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President             Fay Crossley

Vice President     Frank Muscari
Treasurer             Bob Daigle
Secretary             Fay Crossley
Social Coord.      Dennis Pauly
CMAA                   Frank Muscari 



Chapter News

Source: Aerograph February 2022

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Aerographer Lost

We were saddened at the passing of our shipmate and friend AGCS ret Danial Lee.  Dan Passed away on December 8, 2021.  Dan was an active member of the HRC group and helped the organization and the members therein with his ideas and helping hand.  He will be sorely missed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Carmen and their family. 


The HRC WINTER WONDERLAND was held at Acclaim East Branch restaurant. This was a great venue, arranged by Frank Muscari with the blessings of Social Director Dennis Pauly.   Meeting was held on Thursday, January 13, 2022. Food was fantastic as was the service.  Waitress was a friend of Dennis and Susan Pauly.  (Small world)


In attendance were:  -14-  Joan Akers and daughter Sharron Young, Kathi (Scott) Clark, Leslie (Scott) Dunn,  (Leslie is Rachell Dunn’s Mother.  HRC has taken Rachell under its wing so to speak and she has a Masters Degree in Meteorology and Climatology.  Ed Nelson, Bob Wright,  Bob and Carol Daigle, Frank and Eve Muscari, Dennis and Susan Pauly and Fay and Donna Crossley.


The blessing was given and The Pledge was led by CMAA Frank Muscari.


Enclosures shared with membership: (Copies may be requested contact Fay Crossley)

1…..Dan Lee Obituary.

2…..Picture of Marge Cruise, she will be 99 in March, NWSA should fill her mailbox with cards.

3…..Email sent to HRC concerning flowers for Dan Lee.

4…..New and improved roster as of 12/22/2021 copy was sent to NWSA secretary. 


50/50 was won by Frank Muscari  $45.   


The meeting was called to order by President Fay Crossley at 235PM. 


1…..Secretary Report….Acceptance due to Email.  Motion made to accept by Joan Akers, seconded by Bob Wright, motion carried.


2…..Treasurer’s report: Checking; $1271.27 Savings; $2101.08.  Total; $3372.25.  Motion made by Dennis Pauly to accept as read, seconded by Frank Muscari, motion carried.




a…..New Roster was sent to NWSA and they made one suggestion to change a spelling error on 12/22/21.  New copies were provided to the membership.  The Secretary will monitor the roster and make changes as needed. 


b…..The Membership discussed the proposed changes to the Bi-laws.  It was felt all proposed changes would be approved except for the consignment of funds as outlined in Article X.  Although some felt the funds should go to a national type group, the majority wanted the paragraph to read “Hampton Roads Region”, this would keep the money raised in HRC area within the area.  The actual organization to be the benefactor of these funds will be determined at dissolution unfolds. 


a…..Venue for SPRING meeting, April 10 – 16 (date can be flexible to allow for greater participation.  Dennis Pauly will be looking into the venue and asked for suggestions. 


b…..Donation to a group in the name of Dan Lee, was discussed at length.  The Treasurer reminded the membership, HRC bought flowers for Dan’s service, and no further HRC funds can be used for donations as it would set a precedence.  A note will be sent to the membership soliciting for donations. The possible organizations were limited, the JCOC was suggested by Carmen Lee and the membership agreed. 


c…..Bob Daigle made a motion that Carmen Lee be granted a LIFE membership in HRC,. Bob Wright seconded, motion carried.  


…..DAN LEE…..We were devastated at his passing.  Our only solace is that he is in a better place. Was good that the family could all get to Virginia for Thanksgiving.    

…..CARMEN LEE…..Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carmen.  We are here to help if needed.

…..DAIGLES…..(Bob and Carol)…..Bob lost his sister in OCT.  They have been doing lots of traveling to New England and Florida to see family.  Yet, they find time to help HRC folks.  Their firefighter grandson visited for a few days for Florida. Daughter was in accident, car totaled no injuries.

…..SALVATO…..(Jack)…..Has good and bad days.  Is having more difficulty getting around.  He regretted not being able to see the Lee Family in person to give condolences.  Grandson had “the virus”, but is fine now. 

…..STEINBRUCK…..(Capt. Chuck and Louise)…..They are doing “okay”.  They were unable to get to Bedford for Thanksgiving though.  They couldn’t get to the meeting as Louise lost her son that lives in Montana . 

…..AKERS…..(Joan)…..90th birthday celebration was wonderful.  Joan loves to have visitors.  We are trying to keep her busy with HRC activities.

…..CLARK….. (Kathi)…..Has completed her in home PT, and now will be doing PT at a hospital.  She was thrilled that the SCOTT girls had a gathering.  There were 19 ladies there.  Niece Rachell (a Meteorologist) Made decorations. Scott family is AGCM Bud and Bev Scott group. 

…..MUSCARI…..(Frank and Eve)…..Eve had a trip to the ER, seems her big heart was a little weak.  That was 11/15.  She is fine and is going to PT to build it back up.  Frank is doing well.  Busy as always. 

