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NWSA Pensacola Chapter


President:                   Denny Maljevac

Secretary/Treasurer:  Paul Belt


Libby O'Brien - NWSA Secretary/Treasurer

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph May 2017

The Pensacola chapter met at the Grand Buffet in Pace, FL this quarter.   Chapter members traded Christmas and New Year’s Eve family stories and future travel plans.


Ed and Patti Straten celebrated their traditional St. Patrick's corned beef, cabbage and Irish rebel music at Paddy O'Leary's at Pensacola Beach.  Patti also organized a "heart" party celebrating Ed's 20 years since his heart attack. All 3 stents are intact and functioning properly.  And it was a thrilling day when Ed enjoyed his one year retirement anniversary by trimming his hair.  That's right!  No haircut in one year!  Patti says he looks much younger now.

They just returned from the fabulous San Antonio Reunion where Ed got chewed out by a Ranger for touching the Alamo (what an emotional, wonderful landmark!)  They explored three Irish bars and took a great boat tour of the Riverwalk with Larry and Nancy.  They also set out to buy a T- shirt at the Hard Rock and …thanks to their fantastic shuttle driver Steve…ended up sipping wine at the Tower of the Americas.  What a view!

The hotel staff and the Texas people all showed warm and wonderful Texas hospitality!  The food, shopping and all the reunion activities were the stuff memories are made of!  Those Texans sure know how to throw a party.  Terrific job!

Paul and Cheryl (Alter) Belt celebrated 21 years together in January enjoying a week in San Diego which always includes a one or two day stay in Temecula wine country 80 miles NE of San Diego.  After a week, Cheryl returned to Pensacola, and one of Paul’s retired IT Master Chief’s, Roger Cauley, flew in from Guam.   They enjoyed a week of golf and microbrewery beer tasting.   San Diego has over 130 microbreweries but we only visited a few.

Paul began his permanent retirement on 1 February and flew to Council Bluffs, IA for 12 days in February to bond with his 14 year old grandson (Armando) and visit family, while his daughter enjoyed a week long Gulf of Mexico cruise with her fiancée.   Paul tried to wear out Armando on the abundant walking and bicycling trails in the area but failed.    However, the cold weather did remind him why he chose to retire in Pensacola.   Unfortunately, Paul returned to Glenwood, IA on 17 March to attend his mother’s funeral.  A sad time for anyone that has experienced the loss of a parent.   He did get to enjoy some of his very youthful pictures that he had never seen before.  It seems he put on some weight in the last 65 years.

Paul finished out the quarter in March by returning to San Diego to visit AGC Scott Belt and wife Simona.   Scott had just returned from a six month deployment to Iraq.  They hit some of the hiking trails, attended a hockey game and once again visited some of the 130 microbreweries in the area.  He then headed west to Guam to visit Roger and Lisa Cauley for 12 days.   They played lots of golf and enjoyed the island scenery.   This is one of the stunning Par 3 holes on the northern shore of Guam.  You tee off over an inlet that is part of the Philippine Sea, and the green is in the distance off Paul’s left shoulder (184 yards).

Pat & Libby O'Brien continue to stay as active as possible.  They both play golf at least once a week; attend Pensacola Ice Flyer Hockey Games; and Blue Wahoo’s Baseball Games.  In January, Pat found out he was NOT a candidate for cataract surgery - Yet.  However, he also found out he is the early stages of macular degeneration.  In Feb, he and Libby went over to New Orleans where they met up with Gary Cox to do some leg work with regards to the 2018 Reunion.  They were excited with what they accomplished.  In March, Libby and Pat went up to Evansville, IN, to attend a pre-birth party for Libby's granddaughter.  To Libby's disappointment, she's having a BOY.  While there, they took in two ice hockey games between the Evansville Thunderbolts and the Ice Flyers. Back home, the O'Brien's celebrated St. Pat's Day at McGuire's Irish Pub.  After six hours of imbibing, Pat did NOT have to be assisted/carried out of the place.  Later in March the O’Brien’s spent a couple of days visiting friends in Alabama.  Their friends have a cabin/chalet that overlooks Pine Barren Creek off the Alabama River.  Pat got to do some crappie fishing and actually caught a couple.  Whoopee!!  He also got to use his fly rod to catch bream - small bream - make that very small bream.  He says he was using a very small fly.  They report the reunion in San Antonio was a huge success, and the weather actually cooperated. Libby and Pat hope to see these same individuals and many more next year in New Orleans.

