An association of Aerographers & Mates,
Meteorologists & Oceanographers

NWSA Hampton Roads Chapter



President             Fay Crossley

Vice President     Frank Muscari
Treasurer             Bob Daigle
Secretary             Fay Crossley
Social Coord.      Dennis Pauly
CMAA                   Frank Muscari 



Chapter News

Source: Aerograph August 2023

Dennis Pauly and his wife Susan had the unique pleasure of visiting with Ellen Upton, widow of AGCM (Ret.) Al Upton, at her home in North Carolina recently.  Ellen had expressed an interest to NWSA Historian Tom Hanagan in transferring some weather memorabilia for posterity; so Tom (who lives in CA) told Dennis (like Ellen a NC resident) and he and Susan arranged to meet Ellen at her home and take her to dinner where she regaled them with 'sea stories' of her and Al's lives.  Dennis & Susan were much impressed by Ellen's ability to recall things in such detail as well as her overall spunk and zest for life.  Members of NWSA Hampton Roads Chapter will look at possibly using some of the donated items on museum ship USS Wisconsin while Tom will consider the same on his project ship: historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet.  (Others in the community who have grown weary of dusting their AG 'stuff' are encouraged to consider contacting NWSA - Hampton Roads Chapter and/or NWSA Historian Tom Hanagan for donation.  Every effort will be made to include them for public display at one of the museums mentioned earlier.)

Summer Sizzler

Our Summer meeting was held at our usual watering hole, Lucky Oyster. Gathering was about 1pm on Thursday, 13 July. Our waitress was Onna and she was great, as was our food.

Meeting called to order about 1:15pm. 50/50 was won by Jack Salvato, $22.50. Jack later paid for everyone’s meal, I think he wants to see how often he can get his name in the Minutes. Grace and the Pledge were bypassed by the president.

In attendance: (6) Jack Salvato, Ed Nelson, Bob and Carol Daigle, Dennis Pauly, and Fay and Donna Crossley.  


…..Enclosures were passed around to the membership. Motion was made by Jack Salvato and Seconded by Dennis Pauly to accept Secretary Report as transmitted via Email, motion passed. The Treasurer’s Report showed Checking $2397.33 and Savings $2102.65. Motion was made by Fay Crossley and seconded by Dennis Pauly to accept report, motion passed.


a…..Wisconsin update: Dennis Pauly gave us a great update. Our efforts are showing signs of real progress. The placards that will be placed on the hull of the ship are nearing completion and Dennis will provide photos of them when complete. We want to continue looking into outfitting the weather office in case they might like to add that to one of the tours. That will take a lot of work and a lot of searching for equipment and the like. We still need some guidance concerning the needs at the museum and the possibility of Providing lectures or experience talks.


a…..Venue for FALL FLING was discussed. Dennis Pauly will also look into the possibility of our Fall meeting taking place at the Wisconsin, perhaps even on the ship. Some discussion followed about time for meeting and   TENTATIVELY the meeting will be held the 4th week of October 22-28. Members should pencil those dates in not to make sure they will be available to attend.

ENCLOSURES:   (copies can be obtained by contacting the Secretary)

1…..Proposed article for Aerograph concerning Dennis Pauly visit to Ellen Upton.

2…..BB63 Tiger Cruse pictures

3…..Weather equipment from Upton’s

4…..Hex Signs listing

Motion made by Dennis Pauly and Seconded by Steve Shafer to adjourn, motioned carried at 3:15PM.

For the first time since the early 90’s, a Weather Balloon flies over the decks of the USS Wisconsin (BB-64)!

For those who have experienced it, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a successful balloon launch, 


…..AKERS…..(Joan)…..Joan is slowing down some and has some memory issues, but overall doing okay.

…..CLARK….. (Kathi)…..Is getting use to the assisted living place and is getting out more. She went to a wedding not long ago.

…..CROSSLEY….. (Fay and Donna)….Donna continues to struggle with sciatica and arthritis, but is doing fairly well. Fay is busy, but doing well, not looking forward to having Squamish cell removed in August.

…..DAIGLES….. (Bob and Carol)…..Bob is enjoying his yard and pool. Heart test results not back yet. Carol is doing well and working hard to keep Bob in line, which is kind of difficult, especially when he has a run in with the lawn mower and damages his finger.