…..CROSSLEY…..(Fay and Donna)….are doing okay.  Donna did have a difficult time with stomach issues, and has been slow to recover.  Fay had a run in with Strep Throat, couldn’t talk for a couple of days, Donna was thrilled.  Both okay now.  Few trips to NY to see family and to be there for them when Nephew-in-law was killed in tractor accident.

…..SHAFER…..(Steve and Sylvia)…..They are doing okay, except Steve had Dr. apt., day of meeting and poor Sylvia STILL not having any schedule for fixing knee.  So sorry for this, she has been dealing with wanting a replacement for o long.   

…..WRIGHT…..(Bob)…..Bob was sorry he couldn’t get back to VA., for Dan’s funeral and passed along his condolences.  He is/was spending the holidays in his old stomping grounds in TN.  

…..PAULY…..(Dennis and Susan)…..They are doing okay.  They are spending Christmas at daughters in Charlottesville.  Dennis did have operation on wrist to correct carpel tunnel problems just before Christmas, so he can’t help with cooking.  expecting first Great Grandbaby in February.  Dennis did a great job with our venue for the summer meeting. He loves fixing cars and Susan loves her horses.

…..NELSON…..(Ed and Ruth)…..They followed along with many of us that had a couple of calm holidays, the 6th was maybe Ed’s last golf day for a while, might be getting cold. 


Bob Wright made a motion to adjourn seconded by Frank Muscari, motion carried at 330pm. 


Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary


Source: Aerograph November 2021
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The HRC FALL FESTIVAL was held at one of our favorite watering holes; Mack’s Grill, great BBQ spot and nice private porch for our gathering and festivities. The date was October 13, a Wednesday. Food was great and Brook was “perfect” waitress.  


In attendance were: -17- Joan Akers and daughter Sharron, Dan and Carmen Lee, Bob and Carol Daigle, Frank and Eve Muscari, Steve and Sylvia Sharfor, Chuck and Louise Steinbruck, Jack Salvato, Dennis and Susan Pauly and Fay and Donna Crossley.

The meeting was called to order by President Fay Crossley at 110PM. 

The Pledge was led by CMAA Frank Muscari.

The Blessing was given by Capt. Chuck Steinbruck.


Enclosures shared with membership……….

1…..Our contribution to the hospitality room was lots of peanuts, this was our AD.

2…..Draft Roster, with these corrected will finalize and sent to NWSA.

3…..Submitted article to Aerograph about Joan Akers.

4…..Submitted article to Aerograph about Kathi Clark. 

5…..board meeting notes from 4/7/19.

6…..$47 attendees.

7…..Board notes from 4/4/21

8…..HRC notes about #47.

9…..Pictures from Reunion #46.


50/50 was won by Donna Crossley $45.


1…..Secretary Report….Acceptance due to Email. Motion made to accept by Frank Muscari seconded by Dan Lee motion carried.


2…..Treasurer’s Report……Bob Daigle, thanked the membership for their kindness and thoughtfulness during the past few months concerning the loss of their son, and asked for prayers for his family as his sister is ill and in hospice care.


Treasurer’s report: Checking; $1289.72, Savings; $2100.82.  Total; $3390.54.  Motion made by Dennis Pauly to accept as read, seconded by Jack Salvato, motion carried.



A….Continued revamp of Bi-Laws, will have ready for voting next meeting.  Copies will be emailed prior to that January meeting.

B…..HRC at #46, and review for membership. Enclosures 5,6,7,8,9 apply.  Members were encouraged 
to become friends on the NWSA FB site where there is allot of great information and nice pictures too.


A…..Venue for WINTER meeting, January 9 – 15. The Social Coordinator will set something up.

B…..Future reunions with NWSA, who will try to go. (will canvass the membership and report to NWSA).


…..DAIGLE…..(Bob and Carol)…..They lost their son on August 6. They wish to thank those that sent cards and donated to the Go-Fund-me FB page. They are doing okay. Keep them and their family in your thoughts and prayers, Bob’s older sister is now in need of prayers as she battles an illness.

…..SALVATO…..(Jack)…..Continues to “hang in there” appointments are about every three months. Son was sick but not with the virus. Daughter Lisa is doing well working at the PX.

STEINBRUCK…..(Capt. Chuck and Louise)…..The good Capt., got rear ended in July and damage was extensive.  They are fine.  They like going to family events in Bedford, VA. 

…..AKERS…..(Joan)…..Is doing well, (See above) She enjoys sorting through all the memories in her house.  She loves her cat.  She did fall in August no real serious problems.  Her daughter’s husband is having some health issues. She turns 90 November 2. She was late getting to the meeting.   

…..CLARK….. (Kathi)…..Is doing well with her new leg that she got September 2nd

…..MUSCARI…..(Frank and Eve)…..Had some difficulties with pool middle of July so missed last meeting.  Went on vacation to Sweden late September into October. Had a great time.

