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Source: Aerograph May 2017

If you missed Reunion #43 in San Antonio you missed a great one—well organized and carried out by Joe McKinzie and the Lone Start Chapter. When one thinks of San Antonio the Alamo always comes to mind, but San Antonio and Fredericksburg have countless attractions. Here is one I bet you missed: Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum (Check it out!). Winding up there is what happens when the family overrules your vote.

While in the Alamo Square area I noticed quite a few fresh- faced and new uniformed one stripe USAF types. Obviously, recruits on their first break from basic training. It brought to mind a Great Lakes recruit about 50 years ago wandering around Milwaukee for a day.

New Orleans is on tap for Reunion #44 in April, 2018. Although Mexican restaurants and music will not be as plentiful, there will be unlimited dining and music options. Libby and Pat O’Brien and I have selected another Holiday Inn for #44, New Orleans’ Downtown/Superdome one. It is a classy place, well situated in the city of New Orleans. I believe attendees next year will be pleased with the accommodations and any activities. Like our Sec./Treas. Libby said, the hospitality room and the comradery there is what makes the a reunion great.

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