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 Source: Aerograph February 2017 

Proposed Change to the NWSA Constitution and Bylaws


Proposed Change to the NWSA Constitution and Bylaws that was approved at the Annual Meeting – Reunion #42. The change is the addition of the last two sentences beginning with –  The Editor shall submit………………..    The complete Article VIII, Section 5 is printed for the convenience of members who may not have an updated copy of the NWSA C&BL.




Section 5.  Editor, “THE AEROGRAPH”.

                 The Editor of The AEROGRAPH shall

                 publish the quarterly newsletter and make

                 distribution to NWSA members in good

                 standing, using current membership

                 information obtained through the close

                 cooperation with the Secretary-Treasurer.

                 Prior to each Annual Meeting a broader

                 distribution to include non-members in

                 appropriate geographical areas may be made

                 to encourage their participation in the

                 reunion/convention. The Editor shall submit to

                 the Executive Board at the Annual

                 Meeting his/her cost of round trip

                 transportation to the Annual Meeting. This

                  cost, and any others that the Executive Board

                 deems appropriate, shall be considered for

                 reimbursement from the General Funds of

                 the NWSA.     

   Submitted by Bill Bowers, NWSA President