…..LEE…..(Dan and Carmen)…..Dan is doing okay.  Has some good days and a few bad ones now and then.  Does some doctoring too.  His spirits are upbeat.  They are getting out some, went on a trip to West Virginia spent some time at the ski lodge where they used to own a rental.  Carmen is busy with business and church.

…..CROSSLEY…..(Fay and Donna)….are doing well. Donna fell a few weeks ago, and knee is slow to get back to normal. Fay has quit his part time job at the Antique Mall, but will continue having a booth there.

…..SHAFER…..(Steve and Sylvia))…..Steve is a man of few words, “doing well, see you in OCT”. Was great to see them Steve has grown a beard. Sylvia continues to await a new knee, been three years now

….NELSON…..Vacationed in Maine, played golf at Pittsfield – Look that up on your map.

…..PAULY…..expecting first Great Grandbaby in February. Dennis did a great job with our venue for the Summer meeting. He loves fixing cars and Susan loves her horses.

…..WRIGHT…..(Bob)…..The string on his finger came off, so he didn’t make it to the meeting. He is doing well though

Kathi (Scott) Clark has been a member of HRC for years since her Father (AGCM Bud Scott) and Mother (Bev) passed away.  Kathi has gone through many difficulties in her life, with the latest the leg amputation.  Through it all, Kathi maintains a positive outlook, a positive attitude, and a joy of life. We should all be so gifted.  Kathi was wondering if any folks are out there that remember her dad. Kathi’s address in case someone would want to drop her a card or a note is 1343 East Bay View Blvd., Norfolk, VA. 23503.



Joan Akers is the Hampton Roads Chapter Matriarch.  She and departed Husband AGC Floyd, have been part of the organization since its conception.  I believe that Floyd was one of those chiefs that started the HRC in Norfolk so many years ago.  Joan was a "big" contributor to the Aerograph as "THE WEATHER MOUSE". She keeps telling me she wants to write another article and I hope she does.  Joan lives alone and does very well with the help of her daughter and grandchildren.  


Joan comes to our meetings when she can, she doesn't drive anymore.   Joan will be 90 on November 2nd and perhaps we could fill her mailbox with cards.  Joan Akers, 984 Sunny Side Drive, Virginia Beach, VA. 23464-2142.


HRC Treasurer Bob and wife Carol Daigle visited Joan mid-October.  She was happy to see them and enjoyed talking with them.  Joan has a cat for company and enjoys reading, watching movies on TV and going through all the memories.  

Dennis Pauly told of a trip they did to Littleton VA, near lake Gaston where there is a Vet museum, they were impressed with it all and told of some of the people they talked with. They suggested that everyone should visit.


Dennis Pauly made a motion to adjourn seconded by Frank Muscari, motion carried at 240pm.


Respectfully submitted: Fay M. Crossley,

HRC Secretary

Source: Aerograph August 2021

On 6/23 a Memorial Mass for LaRue Wright, wife of deceased LCDR Ralph Wright, was given in her honor at the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Virginia Beach, Va.  HRC attendees were; Frank and Eve Muscari, Bob and Carol Daigle, Fay and Donna Crossley and we were thrilled to see Kathi (Scott) Clark (pictured below) come to the church.  The service was well attended by family and friends and lunch was provided after the service.

WOW two meetings in a row!!  Our Summer Sizzling meeting was held on Monday, July 12, 2021 at Gus and George’s in Virginia Beach.  Service and food were great as was the gathering of “eagles”.


In attendance were:  -14-  Fay and Donna Crossley, Steve and Sylvia Shafer, Jack Salvato, Chuck and Louise Steinbruck, Dan and Carmen Lee, (with Daughter Pam Gallion as special guest), Dennis and Susan Pauly and Bob and Carol Daigle.


1…..Secretary Report….Acceptance due to Email. Motion made to accept by Frank Muscari seconded by Dan Lee motion carried.


2…..Treasurer’s Report……Bob Daigle, thanked the membership for their kindness and thoughtfulness during the past few months concerning the loss of their son, and asked for prayers for his family as his sister is ill and in hospice care.


Treasurer’s report: Checking; $1289.72, Savings; $2100.82.  Total; $3390.54.  Motion made by Dennis Pauly to accept as read, seconded by Jack Salvato, motion carried.



A….Continued revamp of Bi-Laws, will have ready for voting next meeting.  Copies will be emailed prior to that January meeting.

B…..HRC at #46, and review for membership. Enclosures 5,6,7,8,9 apply.  Members were encouraged 
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Regrets received from Ed Nelson something about golfing in Pittsfield, ME.  Cancelation received from Frank and Eve Muscari (emergency pool repair).


The meeting was called to order by President  Fay Crossley at 1:15PM. 

The Pledge was led by the President Fay Crossley.

The Blessing was given by Capt. Chuck Steinbruck.


Handouts were passed around for the membership including a copy of an Email received from Jim Romano concerning reliability of #46 reunion hotel staff, a web site containing an amazing Virtual Wall, LaRue Wright’s famous Lemon Square recipe and LaRue Wright’s obituary.