Nancy and Larry Warrenfeltz greatly enjoyed Reunion #43 in San Antonio. Beautiful weather, historic city, great friends—it was a wonderful week!

As we were in the middle of the high school softball season in Florida, Larry spent many February, March, and April evenings evaluating umpires across the Florida Panhandle. The players are getting better and faster. The umpires (who aren’t getting any faster) have to use every tool they can to give the players and fans the game they love.

Submitted by Paul Belt, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph February 2017
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Our chapter celebrated an early Christmas get together / Dirty Santa gift exchange at the home of Nancy and Larry Warrenfeltz’s on 4 December.  Almost the entire chapter was in attendance, with Nancy and Larry providing the entrée and drinks with all members bringing delicious side dishes and scrumptious desserts.  A “merry” time was had by all!  Okay, there might have been a couple Dirty Santa surprises that received some dirty looks!

Pensacola Chapter Change of Command held on 14 December 2016 [See above].  You can see Larry and Ed smiling on the left, after two years they convinced Denny Maljevac and Paul Belt to take over the reins of the chapter.   Larry and Ed we thank you for your services.

Ed and Patti Straten had a great Christmas and wonderful dinner with their daughter, Kim and son in law John, who live in Pensacola…and granddaughter Caitria joined them from FSU where she is a junior.  To make the day complete, grandson Dominic called from his home in Maryland, and their son Craig, his wife Melissa and their three youngest grandchildren, Braedyn, Jordyn and Ryan face timed with the IPAD so they could watch them open gifts all the way from NH.  Technology is a marvel.

New Year’s Eve will be celebrated at Kim and John’s annual party, always a fun evening with neighbors and friends. 

   In January, Patti and Ed will be on the Celebrity Reflection cruising to Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis.  After the cruise, they plan to drive to Key West and Key Largo.  Best way to start the New Year!  We hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends and wish you a prosperous and healthy and Happy New Year.  They are really looking forward to San Antonio in April!

Pat and Libby O'Brien continue to play golf, travel, attend Pensacola Ice Flyers' Hockey Games, work in their yard and house, and help where they can at their church.  They spent a week at their time share in Orange Beach, AL, in November, and upon leaving the beach, they headed for Louisville, KY, to see Pat's granddaughter, Caroline, participate in the NCAA Division III Cross Country Championship.  Caroline's Johns Hopkins Team took first place.  From Louisville, they headed to Williamstown, KY, to see a replica of Noah's Ark.  Pat says, "The exhibit is quite mind boggling, and you have to see it to believe it."  From Williamstown, they traveled to Evansville, IN, to see Libby's youngest daughter and her family.  They celebrated Thanksgiving there before heading back home.  The O’Brien’s are currently preparing for Christmas.  Pat is in charge of putting up the outside decorations and decorating the tree, while Libby decorates pretty much every room in the house.  This Christmas they celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, and they hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy 2017.

Submitted by Paul Belt, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph November 2016

Our chapter met on October 2, 2016, at Beef O’Brady’s.   This was another really great turnout, everyone had fun and much laughter, and the food was excellent.  The following members were present - Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz, Al and Helen Atwell, Paul and Cheryl Belt, Dave and Jerrie Dunlap, Greene and Marion Hawks, Denny and Helen Maljevac, Ed and Gerrie Marsch, Ken and Barbara  Overholt, Dick and Elizabeth Tokryman and Ed and Patti Straten.


