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NWSA Pensacola Chapter


President:                   Larry Warrenfeltz

Secretary/Treasurer:  Pat O'Brien


Chapter News

Source: Aerograph August 2019

The Pensacola Chapter met on Flag Day, June 14, at the Brew Ha Ha Bar and Restaurant.  Those in attendance were Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz, Ed and Gerrie Marsch, Ed and Patti Straten, Bernie Bauer, Ken and Barbara Overholt, Denny and Helen Maljevac and Pat and Libby O'BrienLibby began the get together by passing out "Navy Wife" ball caps to those women who were unable to attend the NWSA Reunion 45.  The caps were compliments of Dale Grages. 

Denny Maljevac reported Elizabeth Tokryman was just released from the hospital following a bout with pneumonia   We ask that you please keep her in your prayers. 

Pat and Libby O'Brien have moved.  Their new address is 6913 Raburn Road, Pensacola, FL, 32526.  They no longer have a land line so their cell phones are their only way of communicating except for emails!  Libby's cell phone is (850) 516-3648 and Pat's is (850) 516-9587, but it may tough getting through to Pat because according to Libby, he never answers it much less have it on.  Between getting their old house emptied and the new house furnished, the O'Briens have been kept extremely busy.  Pat did find time to have his second cataract surgery and have his pain management doc put three shots in his back.  The latter was of little or no help, so Pat is now undergoing physical therapy two times a week.  He says there's been no difference in the pain, but all the stretching has helped his golf swing.  Notice, he didn't say it helped his golf game.  Pat stays in touch with Gerry Dufford and Bruce Glaes via e-mails since they both live in Tallahassee.  Bruce had some health issues earlier in the year, but appears to be doing much better now.  He and Pat love discussing politics and exchanging political cartoons.  Libby is setting up a football/golf/sightseeing trip to Ireland in August of 2020.  The Naval Academy plays Notre Dame in Dublin, and the golf and sightseeing are add ons.  The O'Briens traveled to Evansville, IN, over the 4th of July to visit with Libby's youngest daughter and family and to see her newest great grandchild.  At the end of July, they plan to motor up to Toronto to visit with Canadian golfing friends; Connecticut to visit Pat's daughter and family and to see Jim and Joan Futtner; then Virginia Beach to visit with Pat's youngest son, Sean, and his family.  While there, Libby's youngest grandson will arrive back in Norfolk from his first navy cruise.  Pat and Libby hope to spend some time with him and his mom and dad who will be there to greet him.

Ken and Barbara Overholt have downsized their motor home.   Last August, they decided to move from a 30 ft class-A motor home to a 25 ft class-C.  It has taken them some time to get used to the smaller space. but they're doing a lot of traveling in it.  They've put over 12000 miles on it so far).  In October, they traveled to southern California to visit Ken's family and his 101-year-old mother They were gone for a month.  In December, they headed east to visit Barbara's brother who lives in Live Oak, Fl.  April found them headed back to California for NWSA #45.  This was the first time they traveled west during the spring.  They were impressed by the many flowers and blooming trees they saw along the way. The reunion trip gave them another opportunity to visit their California family again.  They had a couple of minor mishaps along the way, but Ken says, "That's half the fun of traveling in an RV."  Since returning from California, the Overholts have stayed close to home.  Ken says, "Going to the doctor seems to be the norm for our age bracket".  They did attend their grand-daughter's high school graduation, and Ken still volunteers two days a week for one of the non-profit organizations in town.  Church activities keep them going, and they are making plans to attend the next reunion in Savannah come April. They enjoy renewing old friendships and making new friends at each reunion and hope many more members will attend the upcoming one.

Rose and Arthur Frazier have had a very busy year. They both made their goal weight in TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and Arthur was crowned the King of Florida for having lost the most weight of all the men in Florida to reach his goal in 2018!  In Feb. they went on a cruise with about 200 other TOPS members out of Ft. Lauderdale. In April, the State held their annual Recognition Days (SRD) and Arthur received his crown.  Both he and were able to walk across the stage as new KOPS (Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly) and Rose was also eligible to participate in the before and after part.  Arthur lost about 50 pounds and Rose has lost over 80!  In April, they also got to visit Mount Dora and attend their niece's wedding.  In May, their son, Tim, came home for the summer having finished a tough junior year at FIT (Florida Institute of Technology). In June, Rose and Arthur went to Seattle and went on a week-long Alaskan cruise with friends. In July, they went to Portland Oregon for the TOPS IRD (International Recognition Days) for Arthur to represent the state of Florida! Then they went to Las Vegas for Arthur to compete in the National tournament for his pool league.  There was another trip following that to Tulsa, OK to visit relatives, including their grandsons, and then it was time to send Tim back to school for his senior year!