.....MUSCARI….. (Frank and Eve)…... Frank is doing well after his heart operation; they had to miss the meeting due to visitors from Sweden.  

…..NELSON…..(Ed and Ruth)…..Ed is hoping next knee operation gees as well as last, taking place early August. …..PAULY….. (Dennis and Susan)….. Dennis had a run in with a Cleaning liquid and had a blood shot eye for a time, all is well now. Susan had some difficulties calming her horses after the 4th fireworks.

…..SALVATO….. (Jack)…..Has lost a lot of weight over the past few months, dealing with slipped disk and carpel tunnel. Sure has a great attitude and remains optimistic. Operation to get ready for Dialysis and check on why his legs aren’t working the way they should.

…..SHAFER…..(Steve and Sylvia)…..Steve has been in and out of hospital the past few months with leg problems and Sylvia has been staying with their daughter, who has been a big help.

…..STEINBRUCK…..(Capt. Chuck and Louise)….. Louise broke shoulder, but is on the mend. Expect the Capt. Is doing nursing duties.

…..WRIGHT….. (Bob)…..Bob was expected to be at the meeting but we tried to call and no answer so will continue to check on him.


Motion was made to Adjourn and seconded by Carol Daigle, motion carried around 3:00pm.

Words To Live By, Meant Funny, Good Traits and Noah Webster

Respectfully submitted:

Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Source: Aerograph May 2023
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Hampton Roads Chapter


The Naval Weather Service Association


President                                             Fay Crossley

Vice President                                     Frank Muscari

Treasurer                                             Bob Daigle

Secretary                                             Fay Crossley

Social Coordinator                             Dennis Pauly

CMAA                                               Frank Muscari



Dennis Pauly   (ex) AG2


A couple years back, NWSA-HRC and Fleet Weather Center Norfolk personnel undertook a joint project to refurbish the OA Division Weather Office aboard USS Wisconsin, retired from active duty and berthed in downtown Norfolk, VA, where it is part of their Nauticus Maritime/Navy Museum. 


Unfortunately, the Navy's current practice of fielding 'mobile' weather detachments versus the old 'ship's company' way made it difficult to maintain many of the collateral duties FWC Norfolk personnel were formerly involved in, so the HRC guys basically went at it alone.    


Additionally, trips to Wisconsin revealed that access to a completed Wx Off would be somewhat difficult; especially for many older, less nimble visitors.  Also, the "approved" route to the spaces would interfere with one of the ship's existing and most profitable tours (Command & Control.)  Thus, all parties agreed it was probably not something we should pursue at this time.  


The City's Battleship Manager (and former Wisconsin crewman during Desert Storm, ex-Quartermaster 2nd Class, Keith Nitka) subsequently approached us about possibly standing up an 'Upper Air' display, which would be situated aft on the ship's Main Deck; just forward of the No. 3 Gun Turret and just below the ship's Balloon Shack on the 02 Level (another space difficult to access, unfortunately.) 


We agreed it should be 'doable' with a minimum of equipment to be acquired, so we began surveying the ship and meeting with the various Nauticus people:  primarily in the Education Dept. as they are also standing up programs to provide Maritime Weather classes for elementary grade school kids.  Mr. Nate Sandel is head of their Education and Community efforts and has been a very enthusiastic member of our team on this venture.    


One feature of our display that the Nauticus folks really wanted was to be able to have the kids actually fill and launch Radiosonde sized balloons!  Amazingly enough, the cognizant authorities (FAA, Military, City of Norfolk) granted their request, provided the balloons are restricted to 200 gram size; all balloons must be tethered, and can fly no higher than 500 feet altitude.  Unfortunately, we also learned of the current world wide shortage of Helium ("with no end in sight" according to those in the industry.)  The aforementioned and obviously industrious Nate Sandel notified us since our last meeting that he has managed to secure a supply of Helium; so we should be able to make progress on the Balloon Launch front now.  


That's pretty much where we are - mostly still in the planning stages.  However, sample 'placards' were provided by us to the Nauticus staff at our most recent meeting to facilitate the making of metal, weather proof placards to be mounted on the ship's bulkhead; telling the 'Upper Air' story (with mention of other duties AG's performed in the main Weather Office.)  Efforts are now underway to secure appropriate photos (and hopefully videos) of associated equipment too large or unattainable for displays; as well as some of the personnel engaged in Upper Air Ops aboard Us Navy ships.  


