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Source: Email May 25, 2023

Subject: "A" school grad of Navy weather 1978

I graduated from Aerographer's mate "A" school at Chanute AFB in 1978. I got there about January 1978 and graduated about March 1978. I then was sent to Fleet Weather Facility- Suitland in Maryland. I am Tom Lippi from Denver, Colorado. In my class was Rocco Nigro III from Rome, New York. He was sent to Andrews AFB weather office in Washington DC. I became a satellite imagery analyst for the southern hemisphere and learned alot. I got out of the Navy in October 1981. I was stationed there my whole tour. We changed our name to Naval Polar Oceanography Center in about 1980. Dan Stemple from Klamath Falls, Oregon and the late Mark King from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, graduated a few classes later from Chanute weather school. We all worked together at Suitland. 

Tom Lippi

Source: Email 6 Oct 2022

Subject: Re: Capt. Wilber "Red" Lockhart

Good morning,

Capt. Lockhart's granddaughter is a very good friend of mine.  She has a copy of his service picture as an 0-6 and not much military information.  She knows he was an early, if not first, Naval Aerographer.  She has wonderful memories of him from her early youth, but I am looking for more to provide her.  I am a retired Senior Chief and I know what it is like for family members to have "holes" in the life of loved ones.

I would appreciate anything you are willing to provide.  This is my personal email and is the best way to reach me.  Thank you in advance for your assistance and the work you are doing.


Source: Email 15 Sept. 2021

Made a post about a year ago, getting a surprising number of responses from folks I was stationed with on Adak ca 1980.


Still looking for Wayne Riley and Donna Crenshaw though. 


Anyone knowing their whereabouts please fwd my contact info to them for me.

Source: Aerograph August 2021

I served with AG2 Stephen W. “Smitty” Smith on the USS Saratoga (CVA-60) from 1958 to 1960.  I reported as an AG3 while she was in the yard at Naval Station,  Norfolk, VA.  Smitty Smith was an especially encouraging and friendly person to me - the only USNR member in the OA Division of sixteen personnel.  After compartment cleaning duties,  bomb  working parties and fire watch assignments, they sent me to AG “C” School in January 1959 and I became the “Radiosonde Team”.  I made a Med Cruise and a half with Smitty Smith.  Releasing radiosondes on the Sara was almost impossible since the balloon inflation room was in hanger bay 3 and all the starboard airplane elevators were never available, making the one at the angle the only option.  Needless to say, I didn’t excel – but I did graduate 1st in my class of 5904 – which was worthless BTW.  After numerous consecutive unsuccessful release attempts in the MED, I was “relieved” (aka fired) and became a Watch Section Leader along with Smitty Smith.  I’d love to hear from anyone who was in OA Division during this time and knows how to contact him.

Submitted by CAPT Marshall P. “Mark” Waters III, PhD,

USNR (Ret) Email:


Note: For an enjoyable read (with pictures) of Captain Waters’ career, please visit NWSA link:

Source: Aerograph May 2021

Submitted by AGC Alan Davis, USN RET


Looking for Jack Knea was AG3 and probably AG2 at USNAS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico in 1960-1962. Later, Jack also served a number of tours in various billetts at NAS Norfolk.

Gordon Grant (ex-ABH1)


Hello, my name is Robert Booth. During the mid-late 80s I was stationed
at the Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I was a Hospital Corpsman.

A very good friend of mine at that time was an Aerographer Mate. His
name was David A. Whitney.

In the May 1987 edition of The Aerograph on page 6 under "Advancements
(to)" I found, "AG2 Mark C. Kipf, and AG2 David A. Whitney."

I am wondering if there is any possibility that through your publication
I might get help finding my friend Dave?

Robert E. Booth