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An association of Aerographers & Mates,
Meteorologists & Oceanographers

AGs at Work 1

(Through the 1960s)

AGs at Work 2

 Candid Photos of "Weather Guessers"



YouTube Video of NATTC Lakehurst, circa 1952

This is Lakehurst


World War II era WAVE

Aerographer's Mates

Naval History & Heritage website

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Chief Aerographer R. J. Brown

Picture taken 3/24/1925

Aerometeograph Soundings

by CDR Don Cruse, USN RET

(Two photos above and two below)

W.S. McFarland aboard USS Enterprise (CV-6) 1941

xAG2 Alvin Berry, USN REL
Describes, in 3 pictures above, how a seismograph was used to track hurricanes in 1953.

First Marine Air Wing Aerology
Iwakuni, Japan 1958-60
Submitted by James Reusse via Facebook

Tuning the radios

AG2 Gary England, Midway 1960


USS Salisbury Sound AV-13

August 1962

Tony Mach plotting a map in 1965 aboard USS Long Beach CGN-9, the world's 1st nuclear-powered surface warship.


Combat Pilot Weather Briefing
OA Div. USS Hancock 1969-70 Cruise
NAS San Diego, Feb. 1921 (U.S. Navy photo)

Wind reading by AerM/1c Robert Sizemore at Shanpa, Inner Mongolia, during late 1944 (USN).


Aerograph Weather Flight

AG1 William M. Whitehead

He served from 1942 to 1945 in ACORN 19 (Aviation Construction Ordnance Repair Navy)

Weather Office, Pacific Theater WWII (Above)


"We Won", VJ Day (Below)

 AGs, Army Weathermen, Photographers & Mechanics

(Photos from pages about AG1 William M. Whitehead)


Class B12 Final Celebration
16 June 1949
Submitted by CDR Neil F. O'Connor, USN RET
Pibal NAS Iwakuni, Japan
Radiosonde release USS Saratoga 1959 - AG3 Ken Overholt with shroud - AG2 Frank Belleau with transmitter
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FWF Keflavik 1965 Article
Submitted by xAG3 D.L. Wood 

USS Shangri-La CVA 38

March 1968

(Pics Above and Below)

Names Needed

Henry Laskosky (center)
OA Division, USS Ranger (CVA-69) 1968-69
Tonkin Gulf
Two Images Above and Below -- Click to Enlarge
Submitted by xAG2 John D. Gould, USN REL
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The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) performs a passing exercise with the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG-58) and the Hellenic Navy’s Elli-class frigate HS Kountouriotis (F-462).  Photo credit -Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael B Zingaro, U.S. Navy.