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Cake with a Dose of Military Honors

By Rick Nathanson / Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer

Friday, March 17th, 2023


Articles Immediately Below Prepared and Submitted

 by AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET



NWSA Project

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CDR Don Cruse

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CDR Fred Olsen

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LCDR William D. Bridge

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LT William F. O'Neill

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LT George Buie

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CWO-3 Walter Winfrey

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AGCM Glenda Haskell - First Female AGCM

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AGCS Lloyd S. Corbett, USN RET

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AGC L. R. Rhine

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AGC George W. Mannion

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AG1 Victor B. Milford

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First Promotions to E8 and E9

Nov. 1958 to Dec. 1960

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Submitted by AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET



Request for Biographies
LT Fred Bergman, USN (Ret.), has said, "I can not count the number of times family members have requested information on veterans that have passed". This is an attempt to help resolve that situation, spearheaded by AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET.

Rationale for Writing Biographies While We Can

By LT Fred Bergman, USN RET


Outline of a Biography


Example of a Biography: AGCS Lloyd Corbett, USN RET




Source: Aerograph August 2012


Names and Years of Those Promoted to E-9 from 1958 to 1984

(Additions and Corrections Needed)


Submitted by AGCM Mel Harder, USN RET

Command Master Chief list Submitted by AGCMs Bob Bentley and Bob Coniglione, USN RET