Larry Warrenfeltz enjoyed good (i.e., rain-free) weather at the Florida Softball finals in Vero Beach this year. He says they paid their dues in 2018, when the tournament suffered through six rain days! He and Nancy made their annual trip to Kill Devil Hills, on the North Carolina Outer Banks. The reunion with Nancy’s sisters and brother and their families is one of the highlights of the year. They took two grandsons to the Wright Brothers Memorial to learn about the first powered flight in 1903. They might have a future naval aviator or two! From NC, the Warrenfeltzes continued to West Virginia so that Larry’s mom could see six of her great-grandchildren at one cookout and pool party.

Ed and Patti Straten had a busy spring. They traveled to NH for Patti's cousin’s 70th special birthday celebration (a limo ride into see a Frankie Valli concert!), a high school graduation celebration for their grandson Braedyn, and a dance recital for their granddaughter Jordyn.

While in NH, Patti had the usual wonderful time with her sisters at their annual psychic weekend in the White Mountains of NH. She also attended a very special Irish family reunion. For the very first time, the three granddaughters of the three McCarthy sisters of Ireland…were together under one roof.  That called for a few toasts with wine, some tears and very emotional stories. Can you imagine? Ed and Patti also had a great time on a road trip to beautiful Galveston, singing Glen Campbell songs the whole trip.    Now they are excitedly anticipating their four-day vacation in Rome followed by a wonderful ten-day Med cruise to Italy, France, and Spain to celebrate Ed’s 70th birthday


Retirement is tough…Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter have enjoyed 2019.  Paul once again headed west to Guam to visit Roger and Lisa Cauley for four weeks.   During Paul’s visit they traveled to the Philippines for a week of golf and fun. On 21 May he and Cheryl again traveled to Europe for a 15-day vacation with friends.  They spent a week in both Austria and Switzerland traveling by train through both countries. Their first few days were in Vienna where they saw the city sites using Hop On / Hop Off bus tours.  What a beautiful city with amazing museums and subway system!    They then worked their way towards Switzerland, spending one night in Hallstatt by a beautiful glacier fed lake, and two nights in Salzburg where they toured the amazing “Fortress Hohensalzburg”.  You can read about it at:    They then traveled to Interlaken, Switzerland where they stayed in an AIRBNB for four days which included celebrating Cheryl’s birthday with lunch at the top of Schilthorn Mountain. 
Submitted by Pat O'Brien, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph May 2019

Pat & Libby O'Brien continue to stay busy.  They are still season ticket holders, along with Bernie Bauer, for the Pensacola Ice Flyers Ice Hockey Team and Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball Team. 

Of course, the O'Briens are still playing golf and traveling In March, they flew to Costa Rico for a week's vacation with Pat's daughter and son-in-law, but within a few hours of arriving they were informed their 22-year-old granddaughter had died.  They immediately returned home and exchanged summer clothes for winter clothes and headed off to Indiana to be with the family.

The O'Briens next trip was to attend NWSA #45.  Pat drove 4,935 miles and says he won't being doing that kind of driving again anytime soon.  Of course, Libby provided directions via her waze app.  Their original travel plans called for stops in Houston, Fort Stockton, and Phoenix before arriving in Newberry, Ca. Guess what.  Those stops didn't happen.  Due to major traffic issues in and around Houston, they decided to push through Houston and spend their first night in Sealy, Tx. The next day they bypassed Fort Stockton and spent the night in Van Horn, Tx. On day three, they decided to head to San Diego and spent the night in Yuma, Az. At this point in their journey, the navigator was not happy with the pilot.  Seems the pilot was driving too many miles each day. Pat says he hates to waste daylight.