50/50 was won by Steve Shafer, $22.50.  


A motion was made by Bob Daigle and Seconded by Jack Salvato to approve the Spring Meeting Minutes that were sent by Email rather than read them, motion carried.


The Treasurer’s report was given: Bob is attempting to contact old members of HRC who are in arrears of paying dues in an attempt to see if they want to continue to be members. The ALZ ASS letter was given to the Secretary for filing.  Checking was at $1197.22, Savings at $2095.56 giving a total of $3292.78.  Motion was made by Fay Crossley and seconded by Dennis Pauly to accept the report, motion carried.



…..1…..Audit:  An audit was completed on 6/14 by Treasurer Bob Daigle, Carol Daigle, Fay Crossley and Donna Crossley.  The books were found to be neat, in perfect order and well organized.


…..2….. Reunion #46:  A discussion was held about the reunion, handouts were provided to the membership (copies of the info from the latest Aerograph).  HRC may have good representation at the reunion.

…..3….. Redo of Bi-laws: A lengthy discussion was held concerning the BI-LAWS.  Article X will continue to be discussed and formulated with a goal of setting a “possible” new recipient for and remaining funds of HRC were the chapter to disband.  HRC is not supportive of the current scholarship arrangement.  Additionally, it was felt since HRC hasn’t had a real election of officers in years, Article V of the BI-LAWS should be rewritten to allow current officers to continue as long as they feel comfortable in doing so.  Upon their request or other situation, an election would take place providing nominations are available.  The rewriting of the BI-LAWS should be completed by the spring 2022 meeting so approval can be made.  A motion was made by Steve Shafer and seconded by Bob Daigle to proceed slowly until after the #46 reunion, motion carried.



…..1….. Venue for Fall Meeting was corrected by Carol Daigle to be OCT not SEPT and will be held sometime between the 10th and 16th.  Lunch will be served about 1PM.  The Social Coordinator will provide more information later.


…..2….. HRC representation at #46.….gifts, plaques, signs???


If anyone deserves recognition and appreciation for their selfless service, it is military children born in military and civilian hospitals around the globe.  They will learn far too young goodbyes will be frequent and difficult. At some point in their toddler years, they inevitably will hug a camouflaged leg of someone other than their uniformed parent by mistake. They will move repeatedly, usually at the precise point in time when they feel most settled. April was the month of the military child. (My three were born at, Lakehurst, Andrews AFB and Yokosuka Japan.  I think the moving and new experiences helped build the character they have.) 



Department of the Navy is now assigning females to quarters in a separate private "OFF LIMITS" area on all aircraft carriers.  While addressing all personnel at Pearl Harbor, CINCPAC advised, "Female sleeping quarters will be "out-of-bounds" for all males.  Anyone caught breaking this rule will be fined $50 the first time."  And the Admiral continued, "Anyone caught breaking this rule the second time will be fined $150. Being caught a third time will cost you a fine of $500.  Are there any questions?  At this point, a US Marine from the security detail assigned to a ship stood up in the crowd and inquired “How much for a season pass?”



…..Learn silence. With the quiet serenity of a meditative mind, listen, absorb, transcribe, and transform.” Pythagoras

…..“Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity.” – Henry David Thoreau

…..“The day is always his, who works in it with serenity and great aims.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



(The following information provided by a Cardiac Specialist highlights that drinking water at certain times helps maximize its effectiveness on the body).


2 glasses of water after waking up – helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – helps digestion

1 glass of water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure

1 glass of water before going to bed – avoids stroke or heart attack and leg cramps.


For information or to request an application, visit or contact the AFRH Public Affairs Office at or 1-800-422-9988.


…..WRIGHT…..(LaRue)…..We were saddened to learn of the passing of our oldest member, LaRue.  LaRue and Husband (LCDR) Ralph, were dedicated members of HRC. 

…..LEE…..Dan is having some difficulties with his health.  He’s been having lots of tests and procedures in the hospital and is very tired all the time.  Carmen is doing okay, but is tired a lot herself as she is on the go quite a bit running errands for the two of them.  Thanks to daughter Pam, who does a lot for Mom and Dad, they are coping okay.  Dan can’t be too bad, always has me deliver Wakefield (Plantation) peanuts to him. He looked great at the meeting.    

…..SALVATO…..Jack is doing fairly well.  He is having some health issues that may require some difficult procedures.  He also looked great at the meeting, talked about his children and the help they have provided, except for those cats.   

…..STEINBRUCK…..Louise and Capt. Chuck and coping well.  They do experience the “age” things now and then.  They talked about a neighbor that is 95.  They help the Navy Vet with lots of issues. 

…..SHAFER…..Steve has arthritis issues and Sylvia STILL hasn’t had that knee fixed.  They have such a great positive attitude.  Should do well for them. 

…..MUSCARI…..Frank is having trigger finger problems.  Eve is constantly on the go doing church things and helping folks.  They were missed at the meeting. Was able to find a flag Frank.

