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President             Fay Crossley

Vice President     Frank Muscari
Treasurer             Bob Daigle
Secretary             Fay Crossley
Social Coord.      Dennis Pauly
CMAA                   Frank Muscari 



NWSA Reunion #37 Final Report - April, 2011

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Chapter News

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Source: Aerograph February 2018

Minutes of the Meeting

Held at Y-Not Pizza

(WINTER Meeting  – JANUARY 14, 2018)

In attendance:  (10) Frank and Eve Muscari, Fay and Donna Crossley, Bob and Carol Daigle, Dennis and Susan Pauly and Dan and Carmen Lee.

REGRETS received from:

Bob WrightPlanning Daughter’s Wedding

ShafersSteve having Eye operation

Steinbrucksfamily gathering rescheduled due to snow storm.

 REGRETS received from:

Chubbstravel and hurricane clean up, Ive’s family in Puerto Rico coping okay, they will be fine. 




SteinbrucksLouise sick

Meeting called to order by President Fay Crossley at 3:50 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed by a blessing was given by CMAA Frank Muscari. Belated Christmas gifts were given to the membership.

A…The Secretary report accepted as emailed to membership from the FALL meeting.  A motion to accept made by Bob Daigle and seconded by Dan Lee motion carried.

B…Treasurers reports was given, checking $1016.75 and Savings $2091.96.  Bob Daigle also reviewed our membership listing for those that have paid through 2018 Some HRC folks are somewhat behind in dues.  The treasurer also read a fantastic letter that was received from the Murfreesboro Historical Association, thanking HRC for a recent contribution.  (Enclosure 5). Motion was made by Frank Muscari and seconded by Donna Crossley to accept report as read, motion carried.

C…A brief review of the HRC Hat and Shirt Sales was given by the President, and the current inventory was presented to the membership.  Two shirts were sold at the meeting.

We currently have 6 hats and 20 T-shirts.  This has been a fun project in the hopes of increasing awareness of the NWSA.  HRC plans to discontinue the project, anyone interested in the remaining stock should contact Bob Daigle for more information.



A…Elections: President, Treasurer, CMAA will remain for another two years.

B…The venue for the Spring meeting is scheduled for Sunday April 8, 2018 at George’s in Suffolk.  More information will be forthcoming.

C...An audit of the Treasurer’s books and book keeping procedures will  be scheduled, Fay and Donna Crossley will act as auditors.

D…A special gathering will take place on February 18, 3PM at Bravo in Town Center, an email will be forthcoming from Bob Daigle.

E…Frank Muscari made a motion that was seconded by Bob Daigle that HRC provides a Full page ad to The Reunion #44 committee with a check for $80.  Motion Carried.

Frank Muscari asked that the HRC and all NWSA members to be vigilant concerning our fellow members.  He encouraged everyone to not only rely on electronic contact for keeping in touch but, as much as possible, face to face communications is essential.

For the Good of the Order

Eve Muscari…is doing well after knee replacement.  Might have something to do with Frank’s nursing abilities!!

Steiners…We surely apologize for their not knowing about the change in venue for the meeting, hope you guys can forgive us.  Bobby says, it has been a long and rough 6 months and we hated adding to that. 

Steinbrucks…doing well, they had Thanksgiving in Bedford VA, and had to miss our meeting because of family event rescheduled because of the week before snows.

Chubbs…doing well, we continue to send our thoughts and prayers to Ive’s mom and family in Puerto Rico, 

Joan Akers…Our thoughts and prayers continue for our dear Weather Mouse.  We pray that her loss of Frank Strout is becoming more tolerable.

Bob doing well but going into Panic Mode daughter Lacey getting married 11/18 sorry we can’t help with the bills Bob.

Kathi Clark…has been in and out of hospital and is now living with daughter Amber in NC near Elizabeth City.  She sounded well when I talked with her 12/31.  Keep us posted Kathi.  ((YOU TOO PAT))

Steve Shafer…Missed meeting due to Cataract operation, thoughts and prayers go out to he and Sylva.  Steve has gone through a lot of health issues over the past year. 

