Naval Weather Service Association (NWSA)



An association of Aerographers & Mates,
Meteorologists & Oceanographers

NWSA Secretary / Treasurer


AGCM Tom Miovas, USN RET

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Source: Aerograph February 2023

Ahoy shipmates!

It is time for the first Aerograph of this calendar year and a report from my desk. For the first time the news is not good. Currently, we have 280 Life Members, 16 dues paying members. All but one is paid up to the end of this year or longer.

There were insufficient funds in the checking account to cover upcoming expenses. Therefore, it was necessary to tap the CDs for the first time to cover expenses. Last year’s expenses totaled $5,356.72. Anticipating expenses for 2023 to be about $8,500.00 or more. Currently, our operating funds equal $3,217.41, giving us a short fall of $5,282.59 or there abouts, for the year. 

Current CD funds total $33,723.46. Subtracting our short fall from the CD fund will leave us with $28,440.87 at the close of 2023. If our expenses average $8,000.00 a year, we have about 3.5 years of funds remaining. 

Our three largest expenses are travel expenses to and from reunions for the secretary/treasurer and editor, printing and mailing of the Aerograph. I believe something must change if we are to make it more than three years. Let us put on our thinking caps and collectively come up with a solution.

S/T Tom Miovas

Source: Aerograph November 2022

Season's greetings shipmates.  Hoping this report finds us all looking forward to a good ending to 2022.  

Our association is in good standing and on sure footing for the near future, like five years.  No change to my last report.  

With that said I am wishing all of you a HAPPY THANGSGIVING, a PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS, and a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.  Carry on.

 S/T Tom Miovas

Source: Aerograph August 2022

We have closed out another fiscal year, July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, successfully. We have 346 members of which 46 are dues paying and 300 Life members. The association is in good standing. Over the last year we have 10 new or returning members and 7 new life members. Three members donated $160.00 to the scholarship fund and 13 members donated $360.00 to the general fund. We did not receive a single gift membership.

In the check book there is $4,752.73 distributed as follows:

Sec/Treas                                 $1,978.22

Life Members Plaques              $  493.24

Reunion                                    $1,521.50

Office supplies                           $  135.54


The association has 3 CDs valued at $36,712.76.

Expenses for the year totaled $6,878.22 distributed as follows:

Aerograph                                 $2,749.72

Sec/Treas                                  $1,978.22

Life Members Plaques                $ 493.24

Reunion                                     $1,521.50

Office supplies                            $ 135.54

Based on our current finances NWSA should make it financially for the next 5 years. “Good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise”.





 S/T Tom Miovas



Source: Aerograph May 2022

Not sure about the rest of the country but we in the northeast are still in the grips of old man winter.  Temperature this morning was 27 degrees.  It is that global warming, don't you know.   They say spring is here but my tree buds are asking for a coat

The association is in good shape financially.  Funds on hand will keep us going for about another 5 years, even if we do not receive another nickel, which we all know will not happen because someone will surely give us a nickel.  


Membership numbers are holding fairly steady.


I will have a complete rundown on our finances and membership numbers in the August Aerograph.  Until then, have a great summer and enjoy the warm weather, wherever it is.


S/T Tom Miovas

Source: Aerograph February 2022

Greetings from your secretary treasurer desk!!  I hope this addition of the Aerograph find you all doing well.  The association is financially in good shape.  The following is a breakdown of our funds:


            In the Check book = $6946.93 with the following distributions:

General funds =            $1987.07

                        Life Member funds =         $376.18

                        Scholarship funds =          $305.00

                        Reunion funds =              $4278.68


We hold three CDs with Bank of America at a value of $36709.91 giving us a total value of $43656.84


Estimated expenses for this calendar year is $3000.00


Our membership has improved over the last few months.  It currently stands at 381 with the following breakdown


                        Dues Paying members =    47

                        Life members =                 334


We continue to talk about the distribution of the Aerograph.  The following is a breakdown of it.


                        US Mail = 167

                        Email     = 185

We have 29 members without an email or street addresses; therefore we are unable to send them an Aerograph.


Let us hope soon we find smooth sailing with a warm wind and following seas!


S/T Tom Miovas

Source: Aerograph November 2021



The meeting was called to order by President Larry Warrenfeltz at 0930


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Master at Arms.


Chaplin Pat O’Brien led us in prayer.


The minutes of the general meeting at Thousand Oaks were read, accepted, and approved.


President Warrenfeltz stated he assumed the position on July 1, 2021 and thanked Jim Romano and Rosalie on the excellent job they did for a tough two years.


First Vice President had nothing to report.


Secretary/Treasurer Report

NWSA members = 358

                        Life members = 314

                        Non-Life members = 44



                        E-mailed = 186

                        US mailed = 160

                        No address or email address = 10



                        4 CD value = $38,738.19

                         Check book = $5,516.79

                        General fund        = $ 785.38

                        Life member fund = $1441.73

                        Scholarship fund   = $ 230.00

                       Reunion fund       = $3,059.68


            Total funds = $44,254.98


            Estimated Yearly expenses = $3,000.00

The minutes were accepted as read.