San Diego was a first for the O'Briens.  Neither of them had been there before.  They stayed at the Naval Base at 32nd St. which was very convenient. A couple hundred-yard walk took them to the base trolley stop. Three stops into town and they were at the San Diego Padres Ballpark.  They watched the Arizona Diamondbacks hand the Padres and embarrassing loss.  The next day they went into the center of town, had breakfast and walked God knows how many miles looking for a hop on-hop off bus in which to tour the city. When they finally found the bus terminal, they had a great tour of the city.  The Kansas City Barbecue Pit was near the terminal, so following the tour, they ate there.  This restaurant was featured in the movie "Top Gun", and there were lots of memorabilia. On top of that, they say the food was really good. When they left San Diego, the traveled north via I-5.  The other choice was I-15.  They were told they made the correct choice because I-15 was a nightmare that day.

Pat, Libby, & Gary Cox helped Cap and Lori Casperson with doing the last-minute shopping and setting up the hospitality room.  The O'Briens say, “The highlight of #45 was the trip to the Reagan Library, and if you ever get out that way, don't miss it."  The docents do a magnificent job as they lead you around the grounds and buildings.  It's no wonder Moon Mullen always talks about it in the most positive ways.  It's fantastic. 

Following the reunion, the O'Briens headed to St. George, Ut, to play a round of golf.  Their goal is to play golf in every state, and Utah was on the list.  They played Sky Mountain G.C., and both agree the course provided some of the most beautiful sights you would ever want to see.  Pat's not sure they would have played any better golf on a calm day, but the near gale force winds on the day they played didn't help their scores.  On their way home, they encountered snow in the mountains and high winds.  The winds stayed with them all the way home to Florida. 

The O'Briens next trip is a much shorter one.  They will travel over to Biloxi, MS to attend the USS Nimitz Association Reunion.  They invite any and all AG's and meteorologists that served on her to come and enjoy the festivities.  It's being held at the IP Casino and Hotel from 6 to 10 May.

Denny and Helen Maljevac received some great news recently.  Since his retirement, Denny has had six surgeries to address glaucoma in his right eye. However, almost a year ago he lost the vision in that eye.  Although another surgery was possible, his ophthalmologist said

it was high risk and could result in major complications downstream.  The decision was to either have the surgery or to just accept his condition.  Denny and Helen decided against the surgery. However, at his most recent ophthalmology visit Denny was able to read the first three lines of the eye chart.  Talk about amazement!  Needless to say, there was celebration at the Maljevac homestead.

Every day is a gift.


Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz greatly enjoyed the 45th Reunion in California. The weather was gorgeous and the southern California scenery was stunning. By itself, the Ronald Reagan Library is worth the trip! Back in Florida, Nancy was this year’s president of the Mardi Gras Krewe of Les Gals — a women’s krewe that allows guys to attend their annual Mardi Gras Ball as arm candy for the ladies.  

Larry is immersed in the softball season as the Umpire-in-chief for Florida high school softball and the assistant UIC for the Panhandle State College Conference. Nancy knows he’s at a ball field … but which one? 

Paul Belt took an extended trip into places unknown in the Pacific, except to him, He will fill us all in on his travels in the next Aerograph.

Submitted by Pat O’Brien, Sec./Treas.

Larry is immersed in the softball season as the Umpire-in-chief for Florida high school softball and the assistant UIC for the Panhandle State College Conference. Nancy knows he’s at a ball field … but which one? 

   Paul Belt took an extended trip into places unknown in the Pacific, except to him, He will fill us all in on his travels in the next Aerograph.

Submitted by Pat O’Brien, Sec./Treas
Source: Aerograph February 2019

We held our December meeting at the home of Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter on Monday the 17th of December.  It was the second year in a row that Paul and Cheryl opened their house to the membership for our annual Christmas get together.  Attendees included: Al and Helen Atwell, Bernie Bauer, Dave and Jerrie Dunlap, Arthur and Rose Frazier, Marion Hawks, Denny and Helen Maljevac, Ed and Gerrie Marsch, Pat and LIbby O’Brien, Ken and Barbara Overholt, Ed and Patti Straten, Elizabeth Tokryman, and Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz. The membership was especially pleased that Marion Hawks and Elizabeth Tokryman attended the festivities.  Paul and Cheryl provided an absolutely scrumptious ham and members provided side dishes and desserts.  Pat O’Brien said grace and everyone enjoyed the food and conversation.  We also held our usual “Dirty Santa” gift exchange, but this year it was held with a twist. Gifts had to be new and not something to be pulled from the attic or a dark corner of the house.  By the end of the exchange everyone had something they liked, unless it was “captured” by someone else.  All-in-all it was a fun game.  During the business portion of the meeting Larry Warrenfeltz volunteered to serve as our next President and Pat O’Brien volunteered to be our next Secretary/Treasurer. Thank you gents!

