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President           Curtis Arnond

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Chapter News

Source: Aerograph August 2019

Not much has been going on with the Lone Star Chapter. Summer hasn’t been too bad this time around. Normal summertime temperatures are a welcome relief for us. Haven’t had a 100    Degree day yet this summer either.

Jim and Lolis Steinbeck, down Houston way, report that Lolis has retired after 32+ years with Continental and United Airlines. Lolis is wondering how she had time for a job with all the other activities now. A Farewell party is planned.  Jim continues to deal with his fight with Mohs Procedure skin cancer surgeries about every other month. He’s had 10+ surgeries completed already and will continue to have more. So far, he stays on it and has been able to catch it early.  Jim’s son is a Master Chief with 27 years of service. He continues to travel the world inspecting Aviation Maintenance programs. He’s planning on staying more than 30 years. Two of his four kids (Jim Grandson and Granddaughter have also gone into the Navy. Both have both graduated from Aircrew School and AW training. Andrea graduated with honors and is now stationed in Gitmo, while Jose has moved to a Squadron in San Diego.  Jim and Lolis have attended all the graduation ceremonies of both grand children from Boot to present.

May and June have been active, medical wise, for Jim and Suzanne Maxwell since returning from the Reunion in California. Jim has had cataracts removed from both eyes, and had Cervical surgery (4 levels) on his neck. All went well, but still in PT.  Suzanne has been in PT continuously since January for her shoulder and has been forced to discontinue her Gym workouts and her Boxing training for her Parkinson’s. She’s not a happy camper!  She will be going in for Shoulder surgery on August 7th with more PT to follow!

Haven’t heard anything from Harry and Jeanie Hale, Charlie and Anne Jordan since before the Reunion!  That’s about it from here. Hope all is going well for each and every one you and your families!

Submitted by Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph August 2018

The Chapter finally achieved a day that most of the active members were able to make it to a Barbeque cookout at my home (Jim Maxwell’s) on May 25th.  It was a long, hard road to attain a common day.  As it turned out, 10 people showed up on a Thursday when the temperature reached 98 degrees and a heat index  of 102.  Not a lot was done on the patio, other than by the cook (Me). Most everyone opted for the AC indoors.

On the menu:  Ribs, Brisket, Sausage,  South Carolina Pulled Pork, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and baked beans.  There was copious amounts of Banana Pudding along with Peach Cobbler and of course plenty to drink. A good time was had by all.

Those in attendance:  Curtis Arnold, Jim and Lolis Steinbeck from the Houston area, Joe McKenzie, Mel Bourn and Pat Partesius, Harry and Jeanie Hale, and myself and wife Suzanne.  Harry and Jeanie Hale travelled 345 miles one way to come and stay overnight, while Jim and Lolis Steinbeck made a 245 mile trip one way from Houston, then driving back They also travel those distances to have lunch with us (the DFW bunch) on numerous occasions.

On a similar note, Joe McKenzie and Jim and Suzanne Maxwell travelled to Abilene, Tx on March 31st to have lunch with Charlie and Anne Jordan. We had lunch at a local restaurant, and enjoyed catching up with two folks we miss at our DFW lunches every month or two. Charlie has had some heart issues, but they both looked great.

Jim Nelson down in the Houston area finally had surgery on his back after many years of painful and debilitating back pain. He had surgery on July 9 and was released from the hospital on July 11. He was still in moderate pain, but it was getting better.  He will keep us posted.

Just talked with Harry and Jeanie Hale, they were returning from a doctor’s appointment in Lubbock. Harry has two hernia’s that are going to require further tests. His cancer, so far has not returned after a 1” section of his Pancreas was removed last year. Jeanie has recently been diagnosed with heart valve problems and will be going in for tests at the end of July.  Hopefully the tests will go well.

Well that’s it from here.  Hopefully all is well with you and yours and will remain so through the remainder of 2018. 

Submitted by Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph February 2018

As per the last Aerograph...not much going on around our “neck of the woods” so to speak.  Just trying to stay healthy and warm.

Just found out that Mike Fastow's wife Jeannine passed away in Wimberley, Texas on October 22, 2017 due to complications from Cancer. Jeannine was 75 years old, and had been married to Mike for 58 years.

Curtis Arnold has just completed his IRS Tax Prep course for this year and will begin his 6th year as a volunteer tax preparer in Arlington helping low income and senior folks with their taxes and electronic filing. It's nice to know that there are people out there that care!  Thank You. Curtis.

Jim and Lolis Steinbeck continue to host their grandson and granddaughter as they continue to do all the physical tests and exams to qualify for Seal training (grandson) and Navy Aviation Search and Rescue training (gran-daughter).  Should know soon.

That's about all I have. Hope all of you had a joyful Christmas and Happy New Year celebration.

   Jim Maxwell, Sec/Treas