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 CWO-3 James "Jim" Romano, USN RET

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Source: Aerograph May 2019


I am very proud and honored to assume the role as your President.  I do so with fond remembrance and respect for people like Don and Marge Cruse who helped build the Naval Weather Service Association and provided years of invaluable guidance to many of us in our early Navy careers. Don was the first LDO in the Naval Weather Service and thru the years, he made us all proud.

Many thanks go to Lori and Cap Casperson for a wonderful and educating reunion in Thousand Oaks. Lori did a superb job finding a great hotel, planning a neat venue for a delicious dinner and arranging a very informative tour with President Reagan.  The highlight of the reunion was a day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  The library is seated on a picturesque hill overlooking the splendor that is Southern California.  Inside the Library were very moving videos, exciting displays and a complete history of a great President who helped end the Cold War. A large piece of the Berlin Wall is also on display. We were able to tour Reagan’s Air Force One and enjoyed a buffet lunch under its wing.  Many of us agreed that it was one of the finest Presidential Libraries/Museums we have.

A special temporary exhibit of the history of Pompeii and its destruction by the Mt Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD was very moving, as preserved remains of victims were also on display. A film depiction portrayed the horror of that historic day.

I sincerely thank AGC Cap for his patience and guidance in helping me to slide into the President’s chair smoothly.  Cap is very well organized and I have always admired his calm demeanor.  I hope to emulate his leadership as I become the Caretaker of our President’s Gavel.

My first order of business is to begin planning our #46. Many of you are wondering…. IT’S SAVANNAH!!  The center piece of #46 will be The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. Why the Air Force you ask??  If you will please read the book Masters of the Air by Donald Miller, prior to our reunion, you will understand.  Get it at the local library or Amazon or call the museum.  It will make you angry, shocked and proud of what the 8th accomplished.  Winston Churchill coined the phrase when he spoke,” Without the Masters of the Air, the men of the American Eighth Air Force who fought in the greatest Air War in history, D-day could not have happened.”

Please do some reading/research-You’ll be glad you did.  I have visited the Mighty Eighth several times and it’s an inspiring place.

In a few months I will have the reunion details, hotel, dinner, golf etc. Rosalie & I are shooting for late April or late October 2020. Depends on best availability and reasonable pricing.

We are still looking for a new editor for the Aerograph.  Gary Cox has done a splendid job for many, many, many years.  We need a new editor so that Gary can do more work on the web page. Someone please step up!  Speaking of the Aerograph, we need more of you to opt for an e-mail copy.  Please sign up on the webpage. HELP SAVE BUCKS!!

I am looking forward to a great two years.  I know that Mel, Larry, Tom, Gary and the rest of the executive board will be a great help keeping me out of trouble and my foot to the pedal.  Please contact any of us to discuss your ideas or suggestions to improve our programs or Association in general.



CWO-3 Jim Romano USN Ret

NWSA President

Source: Aerograph February 2019

Greetings Friends,


Happy 2019!  The year is starting out well for us here in the upper Mojave Desert of California.  While many of you are suffering extreme cold, it has been fairly mild here.  The one great thing for us was we got an inch and a half of rain in one week in the middle of January and it fell slowly enough that there wasn’t significant flooding except in some of the burn areas along the coast.  That may not seem like much to most of you, but it is a third of our annual rainfall!  We finished up 2018 with 3.19” which seemed like a good year.  We recorded 5.12” in 2017, which was a very wet year for California.  The wet weather is greening the hills of southern California, bringing wildflowers and green grasses for the spring.  By the time you arrive in Ventura County/Thousand Oaks for the NWSA 45 “Surfin’ USA” Reunion in April, the area will look beautiful for our event.

I had the honor to attend the annual AMS meeting in Phoenix in early January to stand-in for our Reunion Chair, Mike Gilroy, and represent the NWSA as the NWSA Scholarships were presented to Alexandra Mazurek attending the University of Georgia, and Jessica Wiedemeier attending the University of Oklahoma.  Really sharp young ladies with a great future in Atmospheric Science/Meteorology thanks, in part, to your generous contributions to our scholarship fund managed by the AMS.

