heart,  all we can do is to intensify our prayers asking the Lord to be with and comfort them the both of them with his blessings.  They send greetings to everyone.

Ann is located at Westminster Canterbury, 3100 Shore Drive, Hoy Center at Westminster Canterbury, 
Room 272 (second floor), Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Ann Salvato
2765 Einstein Dr
VB, VA. 23456-8169

From:     Doris Stepaniak via FayCrossley, HRCPres/Sec
Subject: Serious health issue
Date:     4 January 2017.

I wanted to let you all know that I am dealing with a lot of serious health issues.  I have been suffering with a lot digestive problems lately and after a four day stay in the hospital and many test I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  I see an oncologist on Friday to find out the plan of  treatment. I am praying for the best. .