…..DAIGLE…..Are doing fine, loving summer and always in their back yard enjoying the pool. They asked HRC to keep them and their family in our thoughts and prayers.   

…..AKERS…..Joan is just as feisty as always and doing well.  She has a cat for companionship and is enjoying that. 

…..CROSSLEY…..Fay and Donna are doing okay.  Fay did have a visit to the ER, nothing except UTI was found, took two months to get rid of it though.  Their daughter Lisa arrived for extended camping out, as she does an Externship at a hospital in Williamsburg.  Donna doing okay.

…..CLARK….. Kathi is one of many children of AGCM Bud Scott and Wife Bev – both passed away many years ago.  She is an amazing person and despite many health issues, is always smiling, upbeat and positive.  Lots of thoughts and prayers her way surely would help. She was intending to come to the meeting, but sister flew in from Europe so they had a rushed family gathering.   

….NELSON…..Vacationed in Maine, played golf at Pittsfield – Look that up on your map. 

…..PAULY…..expecting first Great Grandbaby in February.  Dennis did a great job with our venue for the summer meeting. 

…..WRIGHT…..(Bob)…..The string on his finger came off, so he didn’t make it to the meeting.  He is doing well though.


Steve Shafer made a motion to adjourn seconded by Dan Lee, motion carried at 2:50pm.


Respectfully submitted:

Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Source: Aerograph May 2021
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…..LCDR HOOK…..I will graduate the Warfare Tactics Instructor (WTI) school at NIWDC on April 1st. Mike and I just had our offer accepted on a house in Ghent and we will move our stuff across country in May.  Mike promoted to LCDR and will be going to the James E. Williams as the CSO.  I am flying back to BHR to participate in her decommissioning in April.  It’s sad, but it’s time to close this chapter and move on News in the metoc community:  RDML Okon (CNMOC) was selected for RADM. CAPT Piret was selected for RDML and will become CNMOC. 

Anna Hook


…..WRIGHT…..Bob is doing fine.  He is on the move again. Did have some health issues mid-March and spend some time at the hospital after getting move done.  Giving up his TN MTN digs for the sands of the outer banks of NC.  Bob is settled in at Bells Island Campground, and is looking forward to sea and sun. Was nice seeing him at the meeting.  

…..SALVATO…..Jack is doing well.  Oddly, a Long Island boy and Virginia long time resident, Jack can NOT stomach oysters or clams. 

…..STEINBRUCK…..The good Capt., and wife Louise are both doing okay.  They were missed at the Spring Gathering.

…..SHAFER…..Sylvia STILL has not been able to get her knee operation schedule, been so long a wait.  Steve had a run in with belly problems so now new diet, salads are good Steve. 

…..MUSCARI…..Frank and Eve are doing great as always.  They are thankful for all their blessings. Frank is always willing to help others.  

…..DAIGLE…..Bob and Carol are doing well. Carol continues to amaze us all the way she deals with her MS, she does water exercises at the Y 2 or 3 times a week and it helps. Bob continues to enjoy his Tuesdays at their church working at the Food Pantry. #1 shots are done and #2 shots next month. They MAY be heading for NWSA #46 if the cruse they have scheduled falls through. They will be enjoying their 50th Anniversary in May.

…..PAULY…..Dennis and Susan are OK! Some traveling to see daughter/son-in-law & 3 grandkids in Charlottesville.   They are having problems with those !@#$ barn swallows - they just laughed at the fake owls and rubber snakes they tried. Dennis is finally getting around to turning part of basement from a warehouse into a long awaited 'Man Cave', neighbor moved and gave them pool table. Susan has done lots of reupholstering and her efforts are on display in the historic Roberts - Vaughan House in Murfreesboro (NC). To wet to get out in the woods and do tractor work. They hope dries up soon. Dennis has acquired Gout, not a fun thing, thoughts and prayers are with him.  

…..CROSSLEY…..Donna and Fay are doing okay. Fay did have a trip to the ER due to rapid fall in BP, all seems to be okay now. They both have gotten #1 and #2 virus shots. Fay went to NY to visit brother and rest of family always difficult and good at the same time.

…..CHUBB…..Spent Easter in Porto Rico, bet they enjoyed the warm weather.  Was cold over much of the East Coast.

…..AKERS…..Joan is doing well, always good to talk with her.  She has a Cat now to keep her company.  Joan is suffering from being Dizzy lots….but they we always knew that.  Joan will be 89 this year and will be welcoming her Great Great Grandbaby in NOV. 

…..LEE…..Dan was in the hospital for your gathering, was getting heart tested, thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.  Back home 4/14, no blockage.

Hope everyone is looking into getting those new Military ID Cards.  They are sure different.


Additional Thoughts

WELL… finally has taken place.  Yelp HRC, after 15 months has had an official NWSA/HRC meeting.  It was help on 4/14/2021 at one of our favorite watering holes, Lucky Oyster.  Lunch was great and service was great if you go there ask for DAWN. 


In attendance:  Bob Wright, Frank and Eve Muscari, Ed Nelson, Dennis Pauly, Bob and Carol Daigle and Fay and Donna Crossley.  Regrets were received from Steve Shafer and Dan Lee.