Jack Salvato…doing well, missed the meeting “something came up”. 

Ed Nelson…We apologize to Ed TOO, he was hoping to get to the meeting, hope he didn’t have the same wonderment that Bob Steiner suffered.

Carol Daigle…has been having a difficult time lately and went to the doctor a couple of days ago, seems she has an infection that is magnifying her MS.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Bob Daigle….has had a run in with Vertigo, he felt pretty bad for a few days, but is back to his usual 150% now….lets keep it that way  Bob.

Doris Stepaniak…is doing okay, Frank checked in with her Our thoughts and prayers are with you Doris and with Howard too. 

The Lees…are doing well, Dan got a clean bill of health from the doctor about his shoulders.  They have a couple of trips planned to get out of the cold, going to Disney World with Great Granddaughter and another trip to Pensacola.

Remember to keep HRC up-to-date on what is going on with you, our shipmates, Tell us about health issues, neat things going on.

A motion was made by Frank Muscari and seconded by Dan Lee to adjourn the meeting, motion carried at 505pm.

Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Pres./Sec.

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My niece Lori Schardt and her husband Bruce (Santa) are in a fantastic singing and entertainment group (The Song Spinners) do lots of "gigs" all around Colorado Springs CO.  They always hunt up Marge Cruse to give her a special hug.  Lori and Bruce met at the Crossley Camp on Elm Lake which is near Speculator NY.  Bruce was a Cadet at West Point with Lori's brother Kent.  Marge is Familiar with the Camp as she almost every year since first attending Camp Of The Woods in Speculator, I think since the late 1930.  Once married she was able to talk husband Don into going the Camp Of The Woods as often as he could while he served in the Navy.  After Don retired in 1968 the trek to Lake Pleasant became an annual event.  Marge, who will be 95 in March 2018 and may be the most senior life member of the NWSA, is a wonderful person and a great support to the AG community. 
Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Pres.
Source: Aerograph November 2017
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Minutes of the Meeting

Held at the “Pauly Ranch in NC”

(FALL Meeting – October 8, 2017)


In attendance:  (15)  Steve and Sylvia Shafer, Frank and Eve Muscari, Fay and Donna Crossley, Bob and Carol Daigle, Dennis and Susan Pauly, Dan and Carmen Lee, Jack Salvato with Doug and Jacqui Salvato.

 REGRETS received from:

Chubbs – travel and hurricane clean up, Ive’s family in Puerto Rico coping okay, they will be fine. 

Steiners – busy

Terizzis – busy

Nelsons – busy

Steinbrucks – Louise sick


A blessing was given by Frank Muscari.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by CMAA Frank Muscari

50/50 won $40.00 to Frank Muscari.  Thanks to everyone for playing.  About time Frank won, he usually contributes the most. 

   The banquet was held, there was enough food to feed an army and it was all fantastic.  Special thanks to the Paulys for providing the venue, great main course meats and lots of extras.  Everyone brought great stuff and we put a good dent in the offerings. Thanks to all.

  T-Shirt sales were brisk.  More will have to be ordered.  We will add a few V nick and Ts with pockets. 

   Meeting called to order by President Fay Crossley at 215PM.


A…The Secretary report accepted as emailed to membership from the Summer meeting, motion to accept made by Frank Muscari and seconded by Steve Shafer….motion carried.

HRC presented Mr. Pauly with a check to give to the Murfreesboro Historical Society.  It was presented as a thank you for the Paulys hosting the picnic. 

B…Treasurers reports for Fall meeting was provided by Treasurer Bob Daigle.  HRC has in checking; $816.75, in Savings; $2091.17.  Bob reminded the membership the total is normally around $3000 each quarter.  Bob also said he would be sending out notes to those that were behind in their dues payments.  He was thrilled that Bob Wright paid way ahead. Frank Muscari made a motion to accept the report as read, Steve Shafer seconded…….motion carried.

   Jack Salvato thanked the membership for the flowers for Ann’s service.