Other HRC members who have contributed mightily to these efforts are Fay Crossley, Bob Daigle, Frank "Sea Daddy"; "Godfather" Muscari, and NWSA Member-At-Large and ramrod of the USS Hornet OA Div spaces refurbishment and NWSA Historian Tom Hanagan (ex) AG2.    


We'll provide additional updates as progress dictates.  If any NWSA members/readers of The Aerograph have pertinent items/photos/videos of balloon ops (especially aboard Wisconsin in the late 1980'/early 1990's) and would like to donate to posterity, please  "reach out" via The Aerographer Editor, of contact HRC officials.



……..Our spring meeting took place at our favorite watering hole.  We gathered at Lucky Oyster about 1PM on April 4, 2023.  Our waitress was Dawn and she did a great job, few burps with bills though.  Food was great. 


Pre-meeting things:

…..Called Frank Muscari as to whereabouts, he was prepping for procedure on THU.

…..50/50 was won by Dennis Pauly to the tune of $42.50

…..Pledge of Allegiance was led by Fay Crossley…Our flag was on the arm of Joan Aker’s Grandson.  

……..In attendance:  (14) Jack Salvato, Ed Nelson, Bob and Carol Daigle, Steve and Sylvia Shafer, Dennis Pauly, Fay and Donna Crossley. Capt. Chuck and Louise Steinbruck and Joan Akers with daughter Sharron and Grandson Nathan.    

…..Enclosures were passed around to the membership.  Corrections are requested soon, so roster can be sent to NWSA. 

…..A note on FB AG page a Kimberly Piltz asked a question about Norfolk, the President sent her a reply but did not hear back, nobody know the name. 

…..Note was received from John Chubb, they are doing well.

…..From 1/16 to 4/6 the President/Secretary send or received nearly 500 emails. 

…..The #49 reunion will be at The Villages in Florida, and #50 might be in Biloxi Ms.  More info will be forthcoming. 


Meeting was called to order by President Fay Crossley at 135PM.


Secretary report was approved as transmitted to members, after motion was made by Bob Daigle and seconded by Steve Shafter to do so.


Treasurer’s report showed a checking balance of $1339.83 and savings balance is $3102.38.  Jack Salvato made a motion to approve the report, motion was seconded by Steve Sharfer.  Motion carried. 




a…..Dennis Pauly gave an update on the Wisconsin Efforts. The plaques have been sent to the printers, the Wisconsin has acquired Helium for possible balloon launches that would be tethered.  A new meeting with the Wisconsin folks will be coming up soon.  At which we might try to talk them into the possibility of opening up the weather office itself.  An ideal part of that would be the pictures and hand plotted and analyzed weather chart off the west coast done by AG Floyd Akers on 11/1945.  There are more books in Joan’s safe keeping.  The map of Floyd’s would look great under the plotting table glass on the Wisconsin.  A request for help will be placed on the AG FB page.  Momentum for this project increases thanks to input from NWSA Historian Tom Hanagan and the super effort of Dennis Pauly.



a…..Venue for SUMMER SIZZLER July 9 – 15. 


ENCLOSURES:   (copies can be obtained by contacting the Secretary)

1…..Proposed article for Aerograph concerning Marge Cruse Birthday.

2…..Proposed new Roster if no errors, will be sent to NWSA Secretary. 

3…..Note/Prayer for HRC received from Aerograph Editor – Thank you Smitty. 


Motion made by Dennis Pauly and Seconded by Steve Shafter to Adjourned, motioned carried at 315PM.    




…..AKERS…..(Joan)…..Joan is 91.5 and looking forward to a bash in 3.5 years. Was great to see her at the meeting. 

…..CLARK….. (Kathi)…..The Daigle’s and Crossley’s visited Kathi on 4/5.  Kathi is always full of positive optimism, that lifts our spirits.  She is okay and getting use to the life in the rehab center. 

…..CROSSLEY…..(Fay and Donna)….Spring has pushed Fay into the yard working mode.  Donna continues to cope with mobility difficulties. 

…..DAIGLES…..(Bob and Carol)…..Carol had some good news from doctors, some don’t want to see her anymore UNLESS.  Bob talked Carol into buying new car.  Pretty fancy.  Must be nice to be rich. 

