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Submitted by AGC Joseph R. Gogel, USN RET


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Bottom eight photos of Cape Hallet Station, Antarctica in 1958.

Submitted by CWO4 William H. Highlands, USN RET

Operation Deep Freeze

March 28, 2015

From 1955 until 1998 U. S. Navy meteorologists have participated in the exploration of Antarctica as part of OPERATION DEEP FREEZE. Most were volunteers in this endeavor; a few were assigned as needed. Some of those also volunteered for more than one tour of duty in Antarctica. Here is some recognition of those personnel. How many AG’s and Meteorological Officers did a tour there?? I have attempted to put together a roster and need your HELP. As of February 2015, at this time the list is of 669 names and there should be many more; the list is available on the website for your viewing. [Also see Page 18…Editor] Listing is by Deep Freeze Year. Check it out, if you are not listed, need correction or if you know of anyone that served in Antarctica, please forward this information to me or contact me at the following addresses:


Joseph R. Gogel AGC USN Ret.

334 W 9th Street

Ferdinand, IN 47532-9263


phone: 812 367-2142

Operation Deep Freeze
1958 - 1998

Part 1, Sections 1-3 - Listing by alphabetical Surname, Given Name, and number matches in Part 2.. 

Part 2, Sections 1-3 - Listing by Deep Freeze year, e.g., DFI, DFII, etc.

Additional data above scanned from printed copy and provided by
AGCM Tom Miovas, USN RET

AG2 Jesse Lofton, AGC Willie Sanders and AG2 Gerald Edwards

Weather readouts in the weather office.
The weather office with the AN/GMD2 radiosonde equipment.
AG1 Keller launching a radiosonde.
Civil Service NWS employee Norm Benes working on reports.

LTJG Thurber Zeh and WO Glen Drummond


AG2 William Highlands taking ice thickness measurements in preparation of opening the landing strip.
AG2 Garczynski plotting upper winds during a radiosonde balloon ascent.
AG1 Keller working on a radiosonde sounding.
With a view of Hallet Station in the distance, the penguin rockery in the foreground.  Estimated penguin population in excess of 200,000 pair.