50/50 provided $30 to Carol Daigle, the Treasurer’s wife….hummmmmmmm. 

Meeting was called to order by president Fay Crossley at 130PM. A blessing was given by V.P. Frank Muscari and The Pledge was lead by the CMAA, Frank Muscari.


 A brief review of how the President came to know LCDR Hook, was given. It is hoped she and her husband will be able to attend a meeting once they are settled in to their new home in Ghent.


A picture of our old meeting site at the Chubb’s home near Cape Charles, VA., was passed around to brighten the thoughts of upcoming summer, great meetings there. (see Enclosure 1)


For informational purposes, a sheet giving information about Peritoneal Dialysis was handed out. (see Enclosure 2)

A discussion concerning some old Shipmates, and folks we know took place, Funny how that kind of talk encompasses much of the meeting.  In keeping with old shipmates, the obituary for Gil Wagi was passed around, some at the meeting had know Gil.  (see Enclosure 3) 

Since it had been so long since we had a meeting, the Secretary Report was accepted as transmitted some time ago, mainly because Secretary forgot to bring it. 


The Treasurer provided an exciting update on funds, we have $3277.26 in the coffers.  The Treasurer also was concerned about Membership and Dues. 

…..Dues are required from each person wanting to be a member of HRC.  Dues are$5 per person per year, and are to be collected by the Treasurer as soon after January 1 of each year as possible.   Those not up to date on dues payments will lose all benefits of membership.  Those prior members that are currently behind in dues payments should let HRC know their intentions. 

…..A discussion concerning the HRC contribution to $46 reunion and the AD took place.  We will check with Mr. Romano to see if the current amount provided in 2020 and AD are okay.  A couple of HRC members hope to attend the reunion in Savannah, GA. October 4 to 8. 


Copies of enclosures can be provided to anyone requesting them.  Postage may be required. 



…..1…..46 Reunion, Money and Ad. (As discussed above.)

…..2…..Elections: We hope others would like to be involved, but if others do not come forward, current offices will remain in place. 

…..3…..Dues: (As discussed above) It should be noted here, Frank Muscari do to current situation, got The Lee’s caught up on dues.


…..1…..Summer Venue week of JULY 11-17….Denise suggested we give Gus and George’s a try again….more information will be forthcoming.

…..2.....An audit of the funds is required and it will be accomplished by the Daigles and Crossleys prior to the Summer meeting. 


A motion was made by Bob Daigle and seconded by Bob Wright, asking membership to come up with plans to revamp Article X (dissolution) of the HRC by-laws.  Members are to provide, at the summer meeting, a new possible Article X.  There must be a full Quorum at the meeting and a two-thirds Majority vs. A motion was made by Bob Daigle and seconded by Bob Wright, asking membership to come up with plans to revamp Article X (dissolution) of the HRC by-laws.  Members are to provide, at the summer meeting, a new possible Article X.  There must be a full Quorum at the meeting and a two-thirds Majority vs. minimum majority will be required for any changes to be passed.  minimum majority will be required for any changes to be passed. 

A motion was made by Bob Daigle and seconded by Bob Wright to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried at 310PM.

Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary
Source: Aerograph February 2021
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Getting to sound like a broken record, huh? But the virus is causing some real problems for socializing. HRC continues to hold together some through phone calls and email and some on FB. We have decided to cancel our Winter/January meeting and hope our Spring/April meeting will be a go. Elections will be held at that meeting it is hoped, current officials will continue in their roles UFN. We may have a social gathering the end of January. The treasurer suggests that if you want to pay your dues, you can mail them to him.

We held an impromptu late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite venues, the Lucky Oyster on Monday, 14 December. It was for socializing only and no HRC business was discussed.

As always, food and conversations were great!



…..Jack Salvato… dealing with some difficult health issues.  We know that thoughts and prayers help lots, so please add Jack to your lists. Some changes came with new blood work numbers, Jack and Doctor are in a holding pattern which is good news.


Dan Lee… also dealing with some serious health issues.  Thoughts and prayers work, so please place Dan on your lists. On 2/1 Dan will have a virtual apt., with doctor in BWI for second opinion. All the best Dan.  


….Capt. Chuck…..sounds like they are hunkering down, sure would be nice to see them at the #46….fingers crossed.

Joan Akers…..She is doing well but a dog would make things better. 


The Crossleys…..are doing well, Donna goes to the Y and Fay works at the Antique Mall. 


The Daigles…..Planning on an outing in October for 50th Anniversary and Bob will be old. 

.....The Harders…..are doing well, no moves yet, expect his collection of Insulators and Marty’s ink wells are difficult to pack up.


.…The Muscaris…..are doing well, Frank is always busy with church and helping neighbors and Eve is busy keeping Frank in line. They were hoping to get to Sweden soon, but things aren’t looking easy.  

The Paulys…..are enjoying the Ranch life. Lots of bush whacking and tending to the horses. One horse is diabetic but is allergic to insulin.


