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I've been trying to track down a friend that I have lost touch with. His name is Brian Hill. He was a career Navy man. He was a meteorologist. When I met him in the early 1990's he was stationed in Long Beach, CA. After that he was a Senior Chief on the USS Abraham Lincoln. He then was stationed in Alameda CA for a time. He was also in Newport Rhode Island for a short time. At the time we lost contact he was stationed in Honolulu Hawaii. One other thing I remember about Brian Hill is that he was stationed in the Philippines before we met, probably in the 1980's.

Oh, he also grew up in Oregon. A town near the coast. Coos Bay, I think.

Any guidance in locating him would be much appreciated.


Would like to contact an old shipmate of mine— AG1 Lee Heicher. We were stated together in the mid to late 1970’s at NWSED/NOCD Washington (wx det was located at Andrews AFB). I believe he transferred to IceRecon at FWF Suitland from there. Mid 1980’s he was stationed at NOCD South Weymouth. Might have done a tour with one of the CV’s out of Jacksonville, FL after Ice Recon. If you know his whereabouts contact me via Facebook messages.
LCDR Robert Josephs, USN RET


Came across this web site . My father Joseph G Hickey 706-54-52 was an Aerographer in WW2  . At one point stationed in Algiers . Was aboard the Catoctin at the invasion of Sicily .

Just wonder if there is any information available about him.   Thank  You


Joe Hickey

I am a retired Naval Officer; my first duty station was as the
Communications Officer at the FWC/JTWC Guam. I have collected
ship or station patches from all my duty stations. I am wondering
if there was a patch for FWC/JTWC Guam during the time I served 
there 1959-1961? If so would I be able to purchase that patch?
Thank you


Hi, just ran into your site and wondered if you have two buddy's listed on  your roster,
Richard Brown, Erie, Pa, AG2
David Carpenter, Elmira, NY, probably AG2,
We were in A school together in Lakehurst, class of 5841, and did I really get a kick out of seeing our class picture posted on your site,, 

Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Ron Call, AG2 (long agooo


Looking for AGCM Bowers (Ron)? stationed FWF Yokosuka 1963-1967. Married 
to Japanese lived on base. Would like rooster of FWF during
that time period, if available. I was RM1 during that time, in-charge of 
teletype repair.

Ed Fields

Source: Aerograph August 2016

Trying to find other AGs from the Midway 1963-1965

Joe Petrowski

From: Bruce DeWald
Date: 11 June 2016

Aloha all,

Does anyone have any contact info on:

AG1 Curtis W. Gilbert Jr.
B Scol Class 706 06 Feb-28 Jun 1967

AG1 Gilbert came to B Scol from NavSecGp,
and I believe that is where he returned.


Source: May 2016 Aerograph

Looking for AG1 Don Perry married to Carol. Daughter Ashli. We hung with them in 1973-74. They went to Corpus Christie. We went to Monterey.,

Also looking for Dennis Kilroy, William (Willie) Shoemaker, Greg Schiller, Gene Roe, John Temple, and Ozaka? (we called him Ozzie). We were all in the upper air unit in GITMO in 1973-75.

Carlos and Mary Estrada


I am curious if three individuals I was stationed with on Adak are members. If so, would you please say hello from me, and give them my contact email address?

Steve Pearsall

Donna Crenshaw

Wayne Riley

Tom Kircher AG1, Ret


Looking for a shipmate.  AG! Gary Hilton Leight, last time I saw him was as instructors at Chanute AFB, IL in 1985.

R.V. Gregg,  Fmr AG2 USN