MUSCARI…..(Frank and Eve)…..Frank was so very helpful with showing NWSA Historian around Hampton, thanks Frank.  Frank having open heart operation later part of April.  Eve coping well. Otherwise, they are doing well.

…..NELSON…..(Ed and Ruth)…..Ed is getting new knee 4/20.  No more golfing for a while.

…..PAULY…..(Dennis and Susan)…..Busy as always, Susan couldn’t make the meeting as she had a sick horse to deal with. 

…..SALVATO…..(Jack)…..Was good to see Jack, he is doing okay, has mobility issues though.

…..SHAFER…..(Steve and Sylvia))…..Steve does a lot of work at a food pantry.  They are okay.   

…..STEINBRUCK…..(Capt. Chuck and Louise)…..They are coping well.  Want to travel to Bedford  VA to check on things there.  Always Doctors more Doctors.,

…..WRIGHT…..(Bob)…..Doing well.  Getting ready for the season of no left turns (come to the outer banks of NC, you will understand.  Missed meeting loaned car out. 



Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary
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On March 8, 2023, NWSA long time member, Marge Cruse celebrated her 100th birthday.  Don and Marge were very active members of NWSA, pretty much from its inception.  Through the glory years of the association, Don and Marge worked hard to keep the many friendships going well.  The Potomac Chapter and the many functions it conceived were a joy to be part of.  The picnics at the creek, to reunions in the Capital District.  Don took on the difficult job of Historian and would be proud of how it has matured under leaderships that followed in his footsteps.  Marge was always by his side as Don’s partner.  Pictures are of Marge and her beautiful cake and with her daughter Donna and Son David.  She was thankful for the many cards, calls and flowers that NWSA folks sent her way.  Am sure NWSA wishes Marge continued wellbeing and happiness in the years to come. 

Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Pres/Sec.

Source: Aerograph February 2023



The meeting was held on Wednesday November 9, 2022, at one of our favorite watering holes,  

Lucky Oyster. Our Waitress was Honna, she did a fantastic job and the food was outstanding as always.


In attendance: (12) Jack Salvato, Ed Nelson, Louise and Chuck Steinbruck, Eve and Frank Muscari, Sylvia and Steve Shafer, Susan and Dennis Pauly and Donna and Fay Crossley.


There was no 50/50 due to absence of Treasurer.

Grace was given by Capt. Chuck.


Pledge of Allegiance was led by Frank Muscari.


Meeting was called to order by President Fay Crossley at  215pm. 


The Secretary’s report was sent via Email.  Motion was made by Dennis Pauly to approve as received, seconded by Jack Salvato, Motion carried.


In the absence of the Treasurer, the President gave the report.  In checking thee is $1431.19, 

Savings $2101.86 for a total of $3533.05.  A motion was made by Frank Muscari to accept the report, seconded by Dennis Pauly. Motion carried.  Treasurer will give more details at Winter meeting and expect double 50/50 collection plus dues is due.  So bring lots of $5.

Old Business:

1,,,,,Reunion #47, Frank and Eve have reluctantly decided that they can NOT attend the cruse.

2….Final vote to accept the HRC Bi-Laws, Dennis Pauly made a motion to accept the final draft, motion was seconded by Jack Salvato, motion was passed unanimously. The final document will be sent to NWSA and to each member.

3…..A discussion concerning collection of weather equipment and books took place. Gary Cox had sent some books to HRC, those books are now part of the Nauticus Library. Thanks to Gary for the Contribution and to Dennis Pauly, for the super effort that is ongoing to help the Nauticus/Wisconsin museum.

Dennis’ report following:

Dennis & Bob Daigle met with the Nauticus/Wisconsin reps twice since our July Quarterly meeting where the HRC membership was brought up to date as to our supporting Nauticus in their efforts to stand up an 'Upper Air' display aboard the ship. 


Also took advantage of the opportunity to meet and interview 6 former enlisted AG's who served aboard Wisconsin underway during Desert Storm (the last 'in-service' period for Wisconsin) as they were in town for Wisconsin's annual Ship's Reunion.  The 6 provided a plethora of info as to equipment used, etc., during that era.  They've promised to help with obtaining things like Radiosonde transmitters & balloons to help with the display; along with providing a video of their underway balloon launching/tracking ops.  


