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Source: Aerograph May 2019

If you didn’t attend Reunion 45 in Thousand Oaks, you missed a great one! Lori and past Pres. Cap did an exemplary job putting on the reunion. It has been 12 years since we’ve had a reunion on the West Coast, and this one was held during a different portion of the week.

Having lunch right under President Reagan’s Air Force One was a memorable experience. If you’re ever near Simi Valley, schedule at least a day’s visit to the Reagan Presidential Library, including the guided tour. The museum is a wonderful tribute to Pres. Reagan’s life.,

Our new Pres. Jim Romano has us headed to Savannah, GA next year, likely in the late April or late October. Details will be in future Aerographs.

The cut-off date will be Monday, 22 July 2019 for the August issue of The Aerograph.

Third Century Roman Epitaph, Pompeii Exhibit Reagan Pres. Museum

Former Aerograph Editor Charlie Jordan's Favorite Cartoons

(Unpublished in the Aerograph) 

A Well-Earned "Bravo Zulu" to Charlie