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NWSA 36th  Annual Reunion


Dallas , TX
April 28 - May 2, 2010

Reunion Pictures - Click Here
Thanks to FAY CROSSLEY and GERRY SHULTZ for sending in their pictures!

Highlights of NWSA36/Dallas
CDR Don Cruse, USN RET
Greetings, PotChap people.  Here are some highlights from my log of reunion events in Dallas.  Our Lone Star Chapter put together a good reunion committee headed by Joe McKinzie (on site honcho) and chairman Bill Orvis. Until Dallas many of the Lone Star Chapter members had been just names in THE BELLINGER LIST.  They did good, as Pres Earl Kerr remarked.           
The Wyndham Hotel was a good venue with noteworthy free breakfasts but otherwise high meal prices.  Complimentary van pickup at nearby DFW worked great.  Tours were contracted to Military Reunion Planners Inc. and all were enjoyed.  The reunion committee had differing retrospective opinions on using MRP.           
Annual NWSA meetings were held IAW published reunion program.  As always, NWSA Scholarship Program discussions consumed most of our time.  Committee chairman Mike Gilroy presented an excellent Power Pt briefing that did little to clear the air or expedite decisions, although it showed his high interest and dedication.  There were ten scholarship awardees selected from 28 applications.  $20k was total agreed to spend on awards, some drawn controversially from NWSA Scholarship Fund investments.  PotChap had helped by donating $500 to current year awards but investments with USAA are earning minimal interest.  We can expect more calls for increased individual donations in 2011.  Future applicants must use Internet exclusively to apply and all processing will be electronic.           
Officers-elect who assumed office at Dallas are Pres Bill Bowers, 1VP Joe McKinzie, 2VP Harry Nicholson.  Note that S/T Libby O’Brien is completing her two-year term.  Reappointed to Editor is Charlie Jordan, Webmaster Mahlon Trenz, and newly appointed Historian is AGCM Harry Hale.           
Elections held during our second NWSA Membership meeting on 01 May produced these results:  President-elect Joe McKinzie, 1VP Harry Hale, 2VP Dennis Ruth.  That evening our banquet served about 105 meals.  Sailors of the Year were recognized, AG1 (SW/AW) Brian Beverly from Naval Aviation Fcst Ctr San Diego and AG1 (SW/AW) Ryan Done from a seagoing detachment somewhere in Persian Gulf.  SOY were awarded one-year NWSA memberships, a plaque and cash.  No senior METOC officer or petty officer was present to assist with awards although, at the last minute, RDML White zapped his CofS to Dallas to present one-hour CNMOC informational seminar Saturday morning.           
Because Victor Milford was recently injured in a fall and cancelled attendance, Don Cruse was recognized by default as oldest member in attendance.  Vic is three years my elder.           
Libby O’Brien received voluminous thanks for assuming Jim Stone’s job and squaring away NWSA financial records.  She is making similar progress on THE BELLINGER LIST but members are not helping out by reporting invalid and out-of-date information.  It behooves each of us to help quality control our roster.           
HamRds Chapter will host NWSA37/VaBch.  Marty Nemcosky reported that nearly all advance planning info was published in May issue of THE AEROGRAPH.   Dates are 27 April to 01 May and the VaBch Hotel & Conf Ctr is a great venue that we have previously used twice. Send me an email or call if you still have questions about Dallas. 
Don Cruse

Reunion #36 Events


            Wednesday, April 28th ( 6:00pm in the Hospitality Room)

     Join your friends for a reunion celebration featuring an informal reception in the hospitality room.  This is a great chance to see who is here this year while enjoying some beer, wine & light hors d’oeuvres.  Don’t miss this first opportunity to catch up with your friends.  Dinner & the remainder of the evening are on your own. 



Thursday, April 29th ( 9:00am-3:00pm )

      By the mid 1870’s, Dallas had become a thriving business town and market center with a cosmopolitan feel. Dallas ranks third in the nation in terms of “million dollar” companies. Hear all about this great city - home to the State Fair of Texas, the Dallas Cowboys, Stars and Mavericks.  You will stop to experience the Sixth Floor Museum, located in the Texas School Book Depository, tragically known for the day in history that President John F. Kennedy lost his life. The museum is self guided, there will be plenty of time to visit the exhibits that interest you the most.  Lunch will be on your own at a suitable location.



Thursday, April 29th ( 3:00pm at the Hotel)

    The Annual Navy Weather Membership Meeting will take place at the hotel.  Check your itinerary at registration for specific time and room location.  There is no need to pre-register for the meeting. The remainder of the afternoon, dinner, and the evening are on your own.



Thursday, April 29th ( 7:00pm at the Hotel)

     Join your friends for a casual BBQ Dinner at the hotel featuring an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Cocktails will be available from the cash bar at 6:00pm ; dinner will be served at 7:00pm .  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with your friends, don’t miss it.



Friday, April 30th ( 9:00am-3:00pm )

      Fort Worth grew from a military camp established June 6, 1849 at the close of the Mexican War. After the Civil War, Fort Worth became a major shipping and supply depot for cattlemen. Today, Fort Worth is one of Texas ’ major cities with a wide range of industries. This tour will give you a great overview of the Texas Cowboy way of life including a unique Longhorn Cattle drive down Main Street ! The Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District has the feel of the Old West recaptured by merchants along Exchange Avenue . Great western shops and attractions await. Sit in a saddle while you enjoy a brew at one of the oldest hotel bars in the state and enjoy a BBQ lunch. This is one tour you will not want to miss. Wear your walking shoes or cowboy boots. Lunch is not included in tour price.


Please Select Event C or Event D for Saturday, May 1st



Saturday, May 1st ( 9:00am-1:00pm )

    Today’s tour begins in Arlington , the home of the Texas Rangers.  Opened in 1994, this baseball only facility is a state-of-the-art building built in less than 2 years.  You will have a guided tour of the ball park, followed by time to visit the Legends of the Game Baseball Museum located at the Rangers Ballpark.  Then it is on to the Dallas Cowboys new stadium.  This enormous structure will seat about 80,000.  The retractable roof stadium will incorporate some of the historical features of the Texas Stadium, home of the Cowboys for the past 35 years.

Please note: Both stadium tours are walking tours, wear comfortable shoes.  Ranger’s Ballpark tour subject cancellation depending on the game schedule.



Saturday, May 1st ( 9:30am-2:30pm )

   From the moment you arrive at the Galleria Dallas, you will know you are in for an experience unlike any other.  The Galleria’s unequalled shopping environment includes a unique collection of boutiques, restaurants and experiences. Nestled among the stores and restaurants the Galleria ice skating rink is a breathtaking centerpiece, which simply cannot be overlooked.  The Galleria Mall is offers many designer and world-class expensive shops, as well as many mid-level shops.  This will be a wonderful environment in which to spend the day with your friends.  The mall offers many choices for lunch on your own.



Saturday, May 1st ( 7:30pm at Hotel)

Join your friends for your Banquet Dinner at the Hotel.  Cocktails will be available from the cash bar at 6:00pm ; dinner will be served at 7:30pm .   This year’s Banquet theme is Western Dress/ Casual (Wear your jeans, hats and boots if you have them). Please make your entrée selection on the reservation form.