Ultimate goal is to help Nauticus to design/plan/set up this display aboard the ship so that visitors & especially school kids participating in their 'Maritime Weather' programs can see and 'feel' what it's like to launch and track weather balloons (FAA & City have already 'blessed' the scheduled launching of 200 gram, tethered balloons [500' max altitude.]


Nauticus Rep. Nate Sandel suggested HRC consider holding one of our Quarterly meetings there in either Nauticus' main conference room or aboard Wisconsin herself. 

New Business:

1…..A motion was made by Dennis Pauly, to make Lucky Oyster or Semipermanent Meeting location. Motion was seconded by Jack Salvato, motion carried. Please note military receive a 10% discount. Thanks Jack for info.

2…..Target date for our WINTER WONDER meeting is January 8/14 2023.


A collection of bags took place and my truck was overflowing. They were delivered to our Treasurer, who was overjoyed. Thanks to all, and keep those bags coming the Food Pantry loves them.


A ONE TIME collection of Egg Cartons also took place and the back seat was full. Our friend will be so grateful these will last her many years.


A discussion concerning the Military Health Care system took place, along with the VA’s contribution to it. Lots of Pros and Cons were detected.


Dennis Pauly, suggested we get more involved with the Wisconsin with possibly providing lectures and story telling at their Museum, if you would like to do something contact Dennis.


Ed Nelson, was on the decommissioning crew of the USS IOWA, ironically, his father was a plank owner with the commissioning crew. He said we would help with Wisconsin efforts. Ed told some stores and accounts, and recommended we all read the book Halsey’s Typhoon.


Ed Nelson, made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by Jack Salvato, motion carried at 315pm.

Respectfully submitted:


Fay Crossley


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Picture of Marge Cruise 12/22 with Fay Crossley’s Niece Lori and husband Bruce who sing with group in Colorado Springs called the Song Spinners.  

Have always thought of Marge as something of the Matriarch of the NWSA.  Marge had a passion for the group much like her husband Don.  

Don’t think Marge has been to a NWSA reunion in a few years as she has difficulties traveling.  She has even given up going to the retreat in Speculator New York, Camp Of The Woods.  Here first trip there was at 16 and has been there 80 times.  

Marge will enjoy her 100th birthday on March 8, 2023.  It would be nice if her mail box would overflow with greetings form the Navy Community.  

2405 PATRIOT HTS #4315
Picture of Marge Cruise 12/22 with Fay Crossley’s Niece Lori and husband Bruce who sing with group in Colorado Springs called the Song Spinners.  

Have always thought of Marge as something of the Matriarch of the NWSA.  Marge had a passion for the group much like her husband Don.  

Don’t think Marge has been to a NWSA reunion in a few years as she has difficulties traveling.  She has even given up going to the retreat in Speculator New York, Camp Of The Woods.  Here first trip there was at 16 and has been there 80 times.  

Marge will enjoy her 100th birthday on March 8, 2023.  It would be nice if her mail box would overflow with greetings form the Navy Community.  

2405 PATRIOT HTS #4315

Picture of Marge Cruise 12/22 with Fay Crossley’s Niece Lori and husband Bruce who sing with group in Colorado Springs called the Song Spinners. 


Have always thought of Marge as something of the Matriarch of the NWSA.  Marge had a passion for the group much like her husband Don. 


Don’t think Marge has been to a NWSA reunion in a few years as she has difficulties traveling.  She has even given up going to the retreat in Speculator New York, Camp Of The Woods.  Here first trip there was at 16 and has been there 80 times. 


Marge will enjoy her 100th birthday on March 8, 2023.  It would be nice if her mail box would overflow with greetings form the Navy Community. 



2405 PATRIOT HTS #4315

Source: Aerograph November 2022

HRC rare meeting postponement


HRC has been required to postpone its OCT meeting until early NOV.



A couple of years back, our NWSA-HRC (Naval Weather Service Assoc-Hampton Roads Chapter) in concert with the Fleet Weather Center Norfolk folks, began exploring how we might help the City of Norfolk (re)equip the main Weather Office spaces near the ship's Bridge (04 Level.)  Unfortunately, the Navy decided about that time to go to a different philosophy re: how troops are utilized/deployed and instead of continuing assigning full complements of AG's to all ships that normally had them aboard, they went to mobile teams that hopped aboard when the ships got underway.  As a result, 'collateral duties' kind of fell by the wayside and efforts like this no longer got the time/attention they might have previously enjoyed.  We kind of looked at the Navy folks to help us acquire surplus gear, etc.; so the efforts just kind of fizzled.


