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Some scenes from the OA Division, USS Enterprise (CV-6) during World War II

Adak, AK 1940s

Charlton A. Fairless, back row right

(Submitted by his daughter, Mona Parish)

USS Currituck AV-7

Early 1962


USS Randolph (CVS-15)
July 1962
Submitted by xAG2 Frank Roshto, USN REL

OA Div., USS Forrestal, WestPac 1967


USS Constellation (CVA 64) 1967
Submitted by Dennis DiLoreto

OA Division, USS Ranger (CVA-61)

Tonkin Gulf 1968-69

Three above submitted by John D. Gould

NWSED Bermuda, circa 1975

Roster Needed

Includes History of Facility, and Bios of CDRs James L Gilchrist and Neal F O'Connor, USN (Ret)
NWSED New Orleans, Feb. 1980
Pictures above and below submitted by Melissa Keating
NOCD New Orleans, approx. late 1981

OA Div., USS Carl Vinson, 1986

Roster Needed


OA Div., USS Mt. Whitney, Fall 1990



AN P School NAS JAX 1951
Roster Needed
Submitted by xAG2 Alvin Berry

Last Half 1952
Submitted by John T. Wisniewski

NWRF Norfolk Navy & Civilian Staff

Summer 1960


USS Pine Island AV-12

May 1962


USS Salisbury Sound AV-13
August 1962


USS Shangri-La CVA-38
March 1968
Roster Needed


OA Div., USS Enterprise, Fall 1966

Submitted by Irv Haynes



OA Div. USS Hancock 1969-70 Cruise
OA Div. USS Hancock 1970-71 Cruise
OA Div. USS Oriskany 1975-76 Cruise

OA Div., USS Constellation, 1977

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OA Div., USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), WestPac 1977-78
OA Div., USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), WestPac 1979-80

NOCD Naples, 1982

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NOCD New Orleans, 1985

Roster Needed


Submitted by John Berger

OA Div., USS Tarawa, 1998



OA Div., USS Iwo Jima 2012

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Submitted by AG1 Alan Baker, USNR (Ret)