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The Naval Weather Service Association (NWSA) is an association of naval officers, enlisted men and women, and civilians who have provided meteorological, oceanographic, and numerical predictions services to the United States Navy as well as all other military services. The membership consists predominately of current and former meteorological specialists (aerographers mates), meteorologists and oceanographers, computer scientists, and academics. 

The NWSA was formed in August 1976 in order to preserve friendships beyond active service and sustain an ongoing relationship with active-duty members of the Naval Meteorological and Oceanography Command. In 1978 the Association established a scholarship fund to support those seeking degrees in meteorology, oceanography, and atmospheric sciences and has provided annual awards for more than 30 years. 

In 2011 the membership approved the transfer of management responsibilities of the “Naval Weather Service Association Scholarship” to the AMS. The AMS will safeguard and manage the funds gifted by the NWSA for the specific purpose of sustaining two annual awards based on selections of the AMS Scholarship committee. The fund provided by the generous contributions of the NWSA membership will allow the “Naval Weather Service Association Scholarship” to be awarded for at least the next 10–15 years. The scholarship carries a $5,000 stipend. 

To apply, please visit the AMS website and follow application instructions.


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I want to thank all who have continued to support our scholarship fund.  The Association can be very proud of our two annual awards. We are supporting the education and development of real meteorologist and atmospheric scientists.  The program that the AMS is administrating is exceptional. 

   The best and brightest apply to the AMS and the Society’s reviewers are well versed in the current academic needs and accomplishments that will result in success for the students. Hopefully you have seen the short articles and pictures of the students who have been selected for our awards and take pleasure knowing that we are making a difference. Below is an accounting of the fund:

April 2023

Roy Patrick Galang

Senior Undergraduate

Scholarship Recipient

Note: If anyone would like to congratulate our 2023 recipients, their contact information follows.


Kelly Neighbour                      J. William Thiesing III

4320 Cardiff Way                     1691 Asp Ave Rm. 440A

Cumming, GA 30041               Norman, OK 73072


Kelly’s email:

William’s email:

Kelly Neighbour
Senior Recipient
J. William Thiesing, III
Freshman Recipient

Gabrielle Brown
Senior Recipient

Jacob Widanski
Freshman Recipient

                                 AMS-NWSA 2021 Scholarship Recipients
Alvin Cheung
Senior Recipient

Mr. Cheung is majoring in meteorology and atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University where his focus is on extratropical transition and eyewall replacement cycles of tropical cyclones and radar applications to snow squalls. Mr. Cheung plans to attend graduate school to continue developing an improved detection algorithm for eyewall replacement cycles in tropical cyclones. His career aspiration is to be an educator, which will give him the opportunity to teach and perform research in the area he is passionate about, tropical meteorology.

Preston Grooms
Freshman Recipient

Preston Grooms is a graduate of North Adams High School in Seaman, Ohio. He will major in meteorology at Florida State University and is interested in operational forecasting, par- ticularly convective storms.

AMS-NWSA 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Senior NAMED Scholarship Recipient

Olivia Keefe

University of Miami-RSMAS

Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

Vada Kirsch

Purdue University

Jessica Wiedemeier (Attending Univ. of Oklahoma), Cap Casperson, and
Alexandra Mazurek
NWSA Scholarship Awardees 2018-19

Bethany Deitch
Incoming Freshman, Texas A & M

Alexandra Mazurek
Incoming Senior, University of Georgia
(L to R) Mike Gilroy, NWSA; Sean Ernst and Daniel Hueholt at 2018 AMS Meeting in Austin

I had the opportunity to spend some time with these two great guys in Austin TX at the AMS Conference. I was really impressed with both student and can say with great confidence that our scholarships are being awarded to students that will great things in Meteorology and the Atmospheric Sciences.

Daniel, a student at North Carolina State University and has already be doing research studying the variances in snowfall when compared to different inversions. Great Stuff! He is also double majoring in Mathematics.

