Naval Weather Service Association (NWSA)



An association of Aerographers & Mates,
Meteorologists & Oceanographers

NWSA Reunion #44
New Orleans, Louisiana
Monday, 16th to Friday, 20th April 2018 

As of April 7th


I'm happy to report that we are giving back $456.63 to the Association along with the
$1500.00 seed money.  
   We had $393.27 to close out the account and the WWII Museum returned $63.36 for the
two additional reservations I had made before we got the final count for the tour.
   So other than the caps, I think we did very well with such a small group.
   Thanks to all for your hard work and putting up with me this past year.  I think we did a
fantastic job and put on a great reunion!

BZ Pensacola Chapter...Gary

Natonal World War II Museum Tour and Luncheon Show
Hospitaliy Room Comraderie
Lori and Cap Casperon
Libby and Pat O'Brien
Tom & Mary Ann Miovas
Pat Partesius & Mel Bourn
Larry & Nancy Warrenfeltz
Barbara Overholt & Rosalie Romano
Ken & Barbara Overholt
Patti & Ed Straten
Earl Kerr & Barbara Overholt
Gary Burk & Joe McKinzie
Marilyn Cohen & Bob Frazier
Joe McKinzie & Tom Berkeridge