A…..For the Good Of The Order and  Binnacle List etc

Richard Dempsey…passed away 8/5/17, obituary (Enclosure 1) 

Ann Salvato…passed away 8/24/17, obituary (Enclosure 2)

Dillie Streuli…passed away 8/26/17, obituary (Enclosure 3)

Picture of Chubbs advertising NWSA hats. (Enclosure 4)

Peter Corrigan…passed away 7/14/17, obituary (Enclosure 5

Lewis Moorman Jr…..passed away 7/12/17, obituary (Enclosure 6)

Dan Lee…we are so thankful that Dan has gotten through so many health issues, still not 100% but nearly so.

Chubbs doing well got through Irma okay, (did you see the video on Facebook of the rain??) Ive’s family is doing okay in Puerto Rico, they are coping. 

John Shay….says “I am hanging in there”…John is 83.

Ann Salvato…the service on 9/9, was very special.

Jack Salvato…doing well as can be expected.

Steve Shafer…doing fantastic after heart valve replacement. However, Steve still has issues with shoulder, knee and hip.  He will keep us posted as to how that all is going.

Joan Akers…had difficult cancer removed from face and is doing well.

Frank Shrout…coping well, has lost a lot of weight.  Holding his own with the lung issue.

Doris Stepaniak…is doing okay it is difficult for her but she does so many good things look her up on facebook. 

Howard Lee….is doing okay as well, he and Doris keep tabs on each other.

MOA Muscari…the Muscari’s faithful dog is holding its own.

Darcey Gray…(Md) cataract operation went well.

Kathi Clark…doing fair, may be moving to Elizabeth City with daughter Amber.

The Mel Harders…doing okay.  Thinking about moving and downsizing.

Louise Steinbruck…has sinus infection. 

Nobody has heard from Eileen Fifield.

Eve Muscari….having knee replacement operation on 10/20/17

Dennis Pauly…had cataract operation on both eyes a few months ago and is doing great.   

(We need updates on these and any additions please.  It is requested that HRC members keep the secretary informed concerning THEIRS or someone they know who might be having health issues.)


B...The January (Winter meeting), is scheduled for Sunday 14th. The venue is expected to be the Mexican place next to the Lucky Oyster, but more information will be forthcoming

C…Elections in January…President, Treasurer and Chief Master-at-arms. From the indications at this meeting looks like all three will continue on for another two years.


A motion was made by Frank Muscari and seconded by Bob Daigle to adjourn the meeting, motion carried at 415pm.

Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Pres./Sec.

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Source: Aerograph August 2017

Minutes of the Summer Meeting

Held at the Lucky Oyster Restaurant

Sunday July 9

In attendance: (14)    Dan and Carmen Lee, Louise and Capt. Chuck Steinbruck, Frank Shrout and Joan Akers, Bob and Carol Daigle, Dennis and Susan Pauly, Fay and Donna Crossley, Frank Muscari and special guest Emma Rench (Pauly’s going in 4th grade granddaughter from SC.)

REGRETS received from:

Kathi Clark - - on vacation in Nag Head

Eve Muscari - - family in town

Mr. Daigle beat the bushes to get money out of everyone and the 50/50 netted Frank Shrout $40. 

   Meeting was called to order at 330 by President Fay Crossley. Frank Muscari led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Grace was given by Capt. Chuck.


A…The Secretary report accepted as emailed to membership from the Spring meeting. Motion to accept by Frank Muscari seconded by Dan Lee, motion carried. 

B…Treasurers report was given by the Treasurer and HRC has a balance of $3050.81.  Motion to accept was made by Dan Lee and seconded by Frank Muscari.  motion carried. 

C…A brief review of shirt and hat sales was presented to the membership.  We are continuing to offer for sale the shirts and hats.  The thought was to promote the NWSA and we have gotten orders from far flung corners of the country, and we hope each person wears them to a local chapter meeting.
                                                                   NEW BUSINESS

Dan Lee thanked the membership for the kindness that was showed to him during his recent stay at the hospital with damaged shoulder and broken ribs.  Without the calls, cards and visits he would not have done so well. 



Dan Leeis doing well and by 8/8 he will know if his shoulder has to be operated on.

Dan Harthad a difficult accident but was improving.

Bob Daigle...Cellulitis and gout have plagued Bob, but he is doing okay.

