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xAERM1C Donald Austin Williams, USNR REL
World War II Era Photos
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   While going through old photos, I came across a photo of my father’s Naval Aerographer school graduating class (the back side is signed by all of the men in the class).  From some other papers (? perhaps now long gone) I had noted on the back of the photo:

Class #26, USN Aerographer School, Lakehurst, NJ, Naval Air Station.

   During WWII [my father] was an "Aerographer's Mate First Class V2 USNR" (Service # 652-07-97); in 1948 belonged to the American Legion, Post #23 Wake Island, Pacific Ocean (MM# 969078).  Period of active duty with the USN was January 2,1942 - January 4, 1946. Ratings Held in USN: AS  AER3C,  AER2C,  AER1C, having completed training at AER School, Lakehurst, NJ for 12 weeks.  

    Dad served in both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets during WWII, and ended with his final post at Wake Island.  Following his military service he eventually found his way back to NOAA as a station meteorologist.

    In checking on the website, I do not see the photo I have, pictured on the photo archives area (for class #26).  Now that I have scanned it, I have this photo, along with others taken on Wake Island with Dad’s last posting with the Navy during WWII.  I want to figure out how to share these and save them in some archive, beyond the family record.  Dad was so proud of being a Navy man and a career meteorologist, that I thought to contact you for your thoughts on the matter.

Submitted by Karen Souhrada, daughter of xAERM1C Donald Williams   

Editor’s note: The photo and roster of 1942’s  Class #26 is on the website
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Shipboard Japanese Surrender Marcus Island 1945
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Scenes from Wake Island 1945 (ca) 

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Blue Canyon, CA 1947
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