Speaking of the Reunion, the Woolsey fire at the end of 2018 started near our venue of Reunion 45, but did not affect the location, so don’t hesitate to get your reservations in asap.  Lori and I have been working hard to get this reunion put together, so register early and register often.  Remember, if we receive your registration before the 1st of February, you’ll be eligible for a drawing for free room. Reservations have been trickling in, so we look forward to many more soon. One mistake I made (copying previous reunion registration forms) was whom to make your check out to. We’ve discovered that the bank won’t let us cash a check that is only to NWSA45, so please make it out to Lori Casperson so we can credit your submission. If you’ve already sent it in as we originally requested, Lori will be emailing you asking for a new one.

As I wind down my tenure as your president, I’m amazed how fast it has gone by. In another couple of months, I’ll be turning the reins over to CWO3 Jim Romano, USN Ret, to lead us into the next decade. I sincerely appreciate and thank the folks who have done the heavy lifting with/for me over the past years, especially Libby, Gary, Tom, Chuck, Jim and Jim, Larry, Mike, Joe, Lloyd, and Pat. I look forward to seeing you and many others at NWSA45 and beyond. Thank you!


In Service,

AGC Cap Casperson, USN Ret

Source: Aerograph November 2018

Happy (almost) Election Day Shipmates!


As we head in to winter, here in the high Desert Southwest, we’re still experiencing daytime temperatures in the 80’s while the night time temperatures drop to the upper 40’s.  Of course, this time of the year and spring time is why we don’t mind living here!

Speaking of elections, one of our past US presidents that many of us served under has this cool library/museum down in Simi Valley near where we’ll be holding our Reunion in 2019.  Now, you don’t have to be a Republican to visit the library so please don’t let your political affiliation deter you from attending this reunion.  There is a lot of information about his life as an actor, California governor, and the president that ended the cold war.  His wife, Nancy, was a big part of their life and the library includes much about their love affair that started in the early 50’s.  There is a piece of the Berlin Wall there that he and many of you helped tear down during his terms in office.  The private tour we will take will be led by docents at the library followed by lunch under the wings of his Air Force One.  Did you know that one of our own, Moon Mullins, is a docent on the Air Force One at the Library?  After lunch, we’ll have another couple of hours to wander through the grounds, revisit parts of the library, and visit their current special exhibit, Pompeii: The Exhibition.  This will be a great event that everyone will enjoy.

Speaking of reunions, things are shaping up nicely for Reunion #45.  Reservations and arrangements for the major events have been made and all we need is our Shipmates (YOU) to register and make your way to California.  As you’ve noticed, we’ve made this a long weekend venue this year as that seems to be one of the chief complaints, we hear about reunion attendance.  This schedule allowed lower prices than a mid-week event and though not cheap, hotel and dinners are a good price for Southern California (SOCAL).

Speaking of SOCAL (see what I keep doing there?), we’ve finally got the reunion here on the West Coast and though it’s not San Diego, it should be much easier for west coasters to travel to Ventura County.  I really look forward to seeing a good turnout from California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho and the other states west of the Mississippi this year.  That’s not to exclude our regular attendees from the south and east, as we always look forward to seeing our good friends there or here.  Lori could really use some help, especially from folks in the Ventura and Los Angeles counties, as we finalize everything since the committee is just her and me at this point.  Please get your registrations (found in this issue of the Aerograph) in as soon as possible and don’t forget to reserve your rooms online;, or by phone; (805) 375-0376, as well.  Let Lori know if there are issues with the hotel reservations, so she can try to resolve.  Registrations sent to her by 1 February 2019 will be put into a drawing for a free room (depending on the number of attendees).  Hope to see you in April!

Again, as I’ve said in the past, please check out the Bellinger List in this issue to see if you have shipmates that have dropped off or aren’t there and invite them back.  Confirm that your information is updated and correct.  I look forward to seeing you in California in April.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Please email me any thoughts or questions you may have to grow/improve our association or how I can serve you better as President.