Carol Daiglehad some difficulties with infections and drugs didn’t help. But, okay now.

LaRue WrightHaven’t heard from her in awhile but think she is still in rehab after breaking her femur.

Ann Salvatolast news from Jack, Ann was holding her own.

Jack Salvatowe hope that Jack is holding HIS own.

Ron AlfordObituary [See Page 13 of August Aerograph]

Steve Shaferheart operation by end of month

Frank Shrouthas lost about 50 pounds but is doing okay and the new non-chemo procedure is doing well.

Doris Stepaniak...not a lot of information, but she is busy and doing lots on Facebook.

Howard LeeDoris had a nice picture of them both on Facebook. 

Kathi Clarkshe us coping well and doing much better after having her nuts and bolts in her neck fixed.

A…Reunion #44 is in New Orleans Capt Chuck and Louise will go if able.  We have to remember to send ad money and the AD.

B…Next meeting (Fall Gathering) will be at the Pauly’s new Barn on 0ctober 8.  There might be tours, plan ahead NOW.  Their ranch is near Murfreesboro NC.  More information will be forthcoming. 



Joan Akers has some books on ships and will see that they get to Frank Muscari.

Bob Daigle gave a report about Marty Bonk perhaps moving back to VA.

Bob Daigle reported that the Norfolk Weather Center now has NWS AWIPS work station.  (Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System.)


A motion was made by Frank Muscari and seconded by Frank Shrout to adjourn the meeting, motion carried at 500pm. 

Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Pres/Sec.

Source: Aerograph May 2017

                                                     Minutes of the SPRING Meeting

Held at the “Y-NOT“ Restaurant    

April 11, 2017

In attendance: (13)    Dan and Carmen Lee, Bob Steiner, Steve and Sylvia Shafer, Frank and Eve

Muscari, Dennis and Susan Pauly, Chuck and Louise Steinbruck and Fay and Donna Crossley.

REGRETS received from:

Daigles - - on a cruise. 

Bob Wright - - in TN

Dave Milot - - working

LaRue Wright -- her faithful dog passed away the morning of the meeting. 

Meeting was called to order by President Fay Crossley at 320PM.  The Pledge of Allegiances was led by CMAA Frank Muscari.  Grace was given by Capt. Chuck. There was no 50/50.


A…The Secretary report accepted as emailed to membership from the Fall meeting. Motion to accept by Frank Muscari seconded by Dennis Pauly, motion carried. 

B...Treasurers report was given by Fay Crossley. Copies were given to the membership to give everyone an idea as to how the shirt and hat sales were going.  We have a total of $3030.79.  (Enclosure 2)  Motion to accept was made my Frank Muscari and seconded by Capt Chuck, motion carried. 

It should be noted that the shirt and hat sales are doing okay and the NWSA folks are encouraged to make an order, special orders can be made as well.


A...It was neglected that we send in our AD for the #43 reunion.  It was caught in Mid March and a check was sent along with our ad (Enclosure 1) 

B…Venue for summer meeting Sunday 7/9, was tabled; the officers will come up with a plan and send to the membership asap.  

C…For the Good Of The Order

Jack and Ann Salvato The Muscaris had visited as had the Lees and they gave a report.  They were amazed at their good cheer.  

Kathi Clark -- no information. 

Frank Strout -- no information.   

Joan Akers -- no information.  

Steve Shafer -- looked great even with left hand in a binding and a finger on his right hand in a cast. 

Doris Stepaniak -- has a great attitude.  The Muscaris visited and were told that Howard Lee was doing okay as well.  

Dan Lee -- is having difficulties with his shoulder mending, still in a lot of pain.  

Dennis Pauly -- had Cataract operation and is doing well. 

Capt. Steinbruck -- will be having cataract operation in May.  

Tammie Steiner -- was unable to attend the meeting due to illness.

Bobby Steiner gave a report on the VA efforts.  The local efforts have just about rid the area of homeless Vets.  The needs now are for kitchen supplies and toiletry items.  Bobby gave some information about some of the Vets that he helps and has talked with, all great people and lots of interesting lives. 


