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AG Schools Chanute 2

Class Pictures 1977 - 1993


Aerographer's Mate (AG) schools were moved to Chanute AFB, Illinois in 1977

The Last "A" School Class at Chanute was in 1993, then

AG Schools were moved to Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS

The Chanute pictures below are not completely identified -- If you recognize one, please  submit the Year, Month and any Names to:


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Observing School Chanute

Jul-Oct 1979

Submitted by SSgt Kim Van Vleet, back row center just below radome


Observing School Chanute

 Dec 1980 - March 1981

Bob Hepler, back row 2nd from left


August 1983 - Submitted by James M Ford
Chanute #11

Steve Walton (instructor) back row far right


Chanute #1
Chanute 1981, Month?, Names?
Chanute #5
Chanute #13
Chanute #15
Chanute #19

Observing Class, Apr.-May 1980

More Names Needed

Submitted by Bob Born; first row, 5th from left. Mr. Lester, instructor, center back row.

Dec. 1981

Submitted by Ron Chambliss, Back row, 6th from Left.

GYSgt Bob Fields, Second row, 2nd from right

1992 - Submitted by Amy Rector
Class No., Month & Year?
Submitted by Tim Allen
Chanute #4

Kneeling row (R to L): GYSgt Bob Fields, Ukn, Steve Walton, Ukn


Chanute #2
Chanute #6
Chanute #8
Chanute #12
Chanute #16
Chanute #18
Chanute #20