The Shafers…..are doing okay. Steve did contract “the virus” and stayed in the hospital for a while. He got #1 vaccine and #2 will be in March. Sylvia continues to wait for her knee replacement though. She did NOT test positive (how can that be) so no vaccine for her. She and Steve are real troopers.


LCDR Hook…..Is having her ship (USS Bonhomme Richard LHD6) decommissioned after the fire. So, her future is a little up in the air as to where to next. We hope to meet her one of these days.


...The Steiners…..Are doing okay after Bob had a week of hospitalization due to blockage, but stint was “a God send”. Bob said they were getting old age stuff, always thought he didn’t age, never looked it anyway. He did have to return to the ER, for unrelated issue, all is okay. Family all doing okay as well.  


…..Kathi Clark…..Doing okay, has had a trip or two to the hospital but all is going well, not liking being along for the holidays though.


…..Bob Wright…..Is doing well, enjoyed a rare TN snow storm. No pictures of snowman though Bob.


…..The Terrizzis…..are doing well on their mountain top in KY. No boating or fishing lately though. Bonnie is doing well after her gall bladder issues. Frank is getting old, wonder when he will start looking his age.


…..The Chubbs…..are doing well, keeping low key and waiting for vaccine, John works at the local food bank, and Ive does a lot of swimming.

For new ID card information go to:

You can make an appointment to get new ID card. Bob Daigle got his and it is a futuristic ID which is not needed at the current time, but eventually you will have to have it. Long wait to get it at Oceana. ODDLY, I went to Fort Lee to do the same thing and they had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Our government at work AGAIN. The Fort Lee office did call me some time later, “I made a mistake”, so have yet another appointment.


Old Business (is getting very old)

…..A. Binnacle List and For The Good Of The order

…..B..#46 reunion, 2021 MAYBE, send $80, can they use last page sent or should send again?

…..C. Dismal Swam Tour


New Business

…..A. Need an audit

…..B. Possible redo of Bi-Laws fix minor errors and perhaps rewrite HRC liquidation.

…..C. Odd Year Elections… Vice President, Secretary and Social Coordinator.


Respectfully submitted:

Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Source: Aerograph November 2020

Well the Virus has, once again, disrupted the HRC meeting plans.  We will have a meeting in January if there is still a country and a place to have a meeting continues to exist.   We are also hoping to have an informal gathering in December just to make sure we still have money in the bank, and Navy folks are doing well.  More information will be forthcoming on these plans.

We were thrilled to hear the news from Kathi Clark that her new kidney is working well.  Continued well wished and thoughts and prayers can’t hurt.  

Dan Lee and family ventured out to Wakefield for lunch at the Virginia Diner, (it was showcased on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Dessert was at the Crossley homestead. Fay missed all the fun, was in NY visiting brother.


The Crossley’s had lunch with the Daigle’s Bob didn’t treat. Bob says, the food pantry where he volunteers each Tuesday, is doing well, thanks in part, to the VA Food Bank.


The Pauly’s and family spent 4 days cruising around the Smith Mountain Lake in VA. It was a self-guided trip on a house boat, so Dennis had to be skipper. Dennis is an Ex-AG and his father-in-law is a retired chief, so the folks on board were in good hands. No fish though, bummer.

 The Pauly’s had quite the adventure as shared by Dennis in the following:

 “As it turns out, Susan and I just returned from 3 days on Smith Mountain Lake, where we took a 4 day cruise on a 53 ft. houseboat. Susan's mom had expressed a 'bucket list' interest in doing such, so granddaughter Emma went on line and hooked us up. 

Our crew was Susan's mom and dad, her brother & his wife, and us. We cruised from the dam at one end to probably within 10 miles of the opposite end (lake is 40 miles long; 500 miles of shoreline.) At night, we found a cove or small island to beach on. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Who would have guessed the end of October in the mountains and it would get 80 degrees during the day; mid 50's at night . . 

We fished a little; but didn't catch anything (though neither did anyone else we talked with.) (Gotta think the Stripers will be getting active soon, though.) Susan and sister-in-law Trudy made sure to check out the slide that went from the upper deck down off the 'fantail'. Water was mid 60's.

So we did a lot of eating, and I, once my Skipper duties ended each day and the boat was securely moored/anchored; along with Susan's dad - a retired Navy Chief - made sure to get our welldeserved ration(s) of grog. (The rest of them aren't REAL sailors, obviously.) 

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We might even do it again someday.” 

I think Joan Akers is our oldest member, she will be 88 in November. I also think that Joan is the only person in our group that is a Great Great Grandma. Remember the good old days when Ralph Wright and Floyd Akers would spar about being the oldest members in HRC, what great fun they both were. Our group is holding together pretty well. No virus dares infect HRC, we do have some health issues scattered among us, and we all are suffering from that ticking clock thing. I wonder if LaRue Wright is near Joan’s age, would be great to see her and Joan take up where their husbands left off.