As the evening drew to a close, Denny sang Silent Night in Croatian. Everyone left, lifted by shared friendship and the joy of the season.

Patti and Ed Straten celebrated their October birthdays at the IP in Biloxi.  In November they flew to San Juan to take a beautiful cruise on the Celebrity Summit.  They celebrated Veterans Day on St. Croix with a great parade and many welcoming smiles from the locals.  They also toured St. Maarten, Dominica, Barbados and Grenada.  Wonderful ports!  They had a wonderful early Christmas with family and New Year’s Eve with Kim and John (daughter and son in law) at their annual party.

January finds them on the Celebrity Silhouette at the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Grand Cayman.  Warm sunshine and great fun and relaxation!  Terrific way to start the year off right!

Pat and Libby O'Brien hope everyone's Christmas was merry and bright and that 2019 is a year of happiness and good health.  In October, Pat had successful cataract surgery on his left eye, and he's happy to report he can now see his golf ball after he hits it.  Now, he awaits surgery on his right eye.  Oh, the joys of old age.  Just before Thanksgiving, Pat and Libby made a power trip to Evansville, IN, to see Libby's youngest grandson, Cole, before he departed for Norfolk to board the USS Gravely DDG 107.  On returning home, they packed up and headed over to Orange Beach, AL, to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday at their timeshare.  Libby's oldest daughter, Sandy, her son Dwayne, and two of their Canadian friends joined them for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner of roast turkey and all the trimmings.  Pat said, “The warm and sunny weather was great.  The snowbirds were out in force with many of them actually playing and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico."  From Thanksgiving onward, the O’Brien’s debated on what to do over the Christmas Holidays.  Many options were considered before Pat decided they would just stay home, and they did.  His rationale was based on this possibly being their last Christmas in their house.  Sometime after the first of the year, they will be looking to put their home on the market and look for a much smaller place.  Pat's hoping less yard and house work will lead to more time for golf and fishing.  Christmas was also Pat and Libby's 24th anniversary although Libby will tell you they've been together for 31 years.  She counts the seven years they lived together before getting married.  At the December NWSA Chapter Christmas Party/business meeting, Pat volunteered to take over the Pensacola Chapter's secretary / treasurer duties from Paul Belt.  Pat looks forward to putting together future Aerograph inputs from chapter members.  The next trip for the O’Brien’s will be at the end of February.  They will fly to Costa Rica to spend a week with Pat's daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Chris at a Marriott Resort.

Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz made their annual Veterans Day trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to cheer on their son Jim in the 13th Outer Banks Marathon.  Jim finished fifth overall and first in his age group! It was a very Merry Christmas for the Warrenfeltz family. All four sons and their wives were together with Larry’s parents on December 23.  Larry is eager for the high school softball season to begin in mid-February. It’s been too long since he last provided umpires some (constructive) criticism!

Betty and Don Warrenfeltz and their four sons
Arthur and Rose Frazier had a very busy fall.  Between working the Pumpkin Patch at church, Shoebox ministry, organizing Tee shirt sales, a yard sale at church, and planning their holiday activities, along with many doctor appointments, they rarely found time to relax.  The end of November saw the start of their "Santa & Mrs. Claus" activities and they left on a 2 week cruise around the southern Caribbean, including a partial transit of the Panama Canal.  When they returned, their days were full of Santa activities, parties and reconnecting with their son, Tim, who was home for the holidays from college.  After the holidays, they are trying to find time to relax and work on downsizing their belongings.  Never a dull moment in the Frazier household.  Arthur and Rose both reached their weight-loss goal on New Year's Eve qualifying them to graduate to Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly (KOPS) in their Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) group.  They will be going on a cruise at the end of February with the TOPS International Group.  The photo below show them just after the New Year at a celebration for the local Bariatric Support Group.
Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter enjoyed nine days in the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix area with their Navy friends, Roger and Lisa Cauley visiting from Guam.  Paul has been enjoying the constant stream of photos of his two newest grandkids.   Alex Belt has been visiting his Italian grandma the past couple months while daddy AGC Belt been deployed.  His daughter Stephanie gave birth to Chloe Nurton on 12 November and both Paul and Cheryl will meet Chloe for the first time on 9 January.  Below are photos of Alex’s and Chloe’s first Christmas. 
Alex Belt
Chloe Belt
In Memory of our fallen chapter shipmates, Larry Warrenfeltz participated in the “Wreaths across America” ceremony at Barrancas National Cemetery onboard NAS Pensacola for Christmas 2018:
Barrancas National Cemetery
Dick Tokryman Monument
Greene Hawks Monument