  Fast forward to a few months ago and some of our members were asking what they might do with books, etc., that they had from their Navy days and didn't want to throw out, give to someone who didn't know what to do with them, etc.  Again, we thought of Wisconsin and if we might utilize some of these things in our own efforts to get the Wiscon spaces up and running for public tours. 


  So AGCS (Ret.) Bob Daigle and I went aboard to look at the spaces and see what, if anything, they might have in the way of equipment on hand.  Unfortunately, the spaces proved to be very difficult to access; especially for elderly/less mobile patrons and we also learned from some of the staff that they didn't think the City would really bother to make the OA Div. spaces part of the public tour even if they were fully furnished due to there already being an established and highly popular ('Command and Control') tour in that area of the Bridge that generates a handsome revenue and for which they felt tours of the Weather spaces might interfere. 



  The City's Battleship Manager therefore proposed we consider putting together a display of Balloon Launch Ops, since their Balloon Shack is located on the after section of the superstructure on the 01  Level with an Inflation Station on the Main Deck itself (all this on the Starboard side; just forward of the Aft 16" gun turret.)


  During all this, the Battleship Manager (Keith) mentioned he had a buddy who was an AG aboard Wisconsin in the early 1990's (around the time she was decommissioned the last time) and would ask him to contact me & make his brain available for picking; as his knowledge would (hopefully) help us identify the size of balloons, the receiving equipment, etc., that was in use at that time.  So I'm waiting for him to contact me. 


  Meantime, 'Nauticus' - the Naval & Maritime Museum the city owns and operates on the waterfront and at which Wisconsin is located - has an Educational Dept. that conducts classes for young students, and Maritime Weather is one of the subjects they want to study.  So . . .  the books you provided (as well as charts, etc.) are some of the things we should be able to provide them.  They've also inquired of the possibility of having some of our members conduct related talks from time to time, which I believe we can do (perhaps not myself since like you I only did one hitch and thus have very limited knowledge of the art of Forecasting {but if the students were older I could tell them where the good bars in a given port used to be.} ;) ) 


  At this point, unless the 'Balloon Shack' itself is made available and relatively easy access to it by the public is assured, the plan is to utilize a large display case mounted to the exterior bulkhead in the aforementioned 'Inflation Station' area for photos (vids?) of balloons, gear and shipboard launching operations.  There might also be some static displays: balloons, Theodolite, etc., that could be set out during tour hours since there is a storage compartment close by that should be able to accommodate such things.


…..AKERS…..(Joan)…..As always Joan gives us pause with all she does. This time she fell. No broken bones but lots of stitches. Is in rehab, bet she has taken over the admin section by now. Daughter Sharron has had her own family issues and prayers are with her and her mom.

…..CLARK….. (Kathi)…..She is an amazing lady. Wish knew where she gets her positive attitude pills. Regardless of problem she is always smiling and worried about others. She was with Daughter Amber, and ended up in hospital. She is okay and back in Hampton area.

…..CROSSLEY…..(Fay and Donna)….Donna continues to have health issues, but some ae being pushed to the back burners. The trips to the “Y” are helping. Fay lost his brother so some trips to NY to help with the arrangements.

…..DAIGLES…..(Bob and Carol)…..Doing well. No health issues Bob “says” his Dr. told Bob he was in tip to shape. Carol’s brother and his wife paid a visit. Bob had fun with pool this summer.

…..LEE…..(Carmen)…..Carmen’s health has become an issue, she will prevail lots of thoughts and prayers heading her way. Daughter Pam is a big help.

MUSCARI…..(Frank and Eve)….Eve is busy with the Sweden Film Festival on OCT 18. Frank is always busy doing for others.

…..NELSON…..(Ed and Ruth)…..Funny how Ed is busier now since retirement from selling wine at Trader Joe’s. Maybe he will be slowing down with the golfing.

PAULY…..(Dennis and Susan)…..Dennis has been over worked and under paid as the Wisconsin project coordinator. Lots going on with the effort. He met 6 AGs from the crew. We hope Horses under Susan’s care are doing well.  