Sean, a senior at Oklahoma State has been studying emergency communication as it related to tornados and other severe weather events and how to improve both the forecast so that people respond appropriately. In our conversations I could tell that he got it completely, the need to convey serious life threatening forecast in a manner that would get results.

Both students mentioned to me how important our scholarships were to them personally. Sean in particular said that our award was allowing him to pay his own tuition this year taking pressure off his family and that he would be able to graduate nearly debt free. He was so grateful.

Each year when I get to interact with The Naval Weather Service Association Scholarship winners I walk away with a wonderful feeling that our Association is making a difference in help grow future Meteorologists.  I hope our members will continue to support the program by sending in donations that we will add to our fund at the American Meteorological Society

Best to all,

Mike Gilroy

Chair, NWSA Scholarship Committee

Robert Prestley, on left, (2016 NWSA Named scholarship recipient), and Alexander Tomoff (2014 freshman scholarship) with Fred Carr, AMS President, at 2017 AMS Meeting in Seattle.
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Robert Prestley (2016 NWSA Named scholarship), Mike Gilroy, and Alexander Tomoff (2014 freshman scholarship) at 2017 AMS Meeting in Seattle.
2016 AMS-NWSA Scholarship

Jessica Wiedemeier – Freshman Recipient

Jessica, who is a graduate of Westlake High School in Austin TX, is attending the Department of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, in Norman. Jessica plans to specialize in severe weather prediction. 

Robert Prestley – Undergraduate Recipient


Robert, who hails from Sheboygan WI, is attending the Meteorology Department at Pennsylvania State University. Robert’s undergraduate interests are tropical and synoptic meteorology, as well as weather forecasting. His plan is to go to graduate school in a meteorology or social science field, focusing on how to improve communication of weather hazards, balancing the needs of the general public with the realities and uncertainties of the science.

Kelton Harbert, 2013 AMS-NWSA Freshman Scholar, (left); Brett Borchard, 2015 AMS-NWSA Scholar, (c); and Chris Moren, NWSA member, (r) at January 2016 AMS Meeting
Submitted by LCDR Mike Gilroy, USN RET

Scholarship Committee News

November 2014





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2015 NWSA Scholarship Recipient
Brett Borchardt

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Tyler Bell, 2013 NWSA Scholarship Recipient,  (center); NWSA member Chris Moren (l) and Mike Wooster (r) at January 2015 AMS Meeting, Phoenix.

2014 NWSA Scholarship Recipient
Madison May

Name: Madison May

Hometown: Colwich, Kansas

Parents: Steve and Ruth May

High School: Andale H.S., graduated 2010

Undergraduate School: University of Kansas

Major: hydrometeorology

Awards/Acknowledgements: Dodge & Cox Sponsorship (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)

Presidential Scholarship at Hutchinson CC (fall 2010 to Dec 2011)


Interests: Concentration is in hydrometeorology and microclimatology; specifically how water and carbon interact in the lower atmosphere and surface.


Future goals: Madison ultimately would like to aid in agricultural drought monitoring and/or research on water use efficiencies of crops.  She is also interested in pursuing a career that is more linked to hydrology.

Madison’s detailed press releases will become available sometime in October and will appear in the November Aerograph…Editor.

Madison May Thank You Letter to NWSA

2014 NWSA Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient
Alex Tomhoff

Name: Alex Tomhoff

Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

Parents: Don and Beth Tomoff

High School: St. Edward H.S., Lakewood, OH

Year Graduated: 2014

Undergraduate School: Pennsylvania State University

Major: atmospheric sciences


Interests:  I am mainly interested in studying synoptic meteorology, forecasting and weather risk management.

Alex’s detailed press releases will become available sometime in October and will appear in the November Aerograph…Editor.

