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Reunion #37 Redux

Virginia Beach, VA

April 27 to May 1, 2011

Hosted by the

NWSA Hampton Roads Chapter



                                               HAMPTON ROADS CHAPTER NWSA


PLANNING: Early is best. Marty began his planning prior to the 35th Reunion held in Jacksonville where he offered the Hampton Roads Chapter NWSA as host for the 37th Reunion to be held in Virginia Beach.


The early stages of the planning took place in June 2009 at a meeting of the Chapter.  General guidelines, possible tours, special events and the broad outline of the direction and schedule of what, where, when, and how we wished to proceed was discussed and we were off on the on the way to “Almost Heaven“.  Over the next few months Marty with his sidekick Doris explored the many ideas proposed by the membership forming the basic plan that we would follow.


Sunday January 10, 2010 at the Chapter meeting Marty outlined his plan of attack, Committee Chairs were selected and/or volunteered, and our ideas began to form a reality.  Over the next 15 months eleven meetings were held by the various committee chairs including three with the General Membership. During the meetings every item that we could think of regarding the Reunion was discussed, sometimes heatedly, but in the end we achieved consensus.  One thing we did not anticipate was Marty‘s stroke.  We were devastated when we received the word in January 2011 of Marty‘s condition that would lead ultimately to his death.  Marty was meticulous.  He had put together a team that he knew would be capable of handling just about any eventuality.  We gathered together and decided that we would conduct this Reunion just as Marty wished.  It would be the best of all the rest and it would be ‘Almost Heaven‘.


The team came together as one, we worked as one, thought as one, planned as one and our goal was to make this Marty‘s Reunion.  That was the thought that sustained us and our goal was to be true to Marty‘s wishes.


EVENTS ON SITE: Registration: Under the Chairmanship of Bob Daigle was a smooth operation.  Bob wused this facility for a reunion.  They, also provided a nights stay to be raffled ably assisted by his wife Carol and any minor glitch was resolved expeditiously. Hospitality Room: Under the Chairmanship of Eileen Fifield assisted by Eve and Frank Muscari, Bob Steiner and the man of the hour, Fay Crossley was the centerpiece of the four and a half days.  Beverages were always available, food was plentiful and varied, and good fellowship prevailed.  NWSA Historian Harry Hale brought tons of books, pictures and stories.  There were exhibits related to the field of Naval Weather, including a surface map analyzed in November 1945 by AGC Floyd Akers.  Another event that took place in the room was a live auction of 35 items (all sold).  This was a break from tradition as all previous auctions were silent this one definitely was not silent. Reception – Meet and Greet: This cocktail party was very well attended and was the event that kicked off the planned events. Finger foods were plentiful and the bartender was more than competent. Deck Party Luncheon: Again, as with the Meet and Greet this event was well attended, so well in fact that fewer tables were sent up than needed.  This minor glitch was corrected promptly as the hotel staff set up the extra tables. The Banquet: As with all reunions, this was the cherry on top of the sundae.  Attendance was outstanding (nearly all who registered attended the banquet).  Doris with members of the Nemcosky family were recognized and thanked. Joan Akers with members of her family were similarly recognized.  We were honored by the attendance of this year‘s Shore Sailor of the Year and the Sea Sailor of the Year.  After dinner was concluded, we were entertained by the fabulous Sexy Seniors Chorale Group.  They brought down the house. Roberto provided the music for our dancing pleasure until the stragglers drifted out to the strains of ‘Good Night Ladies“. Meetings: Both general meetings were well attended. The Executive Committee meetings were cordial and the business of the Naval Weather Service Association was attended to. There was a mix-up in communications as to how the set up of the room for the Second General Meeting was to be but as weather folks are known for their flexibility it posed no problem.

Hotel: Every room had a view of the ocean so we all got to see the sea.  There were some difficulties with the hot water, a boiler problem.  A few last minute adjustments were required with the General Meeting Room.  The staff was quick to act on any discrepancy brought to their attention.  All in all it was a great place to hold a Reunion, this the third time Hampton Roads Chapter has used this facility for a reunion.  They, also provided a nights stay to be raffled off.


EVENTS OUTSIDE THE HOTEL: Tour of Virginia Beach: The participation on this tour exceeded our minimums.  Attendees taking this tour had a great time but voted to shorten it as the Virginia Air Museum was a great deal more than they expected.  Nothing but positive responses was voiced by the participants. Golf Tournament: The Golf Tournament had a few glitches including a change in venue but they were overcome.  Mother Nature provided a gorgeous day for golf and the golfers all had a great outing, weather-wise. Tour of Norfolk: This tour which included a visit to the battleship USS Wisconsin proved to be a hi-light.  Those that served in Norfolk were amazed at how much it has changed over the years. Virginia International Tattoo: The seventy plus attendees of this event were overwhelmingly positive of this, the signature event of the Reunion.  We had a few seat changes that had to be made because of a mix-up in ticket distributions but nothing major. Naval Station Tour: The comments received concerning the dining in the galley were humorous but the greatest excitement was the visit to the Fleet Weather Central, yes that is it what it is named today (a continuing circle).  The way that the weather business in the navy has evolved, the increase use of technology, weather updates every 30 seconds, it just floored them.  The interactions that occurred between the active duty sailors on watch spoke volumes of how we are in awe of them and how they are in awe of us, dinosaurs who have gone before.


BANQUET OPENING COMMENTS: Welcome to “ALMOST HEAVEN” the 37th annual reunion of the Naval Weather Service Association.  This event is taking place because of the dream of one man “Marty Nemcosky”. This is Marty’s reunion, dedicated to him and his dream – his driving ambition was to make this reunion the best of all the rest – his energy, organizational skills his ability to work with all equally, to surround himself with talented people but most of all his enthusiasm for the Naval Weather Service Association inspired all of us honored to be members of Marty’s team. This reunion is not a memorial to Marty – for to have a memorial one must be away from us – Marty is with us tonight in spirit as he will always be with us in spirit wherever, whenever and however naval weather guessers congregate.


