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AG School Class pictures (Lakehurst, Chanute, Keesler) are being accepted for upload to this site.
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Submitted by AGCM Pat O'Brien, USN RET

Carmen Lee Passed Dec. 1, 2022
Widow of AGCS Daniel Lee, USN RET
Details Soon

Reunion #47 Cruisers
IMPORTANT! If you are already signed up, 
you must pay the balance before 30 December 2022!

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Greetings Friends,
I just put the last copy of "Midwest Meanderings" in the mail; however, I am assured by the Queen Bee at Zander Press that I can have more copies made - as many as I want.  How many do I want?  As many as it takes to meet the demands of you, the readers.  Many of you already have one or more copies, and perhaps you have wished you had one or two more for a gift to some deserving soul.  The book never made the New York Times "Best Sellers" list, (but it should have) and it is not available on Amazon.  If you want one you can get one from me.   I have the latest pricing information and for $20 (personal checks OK, no credit cards) I can deliver one to your mailbox.  If you live in Canada, I will have to smuggle one in, but I visit every year.  Price includes an insulated mailing pouch, postage, and the book.

Books may be ordered by e-mail to  or by phone: 920-756-3919 (land line) or 920-860-4193 (Cell).  Personal checks payable to Frenchy Corbeille will be accepted as payment, mail to:
 R. Claude Corbeille                                                                                                                   
446 Ridgeway Drive                                                                                                                     Brillion, WI 54110

The three years include 2012, 2013, and 2014 and all of my weekly "Glimpses of Brillion" are included, along with scintillating tales of hunts and travels, including travel over the Dempster Highway to the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  The cover photos are provided by Brillion's own professional photographer and my friend Dave Andre. The front cover depicts the four seasons in my part of the world, starting with trumpeter swans for winter and clockwise to redwing blackbirds for autumn.  The back cover (not shown) includes photos of Dave's favorites.

The book is purely non fiction, more of a coffee table book than a cover-to-cover narrative, and all of the words and opinions are mine.  Any errors can be attributed to me, but also all of the good stuff.
If you will be wanting one or more, please let me know and I will tally the number of requests prior to putting my printing order in

Freedom Is Not Free
Frenchy Sends With Warm Regards


So much for predictable weather forecasts, More surprises in store due to climate change


AGC Verdene “Dean” K. Lighty, USN RET

January 29, 1932 - September 9, 2022

Necrology Announcement

Naval Weather Service -- I've Been Around


FTC Report shows rise in sophisticated dark patterns designed to trick and trap consumers.

As published in the Fall/Winter edition of Shift Colors

As Published in Shift Colors
Submitted by LCDR Robert Josephs, USN (Ret)


AGC (AW/NAC) Mary Eveld, USN (Ret)

December 4, 1955 to November 13, 2021

AG1 (NAC) David L. Reuscher, Jr., USN (Ret)

November 18, 1951 to October 4, 2020

Necrology Announcements

A Few of the Best Places to View the Northern Lights

Travel Via The Moon

Russian Sub and Pilot Down
Submitted by CAPT Ace Trask, USN (Ret)


                                                                                        Aerograph Editor

Ruth Ann Davis
May 10, 1946 – October 21, 2022
Wife of AGC Alan G. Davis, USN (Ret)
Ruth Ann Davis
May 10, 1946 to October 21, 2022
Wife of AGC Alan G. Davis, USN (Ret)


November 2022 Aerograph Now Available to Members on:
Aerograph (Restricted) webpage
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Elizabeth Tokryman
April 2, 1940 to Oct. 7, 2022
Widow of AGCM Dick Tokryman, USN (Ret)

Looking for CAPT Wilber "Red" Lockhart, USN (Ret)

(from Shift Colors)
Submitted by LCDR Rob Josephs, USN (Ret)


Mini-History of Naval Weather & Oceanography
By LT Frank Baillie, USN (Ret)
Submitted by LCDR Bruce DeWald, USN (Ret)

LCDR Lewis Eugene "Gene" Zeigler, USNR (Ret)
August 10, 1929 to June 10, 2022

Reunion #47 aboard Celebrity Cruises
Testing protocols will ease on its U.S. and Europe sailings beginning Sept. 5th.


Paulnetta “Pat” Henrietta Burnell

November 8, 1929 to July 24, 2022

Widow of AGCM Dale A. Burnell, USN (Ret)

Gabreille Brown -- NWSA-AMS Senior Scholarship Recipient



AGCM Raymond L. Plattner, USN (Ret)
July 6, 1941 - April 12, 2022


Glimpses of Brillion
By CAPT R. Claude "Frenchy" Corbeille, USN (Ret)


Charline Johnson Obituary Updated

December 11, 1941 to May 11, 2022

Wife of AGC Bobby Johnson, USN (Ret)

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D-Day Navy Memorial 
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A Virtual Wastebasket of Random Memories

Both Highly Recommended...
Contact CAPT/DR Larry at:

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E-mails from the Front Lines of the Cancer War


AGC Charles "Cap" Casperson, USN RET

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