(We need updates on these and any additions please.  It is requested that HRC members keep the secretary informed concerning THEIR or someone they know who might be having health issues.)



1...Our Ad for Reunion #43. 

2...Treasurers report.


A motion was made by Dennis Pauly and Seconded by Bobby Steiner to adjourn the meeting, motion carried at 450pm.

Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Pres./Sec.

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 Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor


   It is such an awesome feeling for me, at each of our Hampton Road Chapter meetings, to have Howard Lee in attendance. He accompanies Doris Stepaniak. You may recall that Doris is a life member of HRC and NWSA.  Howard just makes me feel good about everything.  Even though Howard is a Medal of Honor Recipient, there is much more to the man than this amazing award might command.

   Howard Lee was born on August 1, 1933, in New York City. He graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, New York in 1951, and from Pace College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, on June 19, 1955. While in his senior year at college, he enlisted as a member of the Platoon Leaders Class in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  In September 1955, he entered the 14th Officer Candidates' Course, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia, and upon completing the course the following December, was commissioned a Marine Corps Reserve second lieutenant. Lieutenant Lee completed The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, in July 1956 and the Marine Corps Supply School, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, that September.  Upon completion of these courses, he was transferred to the Marine Corps Supply Activity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for duty as Field Inspection Officer, Field Inspection Section, and later, Officer in Charge, Audit Section. He was promoted to first lieutenant in June 1957, and integrated into the Regular Marine Corps in January 1958.  Detached from the Supply Activity in September 1958, he was ordered to the West Coast, and served briefly as Troop Handler, 1st Replacement Battalion, Staging Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, then was assigned duty as a platoon commander with Company F, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, serving in this capacity until June 1959.  First Lieutenant Lee next served as the Battalion S-4 Officer with H&S Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, (US administration) Japan.  In February 1960, he was assigned duty as Guard Officer at the Marine Barracks, U.S. Naval Propellant Plant, Indian Head, Maryland.  After his promotion to captain on July 1, 1961, he was assigned duties as Platoon Commander and, later, Instructor, The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools in Quantico, where he remained until June 1964.  From July 1964 until February 1966, Capt Lee was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, serving first as Commanding Officer of Company A, 1st Battalion, then as Battalion S-3 Officer with H&S Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division. During the latter period, he served aboard the USS La Salle (LPD-3), and in the Dominican Republic.


Vietnam War — 1st tour

   Ordered to the Republic of Vietnam in April 1966, Capt Lee served as Commanding Officer of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. He received the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for heroic action on June 26, 1966 – June 27, 1966. Then, on 8-9 August, 1966 that he distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty in the vicinity of Quang Tri, for which he received the Medal of Honor. Wounded in that action, Capt Lee was evacuated to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland. In November 1966, he returned to duty at Headquarters Marine Corps and assigned duty as TO/MOS Coordinator and, later, Assistant FMF Readiness Officer in the Operation Section, G-4 Division. He was promoted to Major (United States) in July 1966.

   On October 25, 1967, Major Lee was presented the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon Johnson in a ceremony at the White House.


Vietnam War — 2nd tour

  Following this assignment, Maj Lee completed the Command and Staff College, Quantico, Virginia, in June 1970, then returned to the Republic of Vietnam for his second tour of duty. For his service as Executive Officer, Provisional Headquarters and Service Company and with the 2nd Combined Action Group, III Marine Amphibious Force, he earned a Gold Star in lieu of a second Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V".  He was promoted in July 1972 to lieutenant colonel and retired in 1975 from the Marine Corps for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

  If you would like to read Howard’s citation please go to……

Click Image to Enlarge

   Though Howard has no past affiliation with Naval Weather, we are proud at HRC, when he graces our tables as a friend and fellow serviceman.  At HRC’s special gathering on 2/10/13 one of the other special guests was so overwhelmed with the thought of being in the same room with “such a hero”, tears sparkled in his eyes.  We thank you Howard for your service and for being such a gracious friend.  We, at HRC, ask NWSA and its members to keep our heroes like Mr. Lee and all our service men and women, in their thoughts and prayers.   

     Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Secretary