Bob Wright, living in Eastern TN, has been dealing with the virus by staying home. Excitement for the summer was dog ripped lining of pool trying to get out. One good thing, he is saving lots of money so bought a new car, thinks he might have enough miles in it to get oil changed NEXT year.

Daniel Gray (Grandson of Vern Gray AGCS ret and Darcy Gray) on his way to California having gone through boot camp and transportation school.

Have received a nice letter from LCDR Hook, the METOC officer on the USS Bonhomme Richard (“the new one” – where the fire was and it seems was close to the weather shack). Attempting to shorten a long story, called for hotel reservations and talked with this nice lady, who told me about her Navy Daughter, after some talk, learned that she was a Meteorologist. Then the fun started. Took “mom” a letter to send to her daughter and got the nice letter in return. LCDR Hook (one of these days hopes to be “CAPT HOOK” ), hopes to be transferred to Norfolk and be a Warfare Tactics instructor in Norfolk. We will keep LCDR Hook on our listings and look forward to meeting her at an HRC gathering.


Old Business (is getting very old)

…..A. Binnacle List and For The Good Of The order

…..B.. #46 reunion, 2021 MAYBE

…..E. Dismal Swam Tour

New Business

…..A. need an audit

…..B. Possible redo of Bi-Laws fix minor errors and perhaps rewrite HRC liquidation


Respectfully submitted:



Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

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 Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor


   It is such an awesome feeling for me, at each of our Hampton Road Chapter meetings, to have Howard Lee in attendance. He accompanies Doris Stepaniak. You may recall that Doris is a life member of HRC and NWSA.  Howard just makes me feel good about everything.  Even though Howard is a Medal of Honor Recipient, there is much more to the man than this amazing award might command.

   Howard Lee was born on August 1, 1933, in New York City. He graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, New York in 1951, and from Pace College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, on June 19, 1955. While in his senior year at college, he enlisted as a member of the Platoon Leaders Class in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  In September 1955, he entered the 14th Officer Candidates' Course, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia, and upon completing the course the following December, was commissioned a Marine Corps Reserve second lieutenant. Lieutenant Lee completed The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, in July 1956 and the Marine Corps Supply School, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, that September.  Upon completion of these courses, he was transferred to the Marine Corps Supply Activity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for duty as Field Inspection Officer, Field Inspection Section, and later, Officer in Charge, Audit Section. He was promoted to first lieutenant in June 1957, and integrated into the Regular Marine Corps in January 1958.  Detached from the Supply Activity in September 1958, he was ordered to the West Coast, and served briefly as Troop Handler, 1st Replacement Battalion, Staging Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, then was assigned duty as a platoon commander with Company F, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, serving in this capacity until June 1959.  First Lieutenant Lee next served as the Battalion S-4 Officer with H&S Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, (US administration) Japan.  In February 1960, he was assigned duty as Guard Officer at the Marine Barracks, U.S. Naval Propellant Plant, Indian Head, Maryland.  After his promotion to captain on July 1, 1961, he was assigned duties as Platoon Commander and, later, Instructor, The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools in Quantico, where he remained until June 1964.  From July 1964 until February 1966, Capt Lee was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, serving first as Commanding Officer of Company A, 1st Battalion, then as Battalion S-3 Officer with H&S Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division. During the latter period, he served aboard the USS La Salle (LPD-3), and in the Dominican Republic.


Vietnam War — 1st tour

   Ordered to the Republic of Vietnam in April 1966, Capt Lee served as Commanding Officer of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. He received the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for heroic action on June 26, 1966 – June 27, 1966. Then, on 8-9 August, 1966 that he distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty in the vicinity of Quang Tri, for which he received the Medal of Honor. Wounded in that action, Capt Lee was evacuated to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland. In November 1966, he returned to duty at Headquarters Marine Corps and assigned duty as TO/MOS Coordinator and, later, Assistant FMF Readiness Officer in the Operation Section, G-4 Division. He was promoted to Major (United States) in July 1966.

   On October 25, 1967, Major Lee was presented the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon Johnson in a ceremony at the White House.


Vietnam War — 2nd tour

  Following this assignment, Maj Lee completed the Command and Staff College, Quantico, Virginia, in June 1970, then returned to the Republic of Vietnam for his second tour of duty. For his service as Executive Officer, Provisional Headquarters and Service Company and with the 2nd Combined Action Group, III Marine Amphibious Force, he earned a Gold Star in lieu of a second Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V".  He was promoted in July 1972 to lieutenant colonel and retired in 1975 from the Marine Corps for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

  If you would like to read Howard’s citation please go to……

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   Though Howard has no past affiliation with Naval Weather, we are proud at HRC, when he graces our tables as a friend and fellow serviceman.  At HRC’s special gathering on 2/10/13 one of the other special guests was so overwhelmed with the thought of being in the same room with “such a hero”, tears sparkled in his eyes.  We thank you Howard for your service and for being such a gracious friend.  We, at HRC, ask NWSA and its members to keep our heroes like Mr. Lee and all our service men and women, in their thoughts and prayers.   

     Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Secretary