Al Atwell talked about the Aerographer history article recently published in the FRA Magazine.  It was recommended this great article be added to the NWSA web site for all members to read. Also we discussed the new Navy Occupational System (NOS) and how the Navy is changing with many tried and true traditions being deep sixed. 

Many members plan to attend the San Antonio reunion next spring.  Our Christmas party time and place was set; the call went forward for nominations for a new President and Secretary/Treasurer for next year; and Gerrie Marsch proposed quarterly meetings/luncheons days to be changed by the new incoming administration.

Nancy and Larry Warrenfeltz flew to Seattle in August for youngest grandson Michael’s first birthday. Nancy baked and decorated a very neat Seattle Seahawks-themed cake for him. All the kids at the party recognized the logo. “Hey! That’s the Seahawks!” Six weeks later, they drove to Pennsylvania because 5-year old Chloe wanted Nancy to bake her birthday cake, too. “Nana makes the BEST cakes! Make mine a pink flamingo cake!”  Her cakes are legendary!

Pat and Libby O'Brien have stayed busy traveling these past three months.  In August, they traveled up to Olivet, MD. to attend a memorial service for  Pat's ex-brother-in-law. Pat got to see his daughter, Kelly, her husband and his youngest son, Sean, and his wife plus many family members and friends he hadn't seen in quite a while.  In Sept. Libby's granddaughter was married on Pensacola Beach.  Libby and Pat spent the week of the wedding enjoying the sun and sand with the wedding party and family.   Pat and Libby's daughter, Sandy, surprised Libby with a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her 50th birthday.  Pat says he's not all that sure it was a surprise, but it was a good get together.  A few days  later, they traveled up to Camden, AL, for a couple of days visit with friends at their cabin on Pine Barren Creek.  In October, Libby and Pat traveled over to New Orleans to check out hotels that are being considered for the 2018 Reunion. They spent two days doing that and will return in January with Gary Cox for a final visit prior to selecting the reunion site.  Now that is some major travel, Pat and Libby.  And we are all looking forward to our 2018 New Orleans reunion…as well as San Antonio in 2017.
Patti and Ed Straten just returned from Las Vegas where they celebrated their October birthdays. 

Patti and Ed Straten -- Click Image to Enlarge

Always a fun trip, so much to see and do, fabulous food and those exciting slot machines!  This trip they were lucky enough to see the Moody Blues, an absolutely fantastic show!  They are preparing for a trip to Ohio for the wedding of Ed’s grandniece.  It’s always wonderful to see family again…and happily we will include some leaf peeping as well.

Submitted by Ed Straten, Pensacola Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph August 2016

Our chapter met on June 4, 2016, at La Hacienda.   This was another great lunch and meeting which was well attended.  The following members were present Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz, Al and Helen Atwell, Bernie Bauer, Dave and Jerrie Dunlap, Elsbeth Lloyd, Denny and Helen Maljevac, Ed and Gerrie Marsch, Pat and Libby O’Brien, Ken and Barbara Overholt,  Ed and Patti Straten, and Dick TokrymanPat and Libby O’Brien talked about the wonderful time at the Villages Reunion.  Everyone agreed reunions are not only fun but great opportunities for remembrances.  Larry Warrenfeltz reminded us about the San Antonio Reunion scheduled for April 3-7, 2017.  It should be an excellent gathering, and many from our chapter are looking forward to attending.

Ken and Barbara Overholt are headed home after a great trip!  They started off in Portland Oregon for a church conference, then headed south to Los Angeles to celebrate Ken’s mother’s 99th birthday!  While there Ken attended his 60th high school reunion.  At last count they were in Texas, and by the time they get home they will have put an amazing 5000 plus miles on the motorhome.