Source: Aerograph November 2018

Denny and Helen Maljevec.  The Pensacola chapter held its quarterly meeting on September 21st at the Chicken Coop restaurant in Milton.  It is a family run business and the food and service were terrific.  Attending were Al and Helen Atwell, Bernie Bauer, Paul Belt, Dave and Jerrie Dunlap, Arthur and Rose Frazier, Elspeth Lloyd, Denny and Helen Maljevac, Ed and Gerrie Marsch, Pat and Libby O’Brien, Ken Overholt, and Ed and Patti StratenBarbara Overholt and the Warrenfeltz’s were out of town visiting friends.  It was also National POW/MIA Remembrance day.  Denny shared a brief story about his friend FN Duane Hodges from when they worked together at the Armed Forces Radio Station in Rota, Spain.  Denny recounted how happy Duane was when he had received orders to an (as yet unnamed) small ship on the West Coast.  Duane was excited because he’d be closer to his parents who lived in Creswell, Oregon.  Unfortunately, one day in early 1968, Denny heard on the news that the USS Pueblo (GER-2) had been attacked by North Korean gunboats and that one sailor was killed and the rest of the crew captured.  Duane was destroying classified documents when he was killed by a rocket.  He was posthumously promoted to DC3 and the “Bronze Star” was presented to his parents.  Sadly, in a short period of time we lost two of our members, Greene Hawks and Dick Tokryman.  Marion Hawks and Elizabeth Tokryman each expressed their sincere appreciation for the support provided by the chapter members including our presence at the Barrancas National Cemetery services and the flower baskets we provided.  At the close of our meeting Pat O’Brien said a prayer of remembrance for Greene and Dick.  Our chapter Christmas party will once again be hosted by, Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter.  They have graciously offered their house for this fun event and celebration of the season.

Pat and Libby O'Brien have had a very busy last few months.  In August, they began a trip north by attending the funeral of the last of Libby's Uncles in Opelika, Alabama.  Pat thinks they would do better without these types of family get together.  After spending Sunday night in Opelika, they headed north to Evansville, Indiana.  The plan was to spend a few days there visiting Libby's youngest daughter and family before heading to the Recruit Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois, to attend Libby's grandson Cole’s graduate from boot camp.  The young man wanted to become an AG, but his recruiter told him it wasn't possible, and he'd have to choose another rating.  It looks as if he's going to be an Operational Specialist - OS.  Shortly after arriving in Evansville, Pat and Libby were told Cole was hospitalized, and he wouldn't be graduating on Friday as expected.  Pat thought about heading back home to wait for word on Cole's new graduation date.  Libby had another plan that involved visiting her oldest grandson in Indianapolis for a few days and then her granddaughter in Dayton, Ohio.  Well, that suggestion blew Pat's plan of returning home right out of the water.  While in Dayton they found out Cole would be graduating one week later than originally planned.  Pat breathed a sigh of relief as he had no idea where Libby would have them go next if they had more time to kill.  Anyway, they finally got to Great Lakes, and Libby got to see Cole graduate.  Following graduation, they spent the weekend with the new “swabbie”, his mom, dad, and girlfriend enjoying the sights of Chicago.  After travelling 2,107 miles we rolled back into home (Cantonment, FL) for three weeks of R & R before heading to Philadelphia to attend the USS Nimitz Association Reunion at the Navy Yard Complex.  The Navy Yard is home to the Navy's Mothball Fleet, but the complex has more civilian offices than Navy offices.  We traveled to Philadelphia up and back on the western side of the Appalachians to avoid any problems that might be caused by Hurricane Florence.  This was a brilliant move on Pat’s part as Florence was wreaking havoc across the Carolina’s!  The reunion was a success, but the hospitality room was not big enough.  It was wall to wall people at times.  The O'Brien's got to enjoy the company of Jim and Joan Futtner, and they were very grateful for that.  Joan has had some serious health issues, and she and Jim have had to cut back on a lot of their travels.  At the reunion, Jim and Pat would enjoy a morning walk around the complex, and one morning they happened upon the USS John F. Kennedy.  Of course, they didn't know it was the Kennedy because there was no name or numbers on it.  They finally found someone who knew it was the Kennedy.  It's a part of a much smaller mothball fleet than the one Pat remembers from the 60's 2,526 miles later we rolled back into Cantonment.  The O'Brien's next outing will be spending a week at their time share in Orange Beach, Alabama, in November.  Prior to that, Pat is having cataract surgery on his left eye.  He complains he can't see his golf ball after he hits it, so he's hoping the surgery will help correct that.  Pat forgot to mention that his doctor told him if he wanted to see his golf ball, not to hit it so far!  The O'Brien's continue to be blessed with good health and are very thankful for their many blessings.


Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter began July with Cheryl having her right knee replaced.  After three months she is doing well but still working on her mobility.  In August we spent a week in San Diego meeting my newest grandson, Alex, and spending time with my son, AGC Scott Belt and his wife Simona, prior to Scott’s deployment to Iraq in September.  Below Paul, Alex, and Scott share a happy moment together.
Paul’s long planned October and November three week golfing vacation in Scottsdale, AZ, Las Vegas and southern California has been derailed due to another bout with melanoma cancer on his left shoulder blade.   This trip has been rescheduled to next spring.

Arthur and Rose Frazier had a very busy summer and it looks like fall will be more of the same, but less fun.  Rose was involved in an auto accident in August and is under pain management and physical therapy for injuries to her back.  Arthur is seeing a dermatologist for skin cancer.  Fall is also a very busy time at their church, with the Pumpkin Patch, Operation Christmas Child Shoebox ministry, which Rose heads up, and preparing for another two week cruise in December.  We’re heading to the Panama Canal, South & Central America, and southern Caribbean.  They have both continued to lose weight and both are very close to their goals.  Their son, Tim, is doing well in his Junior year at F.I.T.


Ed and Patti Straten in August went to Biloxi for The Golden Boys Show, Bobby Rydell, Fabian and Frankie Avalon.  The show was wonderful and reminded Patti of the day she appeared on American Bandstand at age 13!  From September 29 through October 2nd we ventured to Las Vegas, stayed at the Excalibur and saw the Tournament of Kings show.  Vegas is always fun, people watching in all those beautiful hotels and casinos, great food and the wonderful RIRA Irish Bar.  In November they’ll fly to San Juan and cruise to St. Croix, St. Maarten, Dominica, Barbados, Grenada, and back to San Juan on the Celebrity Summit.  After taking a breath for the holidays, they will start the New Year off right!   With a planned cruise to Grand Caymans, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire on the Celebrity Silhouette.


Bob Jaques was appointed by Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama to serve on the USS Alabama (BB-60) Battleship commission for a four year term.  The commissioners are tasked with maintaining and equipping this Historic National Alabama Landmark as a permanent public memorial; they also assist the staff with managing and marketing the Park.  On behalf of the NWSA Pensacola Chapter Congratulations Bob!


Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz traveled to the Outer Banks of NC for their annual beach vacation with Nancy’s family. Our five grandkids were half of the newest generation to enjoy the Outer Banks Beach Club.

“Pajama party with the grandkids at the Outer Banks Beach Club”


In July, they left the Florida heat to enjoy a week with daughter Lindsay, husband Nate, and family in the Seattle suburb of Bothell. Interestingly, the NWS issued an “excessive heat warning” for Seattle while they were there. Temperature was 87F. “Feels like” temperature was 87F. That would be a cold July afternoon in Pensacola!

Pensacola dodged the bullet of Hurricane Michael. (I suppose it would be more accurate to say that the bullet dodged us.) Panama City Beach and areas east were not so lucky. Larry was scheduled to umpire a college fall softball scrimmage between Gulf Coast College and national champion Florida State in Panama City two days after landfall. Needless to say … that game was cancelled.

Submitted by Paul Belt, Sec/Treas.