Aerograph Editor Steve Smith was not present, but was commended on doing an excellent job. Steve is in the process of moving back to San Diego.


Historian Tom Hanagan reported he went to Harry Hale’s home and retrieved all of the files. Tom has been reviewing all of the files. Tom   responded to several requests for data for their organizations.


Web master Gary Cox Report

Gary reported that the Editor needs any input for the Aerograph to be in his hands no later than the end of the preceding month of issue or sooner.


There is a new Google Analyze program on the web site that keeps track of the number of people accessing the site and that is all it does. This program shows that there were 4344 users.


Reunion Committee Chairman Jim Romano reported that he is glad this reunion is happening after having to cancel last year. The hotel and museum were very understanding in the need to cancel. Jim felt that things are going as planned. Jim announced that we will have entertainment at the banquet. Jim’s son is a magician and will treat us to some excellent prestidigitation. Jim thinks he will have about $500.00 to return to the treasurer. There were 44 members at the welcome aboard dinner, and he is expecting 55 at the banquet.


Finance Chairman Larry Warrenfeltz

The S/T sent me a copy of his spreadsheet and everything is in order and is accepted.

Larry is requesting a volunteer for the position of Finance Chairman. If no one comes forward he will appoint someone.


Nominating Committee Chairman Pat O’Brien had two members nominated for 2nd Vice President. They are Tom Berkeridge and Ed Straten. Are there any nominees from the floor? With no Nominations from the floor, nominations are closed. Tom and Ed please leave the room during the vote.

Tom Berkeridge received – 4 votes

Ed Straten received – 18 votes


Ed Straten is our new 2nd Vice President


There was a heavy discussion on recruiting new members. It was suggested that we post our association in the various military magazines and newspapers, and on face book. Our membership is dwindling and we need to find a way to attract new members. It is requested that all members reach out and help recruit new members.


New business

Mike Gilroy reported that the cost of mailing the Aerograph will be going up. This is due to the reduction in the number of Aerographs which has fallen below 200, and no longer meets the bulk mailing rate. Mike recommended that we request our members receiving the Aerograph via US mail respond to the S/T that they would still like a printed copy. If the S/T does not receive a response from a member it will be considered a no longer needed response. If the member response yes, they will continue to receive a printed copy. President Warrenfeltz and S/T Miovas will work on putting something in the Aerograph requesting a response from those members who receive the Aerograph by US mail in reference to subject above.


Reunion #47

Reunion #47 will be held in the spring 2023 due to the timing of our current reunion. Once again a cruise is being considered and there was debate on the pros and cons. One of the biggest concerns is cost.   Pat O’Brien will do some research and report back to the board. If the cruise reunion does not happen, Tom Berkeridge has agreed to host the 2023 reunion in the Villages.


Do not forget to fill out your COVID forms and bring it to the museum tomorrow.


The second General Member Meeting for Thursday is cancelled. The By-Laws state that only one meeting per reunion is required.



Meeting adjourned at 1019.


Note – Following minutes/items of interest are from the 1st and 2nd Executive Board meetings not covered at the General Membership meeting:

Old business

It was reiterated that our representative to the AMA scholarship presentation should submit a travel expense report and if approved will be reimbursed for travel cost.

Secretary Treasurer Expenses

            Hotel cost = $527.85

            Travel cost = $300.00


Total Expenses $827.85


Committee approved and S/T will be reimbursed $828.00


Historian Hanagan asked what the expectations of the membership of the historian are. The answer to that question is the historian maintains the official history documents and brings them to the reunion for the members to browse through. Tom gave a thumb nail sketch of what he has on hand. He has not completed the inventory but will do so when he returns home. Larry asked for a catalog of what the historian holds. Tom said he will make that happen. Tom requested that each member of NWSA right a biography not only of their navy career but what they did after they left the navy. These biographies would be placed on our web and be kept in a folder for posterity.

New business

The secretary/treasurer needs a new computer.  The one he is using in eleven years old, running slow, and one of the ports is old.  A vote was taken and approved.  The Executive Board approved the S/T can spend up to $2,500.00 for a new computer and new software.

Nancy Warrenfeltz stated that pictures of this reunion have been placed on face book and Larry had received 60+ likes.  Larry encouraged all who are taking pictures to upload them to face book and let everyone know they are having a good time at the reunion.

Attending members were:

            Fay Crossley                             Cap Casperson

            Ed Straten                                 Lori Casperson

            Jim Romano                              Pat O’Brien

            Larry Warrenfeltz                       Gary Cox

            Tom Miovas                              Tom Hanagan


S/T Tom Miovas