Nancy and Larry Warrenfeltz missed Reunion #42 at the Villages because it was held during the one week of the year that Larry works—the Florida High School softball finals. Larry did wave toward the folks at the Villages as he drove past on I-75 on his way from Pensacola to Vero Beach. As the Lead Umpire evaluator, he spent the week at Dodgertown in Vero Beach critiquing umpire crews and teaching them how to do their job even better. Rain wiped out a full day of play, so 27 games were played in three days! The evaluators were on the fields from 0800 until after 2300 every day. Nancy and Larry also made the long drives to Ocala and to Gainesville so he could participate in meetings of the state Softball Advisory Committee and Officials Advisory Committee.  In June, Nancy and Larry drove to Maryland for Nancy’s 40th Reunion at Hood College in Frederick. It was a chance for a quick visit with Larry’s parents in Hagerstown and his brother nearby in West Virginia. From MD, they continued on to the Outer Banks of NC for the annual beach reunion of Nancy’s family in Kill Devil Hills. They greatly enjoyed having their daughter and her family from Seattle and their son and his family from Pennsylvania all together. Five grandkids, all under the age of eight, makes for a fun and exciting time together!

Pat and Libby O'Brien have been on the road a great deal in 2016.  In addition to attending the NWSA Reunion in The Villages in May, they have traveled to Connecticut to attend a grandson's college graduation; to Toronto to visit golfing friends; to Detroit to visit with granddaughter, to Dayton to visit granddaughter and family.  Hard to imagine but this was all in one trip!   The following month they were on the road again, driving to Norfolk and Virginia Beach to attend a grandson's high school graduation.  In July they travel to Indiana to attend a granddaughter's wedding shower. Libby's new car is getting a workout.  They have one additional trip to make in August which is to Maryland to attend a memorial service for Pat's brother-in-law.  When they are home, Pat continues to play golf, do yard work, and attend Blue Wahoo’s  Baseball Games.  Libby does likewise except she substitutes housework for yard work.   They feel very blessed to be able to travel in their golden years.

Ed and Patti Straten celebrated Ed’s retirement with a fabulous 15 day Celebrity cruise to the Panama Canal, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Mexico.  Oh!  The food!  The shows!  The music!  The shopping!  The wine!  The new friends!  This unforgettable adventure ended in San Diego, and they flew to Las Vegas to see a few shows before they arrived back in Pensacola with pictures and stories of a lifetime.
After catching their breath, they hosted a houseful including Ed’s sister, Peggy, from Ohio, and his niece, Karen, and her family, from Kentucky.  They are getting very good at providing tours of the beaches, the museums, the history, and all the wonders Pensacola has to offer.  Patti is on her way to NH to visit her family, sisters, aunts and cousins, as well as their three youngest grandchildren Braedyn, Jordyn and Ryan will be traveling back to Pensacola with her for a fun filled two weeks while their son, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, enjoy a relaxing little vacation.  Ed says he has been so busy that he certainly hasn’t had time to be bored in retirement.

The Frazier’s did a road trip for Timothy's graduation present. They spent 3 weeks on the road, visiting Ohio, West Virginia, Pittsburgh Pa (where Rose was born), Niagara Falls, both sides!, Gettysburg and Hershey, PA,  and Valley Forge near Philly where they spent a number of days for their Pool Nationals.  Then Rose and Tim drove through New England on their way to Lowell, MA for the second Congress for Future Science and Technology Leaders. Incredibly, they went through or to every state east of Ohio/KY/TN on their trip.  None of them placed high in the pool Nationals but they had fun.  Tim graduated with honors and is a member of two National Honor Societies.  He is now preparing to go to Florida Institute of Technology for the next 4 years. Rose and Arthur expect to make a few trips to Melbourne and maybe add a few cruises out of Port Canaveral to those trips! They are not sure how the empty nest is going to feel but they are proud of their son and his accomplishments, and they are happy he is going to the college of his choice.

Denny and Helen Maljevac made a short, but enjoyable trip to see their son Mike and his family in Jacksonville.  Susan is 12 and Kristina is 17 and will be a senior this coming fall.  Hard to believe that time is moving so fast.


Pensacola Chapter has had an exciting 2016 already!


Submitted by Ed Straten, Pensacola Sec/Treas.