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Source: Aerograph November 2019

In August I received a letter from Anna Marie Lea, NWSA Life Member 385 and widow of Duane A. Lea, USAF RET (See Page 5). Mrs. Lea was complimentary of the Aerograph and recent articles by CAPT Frenchy Corbeille. Mrs. Lea receives her printed Aerograph by USPS and has offered to pay the cost of printing her copy. Rest assured, when you pay to join the NWSA, whether as a life member or annually, the membership fee covers a subscription to the Aerograph, in whatever manner you choose to receive it. 

The CUT-OFF date will be Monday, 27 January 2020 for the November issue of The Aerograph.

Former Aerograph Editor Charlie Jordan's Favorite Cartoons

(Unpublished in the Aerograph) 

A Well-Earned "Bravo Zulu" to Charlie