…..SALVATO…..(Jack)…..Had “the virus”. Was doing much better mid-September. Still worries about falling.

…..SHAFER…..(Steve and Sylvia))…..They are doing well. Was hunkered down during Ian, but didn’t get much. Steve has had some issues with Basal Cells but doing okay.

…..STEINBRUCK…..(Capt. Chuck and Louise)…..Getting use to their new digs. They were restricted to apt., in August due to “the virus” had meals delivered.

WRIGHT…..(Bob)…..Got over virus, but then family got into it. Hope all are doing well now.


Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

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 Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor


   It is such an awesome feeling for me, at each of our Hampton Road Chapter meetings, to have Howard Lee in attendance. He accompanies Doris Stepaniak. You may recall that Doris is a life member of HRC and NWSA.  Howard just makes me feel good about everything.  Even though Howard is a Medal of Honor Recipient, there is much more to the man than this amazing award might command.

   Howard Lee was born on August 1, 1933, in New York City. He graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, New York in 1951, and from Pace College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, on June 19, 1955. While in his senior year at college, he enlisted as a member of the Platoon Leaders Class in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  In September 1955, he entered the 14th Officer Candidates' Course, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia, and upon completing the course the following December, was commissioned a Marine Corps Reserve second lieutenant. Lieutenant Lee completed The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, in July 1956 and the Marine Corps Supply School, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, that September.  Upon completion of these courses, he was transferred to the Marine Corps Supply Activity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for duty as Field Inspection Officer, Field Inspection Section, and later, Officer in Charge, Audit Section. He was promoted to first lieutenant in June 1957, and integrated into the Regular Marine Corps in January 1958.  Detached from the Supply Activity in September 1958, he was ordered to the West Coast, and served briefly as Troop Handler, 1st Replacement Battalion, Staging Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, then was assigned duty as a platoon commander with Company F, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, serving in this capacity until June 1959.  First Lieutenant Lee next served as the Battalion S-4 Officer with H&S Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, (US administration) Japan.  In February 1960, he was assigned duty as Guard Officer at the Marine Barracks, U.S. Naval Propellant Plant, Indian Head, Maryland.  After his promotion to captain on July 1, 1961, he was assigned duties as Platoon Commander and, later, Instructor, The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools in Quantico, where he remained until June 1964.  From July 1964 until February 1966, Capt Lee was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, serving first as Commanding Officer of Company A, 1st Battalion, then as Battalion S-3 Officer with H&S Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division. During the latter period, he served aboard the USS La Salle (LPD-3), and in the Dominican Republic.


Vietnam War — 1st tour

   Ordered to the Republic of Vietnam in April 1966, Capt Lee served as Commanding Officer of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. He received the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for heroic action on June 26, 1966 – June 27, 1966. Then, on 8-9 August, 1966 that he distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty in the vicinity of Quang Tri, for which he received the Medal of Honor. Wounded in that action, Capt Lee was evacuated to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland. In November 1966, he returned to duty at Headquarters Marine Corps and assigned duty as TO/MOS Coordinator and, later, Assistant FMF Readiness Officer in the Operation Section, G-4 Division. He was promoted to Major (United States) in July 1966.

   On October 25, 1967, Major Lee was presented the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon Johnson in a ceremony at the White House.


Vietnam War — 2nd tour

  Following this assignment, Maj Lee completed the Command and Staff College, Quantico, Virginia, in June 1970, then returned to the Republic of Vietnam for his second tour of duty. For his service as Executive Officer, Provisional Headquarters and Service Company and with the 2nd Combined Action Group, III Marine Amphibious Force, he earned a Gold Star in lieu of a second Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V".  He was promoted in July 1972 to lieutenant colonel and retired in 1975 from the Marine Corps for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

  If you would like to read Howard’s citation please go to……

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   Though Howard has no past affiliation with Naval Weather, we are proud at HRC, when he graces our tables as a friend and fellow serviceman.  At HRC’s special gathering on 2/10/13 one of the other special guests was so overwhelmed with the thought of being in the same room with “such a hero”, tears sparkled in his eyes.  We thank you Howard for your service and for being such a gracious friend.  We, at HRC, ask NWSA and its members to keep our heroes like Mr. Lee and all our service men and women, in their thoughts and prayers.   

     Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Secretary