2014 Scholarship Recipient 
(Awarded by AMS)
Austin "Addison" Alford

I was born and raised in the small town of Somerville, TN to my loving parents, David and Cindy Alford. After attending high school at Fayette Academy in Somerville,  I journeyed to Norman, OK to attend the University of Oklahoma to major in meteorology. At OU I have had the pleasure of being involved in multiple student organizations including the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society of which I am currently the president, the Oklahoma Weather Lab, and the School of Meteorology Peer Mentoring Program of which I am the coordinator.

In my academic career, I am a member of the OU Honors College, hold a minor in mathematics, and attended a study abroad semester at the University of Reading in Reading, England during the spring of 2013. I have also been awarded the NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship, the Award of Excellence from OU, Honorable Mention to the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences Outstanding Senior Award, the Outstanding Service Award from the School of Meteorology, and John T. Snow Study Abroad Scholarship.

Currently, I am an undergraduate teaching assistant in the School of Meteorology and an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Michael Biggerstaff, director of the Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching Radar program. My plan is to attend graduate school where I will pursue a Ph.D. in meteorology. After completing my Ph.D., I hope to begin in a research laboratory or a university. Although it is not my immediate goal after my Ph.D., I hope to eventually become a professor at a university.

Editor’s note: The award will be presented at the 94th AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on February 5th, 2014. Lloyd Corbett, NWSA CMAA, will represent the NWSA at the awards.

Inaugural NWSA Scholarships Awarded

 by American Meteorological Society


In our first year with the AMS administering our Scholarships we are proud to announce our 2013 awardees. We were pleased that AMS allowed NWSA to influence the final association of their selections to our scholarships making sure they fit our stated goals. Please congratulate:

2013 AMS-NWSA Freshman Scholarship Recipient

Joshua Alland from Apple Valley, MN he will be attending Iowa State University as a freshman and plans to major in Meteorology.

His Undergraduate interests include: Tropical meteorology, especially researching how hurricanes intensify. “I will be conducting research on this topic at the Hurricane Research Division in Miami, FL this summer”.

Our “Named” award goes to:

Tyler Bell of Bartlesville, OK. Tyler is currently a junior undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Meteorology.

His academic interests include: “my goal when I finish college is to work on bettering radar and all the technology involved in predicting weather.”

Good Choices!!


Please send in your Donations to NWSA and keep our program going for a long time!

Mike Gilroy, Committee Chair


From:     Morgan Gorris

Subject: Update 2010 Recipient

Date:      Fri 4/12/2013


Hello NWSA,

My name is Morgan Gorris and I was a recipient of the NWSA Scholarship in 2010. I would like to follow up with the NWSA to thank you again for your generous contribution and inform you that I am still pursuing, and highly enjoying, my meteorology career! I am now a junior at The University of Michigan obtaining a degree in Earth System Science and Engineering with a concentration in Meteorology. I have acquired a keen interest in applying my skills to aviation meteorology. I have also been learning a lot outside of the classroom. Last summer I completed an internship at NASA Ames working to develop an Android application to aid Alaskan general aviation pilots. This summer, I will help test radar equipment as I go storm chasing in TX/OK throughout the month of May through Texas Tech, and then I will complete a summer internship at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories helping to analyze FAA system of rerouting air traffic due to convective weather. I am looking forward to another grea! t summer of learning and am proud to be able to share my accomplishments with you. I thank you again for your support.

Morgan Gorris


From:     Travis Sanders

Subject:  Update 2010 Recipient

Date:      Sat 11/03/12 01:28 PM


It's been a while since I updated you on the progress of my career. As you'll recall, I received the Naval Weather Service Association Scholarship in 2010. This award lightened the financial burden of completing my degree, which I was able to accomplish in May 2011.


I decided to pursue graduate school and applied to Stanford, Cal Tech, and UT. I was accepted into Stanford and UT, and decided to continue studying here at my alma mater. I will be completely my Master's degree this spring in Aerospace engineering and will begin a PhD program in Computational Engineering the following fall. I am very excited about what the future has in store for me!



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