In Service,


Cap Casperson

Source: Aerograph August 2018

Happy Summer Friends,


Ever hear the saying; “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”? Seems like my life these days is following that mantra. As we get closer to retirement, my work has increased exponentially and includes a lot more travel as I’ve said before. Our Editor, Gary, patiently waits, tapping his foot virtually, while I finish up this missive.

Lori has been hard at work putting Reunion 45 together.  As seen on the web page, we’ve adjusted the dates to be able to make the lunch and tour at the Reagan Library more affordable.  That lunch, under the wings of Air Force One, will be on Friday of the Thursday to Monday Reunion.  The hotel is very affordable for this part of the world and includes free breakfast, coffee and water all day in our hospitality suite, and parking.  Saturday and Sunday, except for the banquet on Sunday evening, are currently open as the last few reunions have been, so friends and small groups can get out and do your own thing, whether it be golf, wine-tasting, beach combing, or visiting the sites around Los Angeles or Santa Barbara.  Look for the registration form and schedule of events in the November Aerograph or sooner online.  Lori has done most of the heavy lifting, but really needs help from some volunteers, especially in SoCal and specifically members in the Ventura County area that can help with local logistics and provide us local knowledge.  Please send your willingness to help and suggestions/questions to

I observed but did not participate in some spirited discussion between board members and Robert Josephs concerning our future as an organization, and better ways to keep and add new members in this era of social media and diminishing service/social groups.  As we struggle with smaller reunion attendance; how do we change when reunions are held, venues, costs, and interval between reunions, voting for changes, and finding ways to make reunions more affordable?  Unfortunately, for those who don’t attend, we make the bylaw changes and vote on the upcoming reunion(s) at the reunion, and if you choose to not attend, your voice isn’t heard.  I believe it is the Board’s responsibility to hear and act on those views that are provided to us by those who don’t make it to the reunion, though the reunions are the place to vote, since we’re not a virtual organization.  There is nothing stopping the Reunion Committee from modifying when a reunion can be held and if you noticed, we’ve changed next year’s reunion to a long weekend rather than during the middle of the week.  This is a chance for those who work to miss less work to attend.  Don’t’ miss it!  Also, Mel Bourn has proposed a change to the bylaws to use NWSA funds to offset the cost of reunions which will be voted on next year.  Robert asked participation questions to the METOC, AG, and NWSA Facebook pages and though I didn’t see a lot of response, I believe his questions prompted some growth of our Facebook page.  Our page has significantly fewer members than the other two, but since his questioning, we’ve seen a growth of 30% in the last month so, thanks Robert!  Let’s contribute to the page now so it continues to be a site to visit.

As I said earlier, I’m maintaining a significant travel schedule, but bookending my last trip to DC and the mid-Atlantic states including Lakehurst, Lori and I made a quick (two days for me) trip to Long Island, NY for her Aunt and Uncle’s 80th surprise birthday celebration the weekend after Independence Day, followed by a trip to North Carolina looking at prospective retirement locations on the following weekend.  It’s green there!  We had the good fortune to meet up for dinner with a shipmate from Misawa, Japan, Steve and Noriko Brantley.  It was great to see them and visit about that great duty station and what we’ve done since.  We had great weather while there and just missed the heavy thunderstorms and rain showers that hit the Mid-Atlantic States the following week.

As I finish this up, our normal 50 mile visibility in the valley has been reduced to five to ten miles due to smoke from numerous wildfires around California.  According to Cal Fire, over 300 fires are raging across California with one that closed Yosemite National Park last week, the Carr fire in Shasta that has killed five people already, and an arson fire near Idyllwild south of us which is where our smoke is likely coming from.  Please pray for the fire fighters and residents displaced by the horrific fires.

Look for the “Surfin’ USA” Reunion 45 registration form and schedule coming up next issue.  The hotel is already available for registration and our personal reunion link, can also be found at our Reunion website.  See you then!

Take care,