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AG School Class pictures (Lakehurst, Chanute, Keesler) are being accepted for upload to this site.
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Submitted by AGCM Pat O'Brien, USN RET


August 2022 Aerograph Now Available to Members on:
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AGCM Raymond L. Plattner, USN (Ret)
July 6, 1941 - April 12, 2022


Glimpses of Brillion
By CAPT R. Claude "Frenchy" Corbeille, USN (Ret)


Charline Johnson Obituary Updated

December 11, 1941 to May 11, 2022

Wife of AGC Bobby Johnson, USN (Ret)

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For a copy contact Ed Sawicki at

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D-Day Navy Memorial 
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Submitted by T. Q. Donaldson, V


CAPT Robert William Titus, USN (Ret)

October 19, 1926 – May 4, 2022 (age 95)

Necrology Announcement

Reunion #47 Price Updates


LCDR William “Bill” D. Bridge, USN (Ret)

November 23, 1928 – July 12, 2021

AGC Richard "Dick" Rice, USN (Ret)

September 15, 1940 - January 16, 2021 (age 80)

Jilda O. "Jill" Rice

November 17, 1942 - November 17, 2020 (age 78)

Wife of AGC Richard "Dick" Rice, USN (Ret)

AGC Joseph D. Mickesh, USN (Ret)

May 15, 1927 to May 13, 2021

Necrology Announcemtns

AGC William W. Sheppard, USN (Ret)
February 11, 1942 to April 10, 2022

AG1 Edward J. Herman, USN (Ret)
Passed May 26, 2018 at Age 79

AG1 Lee A. Heicher, USN (Ret)
Passed November 20, 2021 at Age 71 

Eileen M. Fifield
Passed April 15, 2022 at Age 84
Widow of AGCM Charles "Chuck" Fifield, USN (Ret)


Signup date for Reunion #47 extended until 4 May
Additional Staterooms Now Available!

AG1 NAC (Ret) Ed Straten


Since your members are getting together for a reunion soon, perhaps you'd like to announce to them that the book "The Flying, Fighting Weathermen of Patrol Wing Four" by Paul E. Carrigan is about to be released. ALC Press and the Carrigan family would like to offer your members a free copy of the book in PDF (electronic) form. Some of your members already have a paper copy of the manuscript they obtained from  Ralph Carrigan, Paul's brother. The book has had months of editing, pruning, fact-checking, photos, maps, and Table of Contents and Index added.

Your members just need to send me an email stating that they are an NWSA member and we will email them a copy when it's available. Placing NWSA in the Subject line will help.

The book has bonus material on our website that is accessible now though it's still being worked on. The page "Weather Basics" is pretty raw now but will be worked on soon. The page that lists the names of people who are mentioned in the book is meant to have links to additional information about the person but we have only a small percentage of names with links. Perhaps your members can help with this.

Thank you,
Ed Sawicki
ALC Press


AGC Albert J. “Jack” Garman USN (Ret)

Passed March 16, 2022 at age 89

Helen Ann Willis 

December 10, 1935 to February 12, 2022

Widow of AG1 Billy D. Willis, USN (Ret)

Necrology Announcement


AGC Glenda J. Haskell, USN (Ret)

May 6, 1939 to March 4, 2017

Necrology Announcement

LCDR Dennis J. "Denny" Stewart, USN (Ret)
May 31, 1933 to March 9, 2022


Reunion #47

Absolutely Your Last Chance!

Still an outstanding price -- good only until 31 March!

Five (5) Additional Staterooms Now Available -- Don't Wait!!!


AGC Geneva Louise Anna Woods, USN (Ret)

May 5, 1921 to October 12, 2021

AGCS Ronald A. "Ron" Pritchard, USN (Ret)

Passed February 16, 2022 at Age 81

Necrology Announcements


AGCM Harry H. Hale, USN (Ret)

September 14, 1939 to February 11, 2022

Necrology Announcement

AGCM Harry Hale, USN (Ret) has Passed
Details Soon

NOCD Alameda Christmas Card, Dec. 1992
Submitted by AG1 Paul Sanchez, USN (Ret)


Reunion #47

IMPORTANT! Action is required from you now!

These outstanding prices are only good if you sign up before 28 February 2022!

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On the weather news, lately, there has been many discussions concerning the Polar Vortex.  My, My how comptuers have simplified things and the discussion of the Vortex have changed since that I attended AG “B” School in the mid 70’s. The first photos are the basis that were discussed in my class. Some other upgrades were learned while employed by the National Weather Service and the Department of Defense before retiring in 1997. Guess many more improvements have been made in the understanding of the subject matter since then.

Submitted by AGCS Lloyd "Punk" Corbett, USN RET


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This book contains 170 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, some colored photos, and is bound between soft covers.  Selling price is $15.00 and up through Flag Day, 14 June 2015, I will pay shipping costs, to U. S. addresses.  Shipments outside U.S. will receive substantial discount on shipping in that same time frame.  Volume discounts available and individually negotiable.  Profits from sales go to the publisher - Brillion Nature Center - a non-profit organization excluded from collection of sales tax.  Shipping and packaging fees will be added to sales price after 14 June.
   Books may be ordered by e-mail to  or by phone: 920-756-3919 (land line) or 920-860-4193 (Cell).  Personal checks payable to Frenchy Corbeille will be accepted as payment, mail to R. Claude Corbeille                                                                                                                    446 Ridgeway Drive                                                                                                                     Brillion, WI 54110
And if you wonder which three years, they would be 2012, 2013 and 2014.
In advance I am thanking you for your continued support and patronage.
Submitted by CAPT R. Claude "Frenchy" Corbeille, USN RET

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A Virtual Wastebasket of Random Memories

Both Highly Recommended...
Contact CAPT/DR Larry at:

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E-mails from the Front Lines of the Cancer War


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