Ladies and Gentlemen please indulge me for a moment. I would ask that you bow your heads, close your eyes and reflect on a happy moment that you spent in Marty’s company – thank you – now one last request: CHARGE YOUR GLASSES TO MARTY




Joan Akers HRC…Terry Bevans WY…Melvin Bourn TX..Bill Bowers FL…Carol Bowers FL…VIP Nachar Bouti…Paul Brandt AL...VIP Nathan Burks …Norman Canfield MD...Roy Canfield… Charles “Cap” Casperson…CA…Lori Casperson CA…John Chubb HRC...Ive Chubb HRC...Kathy Clark VA…Frenchy Corbeille WI ...Barbara Corbeille, WI...Bev Costa NC...Bob Costa NC…Gary Cox WY...Fay Crossley HRC …Donna Crossley HRC...Don Cruse VA..Marge Cruse VA...Bob Daigle HRC   Carol Daigle HRC ...Alan Davis NV…Dick Dempsey HRC...David Driggers FL...Jane Driggers FL…Phil Duncan NC...Vinnie Duncan NC…Thomas Dunham PA...Diann Dunham PA…Rod Elliot NJ…Pam Elliot NJ...Larry Field WI...Carol Field WI… Chuck Fifield HRC…Eileen Fifield HRC..James Futtner CT..Joan Futtner CT..Mike Gilroy CA ...Will Gould MD...Ella Gould MD...Harry Hale TX...Jeannie Hale TX...Mel Harder NC…VIP Rose Hibbetts…Marvin Hungate AL..Michael Hyytinen SD...Shirley Hyytinen SD...Cathy Jankowski PA...Ron Jankowski PA…Mike Joern HRC...Jim Kelly CT…Tim Kenefick SC…Earl Kerr WA…Lynne Kerr WA…Wayne Ledbetter GA…Betty Ledbetter GA…Carmen Lee HRC  Dan Lee HRC  David Leib AZ  Ted Lemond HRC  Martie Locke CA..Frederick Martin FL…Virginia Martin FL…Buddy McCloskey PA…Marilyn McDonald VA...Jessica McGuire CT…Joe McKinzie TX..Tom Miovas PA...Mary Ann Miovas PA…Speedy Monroe WV…Kay Monroe WV…Frank Muscari HRC...Eve Muscari HRC…Moon Mullen CA...Nadine Mullen CA…Ed Nelson HRC…Ruth Nelson HRC…VIP Mick Nemcosky...VIP Anita Nemcosky…VIP Allison Nemcosky...Harry Nicholson CA…Pat Nicholson CA…Kim O’Brien VA…Sean O’Brien VA…Pat O’Brien FL…Libby O’Brien FL…Patricia Partestus TX...Frank Patrick FL…Jeri Patrick FL...Dennis Pauly HRC…Susan Pauly HRC...Nina Pesce NY…Sam Pesce NY...Pete Peterson NM…Diane Peterson NM...Lewis Pittel MD…Ruth Pittel MD… John Raley GA…Carol Raley GA...Marilyn Roberts CA...Jim Romano MD..Rosalie Romano MD..Robbie Roper MD...Vince Roper MD...Virgil Sala OH…Ann Salvato HRC…Jack Salvato HRC…Bev Scott HRC…Steve Shafer HRC…Sylvia Shafer HRC...Joyce Smith SC…Ken Smith SC…Barbara Snyder HRC…Dan Snyder HRC…Dave Sokol VA ...Harriett Sokol VA…Chuck Steinbruck HRC… Louise Steinbruck HRC…Bob Steiner HRC...Jessie Steiner HRC...Tony Steiner HRC…Doris Stepaniak HRC…Morris Summey CA…Carol Taylor PA…Bob Titus NV…Sylvy Titus...Al Upton NC...Ellen Upton NC...Peter Weigand MD...Marcia Weigand MD… Harry Whitworth FLBob Wright PA…Larue Wright HRC…Ralph Wright HRC…VIP Sharon Young … Gene Zeigler OH...Joann Zeigler OH


To all NWSA Members, friends and associates,


On behalf of my brothers and sisters (all seven of us), I want to thank all of you who donated to the NWSA Scholarship Fund in memory of my father, Marty Nemcosky.  Weather was always a way of life for us growing up because of our Dad; when the other kids were running inside from the storm, we were running outside to the carport to watch it.  While weather was Dad’s life, it also played out in the end.  On the night he died, when in the hospital room, the biggest most impressive thunderstorm moved overhead.  I checked the radar (of course…I’m Marty’s daughter) and the storm was a blip, right over the hospital.  “Dad’s clearing the air!”  Later in middle of the night, my brother and I went outside to check the storms path and while standing outside the hospital, the clouds literally parted and the moon glowed in all its glory.  Just minutes later, by the time we got upstairs, my father had passed to the other side.  He will be missed so much by so many. My family was honored to be invited to the NWSA #37 Reunion (Marty’s Dream) in Virginia Beach recently and had the pleasure to meet some of you.  I was overwhelmed how heartwarming and loving your whole group is.  It was obvious why this organization was an important part of my father’s life.  I hope I get to visit with you again sometime soon.  Again, our most sincere thanks to you all for your donations.  Keep the dream and the love going!

                                                                                 Warmest Regards, Rose Nemcosky Hibbetts


Joe McKinzie Presents Plaque to Nemcosky Family
Joan Akers Receives Flowers

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